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YouTuber Rusty Shackleford has been bringing us all of this great drone footage from Little St James, the 72-acre island off of St Thomas, US Virgin Islands now owned by Mark Epstein, brother of the “late” Jeffrey Epstein.

Rusty flew over there on August 30th, after Hurricane Dorian had passed through and as we can see, there is no damage to the property. In this and other clips he posted, we can see at least 20 caretakers cleaning the pool and other chores. There’s even an excavator busily doing maintenance work on one of the island’s beaches.

Piloting a drone while filming from a boat is complicated work and Rusty may not have noticed that one of the men he captured on video looks a LOT like the recently-deceased owner of the island, chatting with one of the workers!

For people like me, who don’t believe Epstein’s dead, this video provides high-octane fuel for speculation.

The eye sockets, the head shape, the hairline, the hair color, the mannerisms…it’s like he lost weight in prison – it’s almost a “dead” ringer!

His brother is bald, so it’s not Mark!

But it would be pretty crazy for him to be so brazen. So, it could be this guy, another caretaker who could do double-duty as a body double…


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hi, Yesterday’s video had a long still shot holding above his head close enough to identify him. I didn’t watch all the options here. Maybe I missed the good one. I just saw a tan man in white shorts and blue shirt up against a wall talking to a worker. This shot is pretty far away. Thank you though!

  • nah, he looks more like Osama ben Ladin.
    Someone must have much better resolution on the screen, than i do.
    Or a great imagination.

    • If Epstein is alive, he is almost certainly in a great deal of discomfort, and answering a lot of hard questions, at the end of which, i’m betting, he will be ejected from a helicopter, somewhere cold, dark, wet and generally not conducive to a happy and enduring life.

  • Dead or alive, his estate will continue to pay groundskeepers and whatever work that was contracted for in the past will continue to completion. The island may very well be sold off to a developer to become a resort. And, its history will make it a tourist attraction.

  • I don’t think the pedophile is dead either!
    Either that or it’s a conspiracy. LOL
    At any rate, thank you, Alexandra, for the work you do.

    • I don’t know why I “feel” like he is alive, it could be that it’s just the energy from the subject, or the “people” from his “past” acquaintance”, but you can feel it, like a bright energy.
      I should have said, dark energy. Like when someone in a blackout room is standing in a corner. I don’t know how else to put it. No facts, just a “feel”.

  • You must have a far better resolution image than I have or a better screen than my 21″ Mac. Even after taking a screenshot and enlarging within Photoshop, all I could see was a blur?

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