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by MJTruth

🚨 Former Hunter Biden Business associate Jason Galanis Claims the Biden admin. ordered him to be Sexually Assaulted in Prison

“In 2023, I was sexually assaulted by a member of the prison staff…He persisted in sexually harassing me for many months thereafter…I believe I’ve been a victim of retribution by the DOJ.”

I believe him, you?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Being a long-term member of the Prison Community in both California and Texas (nearly 21 years), I’ve seen many strange and questionable things, although none under this “Two-Tier Justice System”, but if any man has the audacity to claim that he was “Sexually Assaulted” by the orders of the Biden Regime, I am inclined to believe him, knowing them and the DOJ both as unrepentant perverts and the enemies of any “straight” man. That is not the sort of claim any man would idly make.

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