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The biggest communications malfeasance story of the decade is the algorithmic stranglehold that Google now has on the Internet, in their bid to “sculpt the information landscape” into their narcissistic, delusional fake reality.

Big Tech whistleblowers, like Zach Vorhies and Greg Coppola have recently come out and confirmed what most online publishers have long known: politically-driven censorship, blacklists, shadow-banning, etc. are widespread among the tech giants, contrary to the repeated denials in their CEO’s congressional testimonies and despite the fact that the Mainstream Media has given zero coverage to this development.

I’ve been saying for years that it’s obvious that Google-YouTube is not in the business of making money, otherwise they wouldn’t throw away hundreds of millions of dollars by demonetizing and de-platforming tens of thousands of high-traffic “partners”, who aren’t engaged in anything criminal, violent or in violation of hate speech – but which are in violation of their fake reality.

Big Tech corporations are legally registered as communications companies, as if they were cellphone carriers and are thereby exempted by Article 230 of the Communications Decency Act from liability for their user-generated content. However, their obsessive content curation (censorship) has them in total violation of Article 230. Cable news broadcasters similarly flout the law, with CNN and MSNBC and others daily violating the FCC’s policies on Broadcasting False Information and daily committing sedition when they violate the Smith Act: 18 US Code § 2385.

All of the “authoritative” outlets, save for a few controlled-opposition nooks (like Sean Hannity) are frantically engaged in an all-out Danse Macabre to stop The Great Awakening.

As Google software engineer, Zach Vorhies says here, “What Google and YouTube are doing is that they’re deliberately destroying their platforms in order to achieve their political agenda.”

He details the 10-to-1 voting power of Google insiders over the regular shareholders and how the insiders are committing stockholder fraud with their practices and with their lies about these before Congress. He feels Google should be sued for destroying stockholder value.

Vorhies gives an excellent interview, discussing the topics raised in the documents he released, like a psychological study on Algorithmic Discrimination, which has been the story of my life since 2016, and how completely demoralizing this is, especially when compounded by the delusional propaganda from the Fake News.

This is Vorhies’ best interview yet, with his unique perspective as a senior engineer at Google for 8 years who did not drink the Kool-Aid.

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Alexandra Bruce

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1 comment

  • Google believes it god.
    Come, let us go down and confuse their language, so they may not understand each other.
    Another one is Wikipedia, that does not follow its own rules.
    Thank you, Alexandra, great interview.
    May he live long and prosper!

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