This is the latest video by Universe Inside You, which tells the cautionary tale of the inventor, Royal Rife who is generally memorialized as a “medical fraud” by the mainstream. Knowing what we know today, having seen the deadly antics by Big Pharma around vaccines and pesticides, the pattern of what happened to him is very familiar.

Royal Rife developed the first microscopes capable of viewing viruses. His inventions were so advanced that they are still used today in the fields of optics, electronics, radio chemistry, biochemistry, ballistics and aviation. He was a celebrated inventor until the backlash over his discovery that each microbe and each virus had a particular frequency to which it was vulnerable, which called its “mortal oscillatory rate”.

Rife tested the removal of specific bacteria, viruses and tumors from rats, using tailored electromagnetic frequencies with great success, after which he tried this healing method on humans and was again successful, which earned him fame within the scientific community.

In June 1931, Popular Science magazine published a story about Royal Rife’s medical discoveries and physicians all over California clamored visit him to observe his experiments and to verify his results.

In 1934, Rife was honored as the man who discovered the “end of all disease” by a group of physicians led by Dr. Milbank Johnson of Pasadena, California. In an experiment that was sponsored by the University of California, 16 patients with cancer were brought in from a hospital in San Diego and placed in apartments where they were treated by the electromagnetic frequencies recommended by Dr. Rife. In just three months, 14 of the 16 patients were declared free of any cancer. The other two required an additional month of treatment to be completely cured after this monumental success.

Dr. Rife made the following statement about the frequency instrument treatment: “No tissue is destroyed, no pain is felt, no noise is audible and no sensation is noticed. A tube lights up and three minutes later, the treatment is completed. The virus or bacteria is destroyed and the body then recovers itself naturally from the toxic effect of the virus or bacteria. Several diseases may be treated simultaneously.”

Rife was hailed in the scientific and medical communities for his discoveries and by 1937, he established a company called Beam Ray with several colleagues and 14 of his machines were manufactured. One may ask, what happened? Why aren’t these machines in every hospital and cancer treatment center in the world today?

As the presenters of this video say, “The only cancer rife couldn’t seem to kill was greed. After seeing the incredible success of Rife’s frequency healing machines, the head of the American Medical Association, a man named Morris Fishbein immediately sent his attorneys to try to purchase the exclusive rights to the technology. Rife, however turned down his offer.

“Although no one knows the exact terms of the offer, it was probably similar to the one Fishbein made to Harry Hoxsey, a man who discovered an herbal remedy which destroyed cancer cells. Hoxsey, himself traced the treatment to his great-grandfather, who observed a horse with a tumor on its leg cure itself by grazing upon wild plants growing in the meadow.”

Fishbein, who is suspected of having been an agent of the Big Pharma companies of the day stalked Hoxsey mercilessly, attempting to make offers which he refused.

“Fishbein used his political connections to have Hoxsey arrested 125 times in a period of 16 months, with charges repeatedly thrown out of court but Fishbein continued to harass Hoxsey for 25 years…

“Fishbein allegedly financed one of the engineers who worked with Rife to bring a lawsuit against him. That lawsuit was the beginning of the end for Rife and his machines. Unable to withstand the attacks on his character and life’s work in court, Rife crumbled and turned to alcoholism. Despite the fact that he ultimately won his case, the legal costs bankrupted him and his beam ray company went out of business…”

Fishbein worked diligently to suppress all of the previous findings about Rife’s machines and he apparently bribed many of the doctors who had celebrated Rife to remain silent.

“Medical journals, which are all predominantly funded by Big Pharma advertising revenues refused to publish anyone’s work involving Rife theories or his machines. As if all this persecution wasn’t enough, Rife’s lab was also broken into and documentation of his work, including photographs and even pieces of his microscopes were stolen and vandalized.

“We saw the exact same persecution campaign against Nikola Tesla and his free energy research we saw the exact same persecution campaign against Wilhelm Reich, the man who created the Orgone Accumulator…Reich’s labs were also vandalized and burned, together with all of the research.

“Rife was the next victim of these giant corporations. They brought the end of Royal Rife’s discovery to cure cancer and the police confiscated the rest of his research. There was nothing left of his research and machines. It was as if this groundbreaking discovery for humanity never even happened…”

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  • I have been advised that storm Dorian was halted over Epstein’s island of iniquity and wiped it out completely. No more evidence! Sadly, he still lives on!

    • No, that’s not true. Epstein’s islands are in the US Virgin Islands. The hurricane did blow past but it was undamaged. I ran the video of his caretakers cleaning the pool, etc.:

      Dorian parked over Grand Bahama Island, which is hundreds of miles to the northwest of the Virgin Islands for 40 hours, which is unimaginable. I haven’t seen any footage of that aftermath, only that of Abaco, which received the initial landfall and was basically obliterated.

      • I will let my OFOT source know that they are mistaken! Thank you for correcting me. Out of interest, have you seen any footage of the island today?

          • I am assured this morning by those that know better than anyone else on this planet that: “Wasn’t haarp but other energy system but undesirable elements who used it to wipe certain things out.”
            I am assuming certain things relate possibly to the incinerators for burning the discarded body parts and collapsing the underground parts where the sacrifices took place! As for undesirable elements, I can only think Anunnaki!

  • Copied from DR. Mercola’s excellent website:
    Biodegradable products aren’t all they’re cracked up to be!

    In recent years, many companies have pledged to address plastic waste by transitioning over to more biodegradable products. Unfortunately, we’re now discovering some of these “green” alternatives are anything but. A perfect example of this are the “biodegradable” and “compostable” bowls and takeout containers now offered by a number of restaurants.

    Recent testing42 reveals that while these fiber-based bowls are indeed biodegradable, they’re coated with grease-repelling per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances43,44 (PFAS) — highly toxic chemicals associated with immune dysfunction45 and cancer46,47 that never degrade!

    Not only can these chemicals migrate from the container into your food, but believing them to be biodegradable and safe, you might also place them in your compost, thus creating a vicious circle where the chemicals contaminate and ruin the compost, which is then mixed into the soil, where they contaminate the food grown in it. Ultimately, the chemicals end up on your plate again, now inside the food.

  • It breaks my heart hearing of Royal Rife and his persecution. What a brilliant man he was! Truly one who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Tesla, Reich, Mesmer, and other great scientists and healers.
    Think of how our world could be without those filthy elites, a world where genius is lauded and technologies like these could heal us. What a paradise it could be.
    God bless Dr Rife, a true hero.

  • I have freely enabled over 100 Cancer sufferers to self-heal, many sent home to die, but I cannot reveal more for Big Pharma strives to murder me. If any reader needs my help, send a message via Alexandra. Once I have checked you out as Kosher and not ‘Evil’, I will contact you.

    • Hi all. I’m new on this page. I would like to make contact with Christopher please. He refers to Alexandra. How do I go about this? Please excuse my ignorance.

  • I believe by now, most readers on this site know that the only objective of the medical “industry” is to make money, and to make sure no one is cured, of anything.
    But, that of course is my belief.

    • James, you are right of course, Big Pharma has never created a single drug to cure anybody, only to keep them locked into the disease. All the so-called Cancer Charities, are likewise a scam.

      I can even enable someone top self-heal by telepathy. It is easier to enable someone to self-heal from cancer than it is from a common cold!

      Unless of course, the medics have got to them first! Then there is little hope, sadly!

      Radiotherapy usually means the sufferer will die of a more aggressive form of cancer within 5 years. But the industry treats that as curing you!

      The cancer industry is the second most profitable industry after the war machine!

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