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Weird AI glitch or – ?

Some people are beginning to think Kate’s entire cancer announcement video was AI-generated…

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • When her ring disappeared, does that mean she was sacrificed?
    The Lizards use them, then eat them.

  • We should keep in the back of our minds that a cancer vaccine has been in the news, sprinkled in the news, not really pushed out there yet. Are these people being blackmailed into doing this to push another shot? This woman could be a hostage for all we know. Or being protected so her kids will have a parent if someone gets to William, have there been threats? KC could just be protecting himself. W didn’t exactly haunt the hospital while she was supposedly there. Who holds power over the (supposedly) all powerful royals? Is J Rothschild really dead or is he in hiding? Haven’t seen any funeral on the Daily Mail website yet. Of course people like us believe the cancers have been caused by the shots. But something is up. We talk about the royals, Rothschilds, Markel & Harry. Who would really like to see the Top royals fall? How about Andrew? What help does he have? Andrew-Epstein-Mossad. Yes Fergie is ill too, but she is not a royal by blood nor a Top royal.— Also keep in mind, APRIL IS UPON US. Time for sacrifices. All of this could be some kind of ritualistic con.

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