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by @BioClandestine

I know it’s common for everyone to say that both parties are bad, RINOs, Uniparty, two sides of the same coin, etc.

But objectively speaking, the GOP are SIGNIFICANTLY better than the DNC. Watch any public hearing, and the gap in sanity and intelligence is painfully apparent.

The Dems are constantly engaged in cringey theater, that even they don’t believe anymore. They refuse to acknowledge clear and incontrovertible evidence. It’s a circus, every single time.

They cannot be reasoned with. They just regurgitate buzzwords and scream when they are proven wrong. They have abandoned reason for madness.

I’m not saying the GOP are the answer to all your problems, and I despise many who call themselves Republicans, but we have to openly recognize that the Dems are completely unhinged, and have been for over a decade.

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Alexandra Bruce

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