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FENBENDAZOLE and CANCER Part 2 – Treating Turbo Cancer – 10 new studies released in 2023-2024 (also Mebendazole) – suggested PROTOCOLS for COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancers

by William Makis MD

Last year, in October, I wrote one of the most popular articles on FENBENDAZOLE and Cancer Treatment ever published, which went viral Internationally, with millions of views.

Joe Rogan @joerogan read my article on his podcast!

After the article, I was flooded with 1000s of questions, not about mechanisms of Fenbendazole action against cancer, but about protocols, doses, formulations.

How do you use Fenbendazole for Cancer?

What is Mebendazole? (the expensive, FDA Approved version of Fenbendazole)

This article is the practical approach that addresses all of those questions.

First, I give you 10 peer reviewed studies published since my last article (2023-2024) that look at repurposing Fenbendazole, Mebendazole, Albendazole and Parbendazole for cancer.


  • (2024 Apr, Rodrigues et al) – Repurposing mebendazole against triple-negative breast cancer CNS metastasis
  • (2024 Feb, Eid et al) – Investigating the Promising Anticancer Activity of Cetuximab and Fenbendazole Combination as Dual CBS and VEGFR-2 Inhibitors and Endowed with Apoptotic Potential
  • (2024 Feb, Park et al) – The microtubule cytoskeleton: A validated target for the development of 2-Aryl-1H-benzo[d]imidazole derivatives as potential anticancer agents
  • (2024 Jan, Matsuo et al) – Parbendazole as a promising drug for inducing differentiation of acute myeloid leukemia cells with various subtypes
  • (2023, Dec, Iragavarapu-Charyulu et al) – A novel treatment to enhance survival for end stage triple negative breast cancer using repurposed veterinary anthelmintics combined with gut‑supporting/immune enhancing molecules
  • (2023 Nov, Aliabadi et al) – In vitro and in vivo anticancer activity of mebendazole in colon cancer: a promising drug repositioning
  • (2023 Nov, Jung et al) – Fenbendazole Exhibits Differential Anticancer Effects In Vitro and In Vivo in Models of Mouse Lymphoma
  • (2023 Sep, Garg et al) – Network pharmacology and molecular docking study-based approach to explore mechanism of benzimidazole-based anthelmintics for the treatment of lung cancer
  • (2023 Jun, Mukherjee et al) – Ketogenic diet as a metabolic vehicle for enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of mebendazole and devimistat in preclinical pediatric glioma
  • (2023 Feb, Lee et al) – Benzimidazole and its derivatives as cancer therapeutics: The potential role from traditional to precision medicine


fenbendazole action

We get it. This family of anti-parasitic drugs called “Benzimidazoles” are fantastic for cancer and big pharma is rushing to repurpose these drugs for particularly aggressive cancers like colon cancers or brain cancers.

But they’re focusing not on Fenbendazole but on the others. WHY? Follow the money.

Fenbendazole is dirt cheap.
Mebendazole (Enverm) has skyrocketed to over $400 per dose
Albendazole (Albenza) has skyrocketed to over $190 per dose

I want to highlight one of these 10 new peer reviewed studies that prove Fenbendazole (and its more expensive variants) works against cancer, because there is an additional KEY element there.

(2023 Jun, Mukherjee et al) – Ketogenic diet as a metabolic vehicle for enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of mebendazole and devimistat in preclinical pediatric glioma

“This study investigated the influence of nutritional ketosis on the therapeutic action of mebendazole (MBZ) and devimistat (CPI-613) against the highly invasive VM-M3 glioblastoma cells in juvenile syngeneic p20-p25 mice”

“maximum therapeutic benefit of mebendazole and CPI-613 on tumour invasion and mouse survival occurred only when the drugs were administered together with a ketogenic diet (KD)

Let me repeat that once again:

“Maximum benefit of mebendazole against cancer occurred only when it was administered with a KETOGENIC DIET”.

You must starve cancer cells of glucose.

Now let’s get to DOSING:

I propose the following FENBENDAZOLE DOSING:

LOW DOSE (222mg/day) (3 days on, 4 days off)
• Cancers in remission
• Strong family history, genetic predisposition
• Prophylaxis
• Original Joe Tippens Protocol (with Curcumin 600mg/day, CBD Oil 25mg/day, Vitamin E 800 IU/day)

MEDIUM DOSE (222mg/day, 6 days a week)
• Starting dose for most non-mRNA induced tumors
• Weight < 200lb

HIGH DOSE (444mg/day, 6 days a week)
• Most COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Turbo Cancers
• Aggressive Cancers
• Stage 4
• Weight 200+ lb

VERY HIGH DOSE (888mg/day or 1000mg/day, 6 days a week)
• Extensive metastatic disease
• Extremely poor prognosis

Highest dosing I’ve seen is 30-50mg/kg/day for 5 days, based on the “Merck Manual”, however there is no evidence in the literature for this high dose. Still, a few claim to have taken this dose without side effects.

Fenbendazole can elevate liver function tests, so it would be a good idea to have a family doctor monitor those with regular blood work.


This is the FDA Approved (for humans), more expensive version of Fenbendazole that big pharma likes better.

This is going to be a significantly more expensive option and may be out of reach for some people.

No one talks about dosing of Mebendazole for Cancer, however, published literature suggests this:

LOW DOSE (100mg/day)
• Cancers in remission
• Strong family history, genetic predisposition
• Prophylaxis

MEDIUM DOSE (200mg/day)
• Starting dose for non-mRNA cancers
• Several studies in humans have used this dose successfully for metastatic disease but disease eventually progresses, so it doesn’t seem to be strong enough dose

HIGH DOSE (500mg-1500mg/day)
• There is a Clinical trial for brain cancer that is using this dose regimen
• mRNA Turbo Cancer cases should probably start here
• Aggressive cancers
• Stage 4 disease

• safety established in 2021 study by Mansoori et al in a Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Gastrointestinal Cancer
• right now, there is no regimen in the literature with a higher dose than this


If I was diagnosed with mRNA Induced Turbo Cancer, I would strongly consider a Combination Protocol with starting doses of Ivermectin (1mg/kg/day) and Fenbendazole (444mg/day)

Thought Experiment:

Imagine you are a Canadian doctor, with 8 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines because you listened to Dr Theresa Tam and the Canadian Medical Association, and because of their incompetence and malice, you’ve just been diagnosed with a Stage 4 Colon Cancer with metastatic disease in the liver, lungs and bones. You probably have 2-3 months to live, or less. You are going to want to look at a COMBINATION PROTOCOL with the highest doses of Ivermectin (2mg/kg/day) and Fenbendazole (888mg/day or 1000mg/day) you can tolerate and have your doctor monitor your liver and kidney function tests.

My goal with these articles, is to provide as much clear information as possible for someone dealing with cancer or mRNA Induced Turbo Cancer.

This article deals with the practical approach to using Febendazole or Mebendazole with a reasonable dosing schedule or approach to figuring out what dose to try.

It is important to arm yourself with medical knowledge that cancer doctors (Oncologists) will simply not give you, because they either don’t know it, or they won’t risk their careers to save you.

If you care at all about cancer, you don’t want to miss this ground-breaking article! Big pharma is really going to hate this one (I expect 100s of bots to swarm my account within 24 hours)

And if anyone can get me on Joe Rogan’s Podcast, so I can help him pronounce “FENBENDAZOLE” properly, as well as other medical terms that he struggled with, I’d really appreciate it!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I recently stumbled upon a remedy for my problematic untreatable kidney stone condition while researching methelene blue dosing . one of the reported food interaction things to avoid is oxalate which disables MB’s effectivity by binding to the oxalate that is not being removed from the body and in my case just piles up in various places like my feet . the benefit of the binding helps in the removal of oxalate and now I have happy feet . the MB taste is quite nasty and to make it stay down add 2 drops to morning shot of grapefruit juice . the vitamin C has free oxygen and kills off the antioxidants that inactivates the chelation effects of the MB . avoid coffee for minimum of 2 hours as it contains many antioxidants if it is organic coffee . the proof is the oxalate has now made it’s way to my kidneys and they hurt now if i can stay out of the emergency room this time by pounding more citrate to keep the stones away I will call it a cure where none exists from the medical mafia to date .

  • Regarding Alex Jones forecasting 9/11 in advance? It wasn’t too difficult for smart politically aware people to know something is cooking? ‘’ Muslim” terrorist act, and most likely in WTC.

    The neocons have been very busy in the Reagan administration recruiting, training, and arming militant Islam? Our media actually was so proud of such evil work…the Mujahideen?

    That new industry of finding and paying fanatic clerics in Arab countries and financing them to recruit young poor boys from the slums of Arab cities? These ready to deplore army of Islamists were used to topple regimes in the ME, and help the neocons PAINT Arabs as barbarians? This way, the American public can approve of the neocon government invading and beating on Arab countries that opposes Israeli policies.

    Well before 9/11 in 1993, the FBI paid for a bunch of Muslim thugs to attempt blowing the WTC. Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset! These tid bit of information is only available for well trained political observers, and never openly and clearly discussed by our media.

  • It is all very simple actually, you see, there is NO profit in cure, and cancer is a VERY lucrative endeavor, the profit margins are through the roof with the added benefit of a built-in fear porn ad campaign!
    I would not be surprised that there has been a safe, effective CURE for any cancer for decades, that if released, would destroy an industry, including many so called, nonprofit organizations!
    Think of it as abolishing the IRS, how many would be instantly unemployed? Not just those at the IRS, but tax prep agencies, CPA’s, tax attorneys, the numerous companies that offer to aid with your tax debt, it is an entire industry that has developed around taxes, meaning many of your neighbors would oppose the end of income taxes!
    Of course, they are also those best able to avoid the taxes!

  • Ah I C, let’s cure drug/poison(vax)-caused symptom with another drug/possible poison approved by the same F.

    Perhaps some people haven’t learned a lesson after helping selling pharma drugs such Ivermectin – which hasn’t been properly proven effective.

    If there’s such nice a prove about this drug, it would be niece if they show exactly how it works better than just simply detoxifying ourselves by using natural remedies available (such as eating healthy foods and exercising).

    We don’t know in the first place what exactly is in vax/lot/batch as it hasn’t been properly studied.
    However, this new drug may save some people by giving them some placebo effect though that to me is another form of scam, and good luck in case someone gets another side effect from this one.

  • God bless you all for making this available!
    I’ve told people around about this drug but with little success. Maybe because there was no protocol available. Or maybe because we are stuck in our own boxes or in boxes built around us in generations…

    In fact what our generation needs is a genuine leap of faith. I mean jumping with no net underneath. But how many are ready for his? in the best case you hear: “I’ll try this or that”. Even when it is a matter of life or death, we are still reluctant to leave our comfort zone…

    I told a veterinarian (who kept no Ivermectin or fenbendazole in his shop) the other day to stock up because one day he may be asked about one of those. He asked me what for. I replied for disease X and I told him what the shots contain now (almost all of them) and why he should be careful for his children’ sake. He said he’d vaccinated them because …science… I was disarmed. and very sorry. I really suffer when I get this kind of reaction from educated people.

    But do not let your guard down. Because our fight has only just begun! God bless!

  • Thanks as always & forever Alexandra! I’ve been trying to whistle blow about this in Canada to no avail. I did not get the covid xxx shot. I did however receive a ‘vaxxine’ injury from a Senofi Tetanus Diptheria within the last year that resembled all of the adverse reactions of a covid shot injury! All the shots have been switched to the mRNA platform spread the word! It’s within the international agreements for one countries vaxx manufacturer to kill another countries population thanks to treaties like the WEF & WHO! Every level of government and my doctors have conspired to cover it up and not send it to the single court in Quebec! Instead firing me as a patient! A court that has already surpassed it’s budget this year for payouts for injury. This is democide! Alexandra, you’ve been pointing it out to everyone for years. I wish I listened to everyone who said they’d pulled the bait & switch on the death shots. I’ve been censored quite a few times now for posting this here on this site. This is an Internet Service(spying) Provider(pervision) defence department national security protecting and steering the democide now. My local health departments have the backdoor capabilities to censor as well! TOR seems to work for posting for now. Be aware like this site made me aware! Thanks Alexandra keep up the great work. If anyone has any resources I can search about injuries other than CHD please let me know. Cross post from; I thought more people should know my experience to warn others.

    • @Anomalous
      I’ve done the same mistake less than a year ago; it was a tetanus monovalent from same company. Since you only have 6 hours to get the shot, I did not have a lot of time to weigh it and I did it. To regret it almost immediately. I took a drop and let it dry for a week or two then heated it up and looked into a microscope (magnified 400 or 800 times). I was horrified: all kind of structures emerged, connected with “highways”. Showed to open-minded doctors and they confirmed my fear. However, Ever since the first C19 shot (I never took any of those) I’ve been taking a cocktail of supplements (NAC, vit C, vit D, Zn, ivermectine, Glutathione, DMG, Nicotinamid, etc.) so when I looked at my blood under mic I only saw small concentration of hydrogel . It seems I have no MAC address (seems most of those taking the C19 shots have it).
      There is ample info (comprehensive protocol by dr Mihalcea on; just give a search there with keyword “Mihalcea”; at least in one of those she talks about EDTA chelation, vit C, epithalon, glutathione and other stuff . You may need a VPN to be able to see the videos. Seems damages can be reversed.

      Can you share your troubles and what I can expect if you took your shot before I did? I have to say (thanks to merciful God) until now I’ve had absolutely no adverse reaction from the shot (except for what my blood revealed).

      God bless you and keep you healthy!

      • Thanks John glad you didn’t experience what I did from that shot. I knew that something was going on. Is there any hard documented evidence of any of this from Senofi or other manufacturers floating around? I’d love to see that happen with the other vaxxes to show people!

        How did you manage to get a sample of the shot? I tried, talked to the quack tried to confiscate it, called lawyers, police(locals & RCMP) & even tried to impersonate a health care worker. That same company as all of the pharma giants are working on a ton of nano tech and gene therapies now as the only solution to the genetic problems they are creating!

        My research on the spore that causes tetanus, tells me that the risks are greater for the shot than the spore so doctors are B.S. Also every time I get a tetanus shot I get antibiotics because of the infection I’m in for in the first place. Now I’m allergic to most antibiotics. Did the tetanus shot in combination with antibiotics teach my immune system to react to the antibiotics? I think so. No real scientific studies of course. My dr used his own fear based experience from another patient dying from something else to coercively scare me into taking it in the millgram manner.

        I’m curious about your vitamin cocktail John. I’ll have to do some more research on that. I’m multiple chemical sensitive due to a giant toluene exposure while getting head injuries so anything made in the knock tank for medicines I’m essentially allergic to. I looked into EDTA chelation & vit C doses but I’m really up tight about things being injected previously and now even more. Once it’s in you can’t take it out and my allergies are so unpredictable I could even react to the EDTA, it upsets my guts when it’s in canned things.

        These strange symptoms of inflamed pain and nervous tingling persist since the shot. My arm swelled up off and on at the injection site really badly for 2+ weeks harder than my erection. Too scared to go to the death hospitals where they regularly try and euthanize me. I’ve had arm pain at the shot location that seems to get more sore the more radio frequencies I’m exposed to! I also have just below the legal level for heavy metals poisoning previously from the toluene workplace injury while environmental drilling so RF excites those particles in me. I’ve got more gut problems, nervous system twitches and pain from face to fingers and toes, weakness, huge fatigue. After 6+ months I can finally lift my arm above my head without too much pain but there is still a great deal. The heart problems feel pretty sharp at times, and I’ve had anxiety attacks and Gaul bladder as well, this hurts more, but it never actually so bad in and around my heart. That’s finally gotten better along with constant migraine type headaches that are never actual migraines by dr diagnosis. It’s taken 8 months to get to the point where I can almost do what I was doing before the injury. Yes I’m testament that the injuries can be (hopefully reversed) somewhat alleviated over time and determination.

        All I can do at the moment is high does oral vit C(min2000ui), vit D(min1000ui), magnesium, high dose vit B complex. I slowly have to work something new into my diet or supplement regime to get my body used to things.

        What genuinely frustrates me about all this is people still look at me like I’ve a third head or I’m full of it, when I tell them that this is going on in the death shot manufacturers(most if not all corporations) & the government. People don’t realize that the governments & laws now look at every individual as an economic liability from birth to death and the latter is more profitable for them.

        Are there any good VPN’s anymore that the powers we should be fighting against aren’t aligned with? Also, I believe in Canada if one uses a VPN you’re automatically & directly routed through the defense grid and heavily monitored.
        Thanks again John.

        • @Anomalous

          I’ll give you a more comprehensive reply shortly but for now I’d strongly advise you to contact dr Mihalcea. She has a clinic in the USA specialized in precisely getting nasty things out of our bodies and since the C19 shots she is a world known specialist. So she is the best placed to help you!

          I’m really sorry for what you’ve been going through. I’ve been trying to help relatives and friends around but to no avail…I see people dying on an unimaginable scale now. There is nothing in the press or very little. How I figured that out? Well, I live in a 3000 people village and it is impossible not to know when someone dies here and usually they say if they took the shots. What is scary is the age people die at now and usually without any notice, I mean they just drop dead. You don;t have to be a genius to realize something big is going on.

          I’ll be back soon. Take care!

          • Thanks again John. However I’m probably not going to be able to get to dr Mihalcea in the states. Unless I can convince the province to send me for a vagina to go with my penis. Recent OHIP court ruling for someone in Canada. I can’t even get OHIP to cover my vitamins or anything I might need for my disability and this potentially very mentally ill person gets a vagina to go along with his penis! I hope they can f themselves afterwards without getting a deadly infection. They offer little in Canada to people on disability. Canada health care is more apt to provide the disabled medical assistance in dying or MAID. Seriously more people have died by the hands of our government through this program. They are social engineering the population to accept MAID for poverty, mental illness & everything that’s bothering you because it’s cheaper for government to kill us now instead of solve any problem. That’s the real state of Canada’s health care, spread the word.

          • I’ll try to answer to all of your questions in their respective order.
            So, I looked at the prospect of the shot and I suspect it was printed way before the C19 were rolled out; no mention about any new rubbish stuffed into the solution. I also looked at a prospect found online from same manufacturer, same product but from Thailand I guess; it was slightly different but again, no ingredients to ring any bell… So they lied but I understand this is common practice with all the shots now, including the ones that are mandatories for babies. I live in the EU so here you cannot put your kid in kindergarden without the whole list being thrown at poor children. My son developed a very nasty form of allergy at 3 weeks after birth after getting the first round of shots; you would have burst into tears instantly just by looking at him then…So now, almost all dental anesthetics have all the c19 garbage in them and some of the medicines I heard as well. One has to be careful. I remember I had seen some info online saying that sannofi tested their own vax for c19 but dropped from the race early; however they had some other in the pipeline for other illnesses, don’t remember which, probably cancer. You have ample info on what the other shots contain by going on to rumble and keysearching with “Mihalcea”.
            I bought the shot from pharmacy so for me it was easy to take the evidence with me.
            Actually EDTA chelation is about cleaning out your body; so it should not create more injury by doing so. I started this recently and there was no adverse reaction for me so far. First they do a comprehensive battery of blood and urine tests followed by a detection test to see what heavy metals you have and how much (in my case, with no allergy, I was stunned to see several heavy metals passing many times the upper limit) , then they dose the cocktail of EDTA accordingly. That happens in a clinic with pros around so there should not be any surprise or, if there is, you are in the right place. The clinic I am going to is not dr Mihalcea’s but they follow the same kind of approach although dr Mihalcea is by far leading the entire space in this area…
            If you don’t want/cannot go to US and see how dr Mihalcea can help you, I can look up the article where she gives most details about her treatment post c19 shots. From memory she said about intravenous glutathione, vit C, epithalone, NAC, and several other but she gives there also the quantities. What I did in the last 3 years was to take orally at least 3-4 and at times 5-6 different pills a day alternatively (food supplements mostly): NAC, Glutathione, DMG, vit C, vit D, vit K2, Zinc, Quercetin, Q10, Zeolit, colloidal gold, Alpha Lipoic acid, Nitric oxide, Magnesium oxide, Diozmin + Heszperidin, Chlorella, Resveratrol, Aspirin, ivermectin. Instructions to take these I found from different sources, including dr Mihalcea, dr Zelenko, quinta columna, national admnistrations of several South American nations which gave ivermectin to their citizens and others. Never had any adverse reaction after taking them. In fact most of these are found in nature (Resveratrol is taken from grapes). Just to say that what you mention here are not what I heard about high doses: dr Mihalcea speaks about up to 10 g a day of vit C and I remember in Germany at the height of the c19 crisis they advised people to get 90 000 ui a week of vit D (I took 25000 a week for the last 3 years but not all weeks – I forget sometimes). Don’t take these as my advise as I am no doctor but as a compilation of what I found here and there for the last 3 years or more…I can probably retrace all the sources but I do prefer you pick up the phone and call dr Mihalcea!
            Now on the VPN. First, I advise you take Bitdefender (Total variant) for internet protection as this is the best out there I understand. But take the Nord VPN, and use the double VPN option from their offer. I tried several VPNs and this seems to work best (not perfect but best). You may add to these the free version of Comodo firewall and you should be ok. They probably can overcome all that is on the shelf outthere but…
            Also, I am a Christian and I can say that without a doubt faith has helped me. A lot!
            Please let me know if you need more info.
            God bless you!

        • Anomalous

          I am sorry you cannot find a workable solution for getting the funds to go to dr Mihalcea. I know exactly what you mean. That country used to be a world model, although the health field was a disaster even 25 years ago…Europeans living in CA have left it in droves for at least a decade…

          You can find the detox protocol by watching / reading following the links bellow.

          There is a ton more here:

          I hope you find the best solution to get out the filth they put in you. God bless!

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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