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by @BioClandestine

Rep Byron Donalds outlines the money trail from CCP-controlled entity that eventually found its way to Joe Biden himself.

Money went from CCP, to Hunter Biden bank account, to James Biden bank account, eventually withdrawn by Sara Biden, and then given to Joe Biden.

This is how corrupt US bureaucrats/oligarchs launder money in exchange for policy decisions and State secrets.

We have a paper trail confirming the sitting POTUS is receiving money from China… The United States is compromised.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • the rabbit hole goes all the way to chynna . poopy joe and his familial gang of thieves looted the reserves and cancelled our outrage why should we care what the buzzards are up to this is just natures way of cleaning up after the roadkill consequences of the trump train drive by . the fake justice in progress is just humiliation piled on to see you seething in anger fuggetaboutit walk away time is here . reboot in progress . we win you lose crying game is over curveball incoming duck sucker.

  • At the risk of sounding like Johnny one note, I wish to report that from my research into hedge funds and private equity funds, it is plain to see that China & Shanghai are producing more NEW BILLIONAIRES than any other nation on the planet. Though I haven’t looked that close, it “appears” that they may exceed all other nations combined. On the other hand the good ole USA excels in producing hedge funds and private equity firms!

    This is not the nation of my birth. It’s being hollowed out and the liquidation may be nearly complete—like a monstrous corporate buy-out.

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