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YouAreFreeTV (YAFTV) was finally de-platformed from YouTube, despite the endless, elaborate “for entertainment purposes only” disclosures she has recited during her broadcasts throughout the years. She says this now means that *She Is Free* to say more and do more – and she wastes no time demonstrating it in her first non-YouTube broadcast.

YAFTV begins with a discussion of Rachel Levine, the transgender former Pennsylvania Health Secretary, who is being vetted by Congress as Joe Biden’s nominee for Assistant US Health Secretary.

Following the exact same genocidal script as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Levine ordered the return of elderly COVID hospital patients back into their nursing homes, to infect the most at-risk population, resulting in thousands of deaths.

YAFTV, who is no fan of the assault on women’s rights by the transgender agenda says, “Levine, who is a transsexual – or is this person just a cross-dressing person? That’s what it looks like…This person looks to be a man wearing a wig and acting like a female…I believe it’s a male, so I’m just going to call it a ‘he’. He took his mother out of a nursing home in Pennsylvania and quietly put her into a hotel room, right when he put those…COVID patients into nursing homes in Pennsylvania. That is who Rachel Levine is.”

Considering that Andrew Cuomo is now being politically destroyed for his role in the deaths of thousands of New York patients and that Levine demonstrated a guilty conscience by sparing his mother the fate he was meting out to thousands of others – one wonders if the magical protection of transgenderism will continue to protect Pennsylvania’s former Health Secretary?

Levine has advocated for government intervention – against parental wishes – in the administration of puberty blockers for children as young as 3 years old and of state-sponsored gender transition surgery for pre-pubertal children.

These drugs are being used off-label to alter the endocrine systems of children to make them permanently damaged and permanently reliant on pharmaceuticals. During the confirmation hearings, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul grilled Levine, asking him to confirm his position on this while saying, “This is the prevention of puberty, using hormone-blockers and also surgical mutilation of the genitals of our children, whether it is the removal of the penis and testicles of boys, the removal of the breasts of girls,” the hormone injections make them slaves to medical tyranny for the rest of their lives.

Back in December, Levine issued COVID orgy regulations. This is not satire. Indeed, all of the dystopian SciFi movies of the 1980s and 1990s cannot compare with the reality in which we’re living.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I so appreciate your show . I’m an English woman who is a Trump energetic supporter from afar. Yes, I am planning to make my own web site and put my channel in there .
    All the very best to you and all you report.
    Katannya Alven

  • Every time I see these dopes pics, at the inauguration, march across the rotunda with impeachment papers, House and Senate gang clips etc, I an’t help but see a cult/gang emulating, being:
    THE MASKED MARAUDERS take over of America…jus sayin’.

  • Does this show beyond a doubt that the Democrat (along with large parts of a corrupt and evil GOP leadership) is no longer a functioning political party-if they ever were? They are an obscene, corrupt, and vicious circus dominated largely by syndicates of felons, communists, and perverts! They (both) are symptomatic of everything that has gone wrong with America, (if not Christendom generally) since WW1, and possibly before that.

  • So easy!

    Operation Lockstep
    Source: The Rockefeller Playbook.

    1st Phase:

    Symptoms will be those of the Common cold/flu. Mild symptoms at most.

    Media endorsement of mass paranoia and fear.

    A flawed testing system utilised, picking up any genetic material in the body, triggering positive results.

    Inflation of Covid-19 case numbers through falsifying death certificates, double counting, and classifying all deaths, including other diseases and natural deaths, as Covid-19.

    Lockdowns will condition the public to live under Draconian laws, prevent protests and identify any pockets of public resistance.

    2nd Phase:

    The 1st Phase will lead to compromised and frail immune systems, through lack of food, social distancing, wearing of masks, lack of exposure to sunlight, and natural bacteria.

    Exposure to 5G radiation will further attack the immune system.
    This will cause more people to fall ill when they finally re-emerge into society.

    This will occur before the vaccine is ready, to justify its roll-out.
    A longer and more potent lockdown will follow until everyone takes the vaccine.

    3rd Phase:

    If a majority of people refuse the vaccine, a weaponised SARS/ HIV/MERSs virus will be released.

    The ultimate push will be to tempt everyone with a return to normality if the vaccine is taken up universally.

    Those who take up the vaccine will be positioned as at war with those, who selfishly do not.

    This will result in anarchy from all sides.

    Divide and conquer!

    • So far, this seems to be the trend of events…I hope that more people around the USA and even the world continue to awaken to this before it is too late. We don’t need vaccines, we don’t need masks, and we don’t need lockdowns, we need to get rid of the lying, fear porn FAKE NEWS media and their politicians! Our society will indeed return to normal then.

    • How are the elites protecting themselves from 5G? Because they are exposed also but apparently not worried.

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