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    Erin Olszewski has a background in Army Special Operations Civil Affairs, having served in many hospitals, orphanages and in schools in many countries overseas and she has been a nurse for about ten years.

    When the “COVID emergency” struck, she took the opportunity to serve in the “frontlines” of the “war zone” at a New York City hospital in Elmhurst, Queens, in what was called the “epicenter of the epicenter”.

    What she found was other nurses like her, getting paid $10,000 per week (with FEMA funds) to sit around and do nothing for weeks on end.

    She says another thing she noticed was that New York Governor Cuomo had banned the protocol of hydroxychloroquine and zinc and that liability had been removed from the hospitals and  there was financial incentive to admit patients.

    She says, “$13,000 to admit a patient, $39,000 to put them on a vent [ventilator], some nursing homes and some of the hospitals; $10,000 per death.

    “They banned family members, there’s no liability, so it became the perfect storm, an assembly line to a body bag.”

    The reporter interjects, “That sounds like a death camp,” to which she quickly replies, “Yes.”

    She also notes, “The Comfort ship was available for patients that didn’t have COVID. They bypassed it…that got bypassed and instead, they shoved every single patient into…these hospitals, because there was financial incentive to do so.

    “So even if they didn’t have COVID, they were getting shoved into these hospital rooms and put on a ventilator, even though we knew they were killing 100% of the patients…

    “The problem [for non-COVID patients] was the…hospital-acquired infections. So most of the time, these patients were not dying from COVID. They were dying from really, just bad nursing care. And this was when I decided that I needed to contact an attorney and tell them, ‘No one’s listening to me.’

    “I tried to go up the administration, they told me to be quiet, we were all on gag orders. So I just can’t stand by and allow people to just be essentially murdered in these hospitals and nobody’s saying anything, you know, people are getting paid so much money – 10 grand a week – that’s a lot of money. It’s kind of like, why were they paying everybody so much?”

    The reporter opines that Cuomo’s current #MeToo allegation crisis is really a diversion away from these much bigger problems of nursing home deaths and medical fraud.

    Olszewski’s book has the facts to back up all of these statements.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • These crimes can be proven. I’d think an attorney with scruples in New York would open a class action lawsuit on behalf of these victims. Justice will prevail but meanwhile it’s agony to watch.

    • Dr. FoulCheese indeed…I’m curious regarding the thousands of Dir, VP and C-level execs who resigned from many corpses a number of years back.
      This list is searchable by date:
      Add the several hundred military General Officers dumped by Obomber-Dahmer-Drone-King, AND their deafening silence since.

      Thi$ entire $ilence $yndrome acro$$ the entire planet’$ mid to high level corpses/military management stands as a bright Sunlight generator, if WETHEPEOPLE flick on the switch.

      Thank you Alexandra for illuminating so many switches…great work!

    • Medical Mafia, and killer Cuomo, along with Dr. FoulCheese proving they are not humane.
      The end justifies the means.
      More profit in killing people than helping them live.
      WHO, CDC,etc.
      I wonder who set the prices for the payments?
      Something to think about….

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