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Michael McKibben of leads a team of researchers and forensic accountants who gather data to create “indictable evidence”, as they call it, which would not just stand up in a court of law but win a legal case. McKibben joins Douglas Gabriel of American Intelligence Media to discuss his latest research project, which has resulted in what may be the most important revelation in modern times: that the Mainstream Media is and has been since 1909 joined at the hip with national and corporate intelligence agencies. In fact, the original intelligence agencies were founded and staffed by journalists.


Michael McKibben: I can confidently say this: we have discovered the origins of modern intelligence and that origin is in the British Parliament and it is staffed with newspaper men and women from around the world and has been since the beginning.

Newspapers run intelligence. That’s what we’ve discovered. It is just blowing our minds! It’s not the other way around!

The newspaper men and -women of the world, mostly men, in 1909 formed an organization called the Empire Press Union…the purpose of that union was to get all of the major newspapers from around the world…including the Commonwealth, including American newspapers – and they recruited these people and that became what we now call MI5 and MI6 and GCHQ.

And then in the States, it’s called FBI, CIA and NSA. It has its origins on July 29th of 1909. We have the proof.

Douglas Gabriel: …not only have you found the roots of Fake News, which is in corporate intelligence – and we can see, by that the date and the timing, that this was when the British East India Company had just been folded into the British government and it seems as if the corporate interests of the British East India Company were the overriding factors.

Now, what’s shocking to me is…no one has ever pointed out the sources of not only MI5 and MI6 but MI1 through MI19. You’ve discovered what is called the Home Defense and the Colony Defense.

Michael McKibben: “Home” was MI5 and “Colonial” was MI6.


This stunning revelation explains the antics of the Mainstream Media and why it is staffed by people like MSNBC’s John Brennan, the former CIA Director and CNN’s recent hire of Andrew McCabe, the former FBI Deputy Director.

It explains how intelligence first and foremost serves corporate interests, as in the British East India Company (aka “The Company”) and it sheds light on the worldview that informed them, when we see that the intelligence agencies with a domestic focus, like MI5 and the FBI were called “Home” and those an international focus, like MI6 and CIA were termed “Colonial”, as if the rest of the world were considered a colony. It explains why the CIA is often referred to as “The Company”.

Sound crazy? Michael McKibben has the indictable evidence.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Just like Trump’s tweet earlier today…the democrats aren’t his opponents, the media is! So true and now we know why. Amazing information thanks for posting

  • The biggest conspiracy of recent history . Who will believe it . It all makes sense now .Now that we know ,the million dollar question is what can be done about it as they are very powerful and so many will not believe .

  • I do believe that Johnny Depp once reported for the United Fruit Co in a campaign to include the banana in rum production. Bacardi won that case and invented Pina Coladas instead.

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