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Last year, I binge-watched over a dozen videos by popular trans YouTubers, like Jamie Raines, which left me surprisingly sympathetic to their stories of transitioning with hormones and having sexual reassignment surgeries.

Life isn’t easy. Being human isn’t easy, no matter your gender, your ethnicity, your sexual orientation or how much money you have. I want people with bonafide gender dysphoria to live fulfilled, happy lives, like anybody else.

What I don’t want is for litigious trans activists to turn the world upside down with lawfare, like Jessica Yaniv, who sprang into infamy over the summer.

Yaniv, who is biologically and anatomically male but who claims to identify as female weaponized Canadian laws that protect transgender people and put several aestheticians out of business for their refusal to perform a Brazilian bikini wax hair removal around her penis.

Nobody in the trans community stood up against this abuse until successful trans female YouTuber, Blaire White interviewed Yaniv in a livestream video, which received well over a million views.

White says, “This person is the walking, talking, living and breathing embodiment of what people fear when it comes to ‘trans’ people – and I put ‘trans’ in quotes and you’ll see why if you watch the video.” This video is the short presentation that she edited from that livestream.

As a result of these videos, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police searched Yaniv’s home, arrested her and she was held overnight.

The RCMP are now investigating claims of online sexual harassment from several teenage girls, including a claim that Yaniv offered to send child pornography to a minor female.

Upon Yaniv’s release from the holding cell, she called the police to report that somebody sent child porn to her computer through Facebook messenger. The RCMP’s investigations remain active.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The whole issue of transgenderism and to a lesser extent gay rights has been thrust in our face by the Deep State, whom are on the whole, obnoxiously paedophile, and often practising cannibals, with the deliberate intention of destroying the very fabric of society i.e. the traditional heterosexual family unit. I can but assume that they want to foist upon us the notion that transgenderism is the norm and hence the family nuclear unit is outdated and has no longer any relevance in their new glorious Globalist World.

    Here in the UK, politicians repeatedly succumb to the protestations of minority groups, whom tend to have very loud voices, and thus laws are passed, that definitely favours the minority over the vast majority of men and woman in society.

    Sadly, governments are dreadful at being able to get the pendulum to swing in equilibrium. Instead, one group is always given advantages over another, and often as not the minority group are given too much advantage over society at large.

    You will know from my previous comments that society is comprised of two major types, namely: those of ‘Evil’ personas and those whom we generally recognise as ‘good guys!’.

    The quite dreadful faux transgender individual featured in this video is very much in the former camp, So much so, that the rest of society should be able to point the finger and proclaim this individual is a fraud! Sadly, we are a long way off that being possible.

    In the UK we have suffered Pakistani gangs of male predators, grooming, and drugging young females in towns, whom they gang-rape, subjugate and describe and treat as ‘white trash’, over a course of many years, All the time those in public office, both police and Social Workers turn a blind eye, presumably because they fear being accused of being racist! Whereas in fact, it is those in public service that fail society at large over this matter and similar incidents, whom are truly guilty of racism! Racism towards the majority of the normal, law-abiding heterosexual elements of society.

    I am also concerned that as the lease on our old, male-dominated, warmongering world comes to an end, and truly feminine characteristics form the basis of a peaceful, tolerant and equal society of our New World, the transgender issue might possibly be a cynical attempt to subterfuge this necessary transformation. Planet earth and the human race is viewed by the vast number of other inhabitants of not only our galaxy but neighbouring galaxies, as a disruptive, combative, aggressive and destructive civilisation.

    It is my view that Illuminati has ensured that Society is oblivious of, and hence ungrateful to the in-situ elements of Aliens/Extraterrestrials aka OFOT, here on earth. Whom strive to not only save our planet from the destruction of a half-Precession Pole-Shift but are also striving to help the likes of P Trump, drain the huge swamp, comprising the Deep State and all those that have emerged out of the Pilgrim Society founded in 1909.

    I can but hope that we will see the much-promised Indictments starting to be rolled out over the coming weeks in the USA? We can then all start to have a sense of real hope in our hearts!

    Similarly, here in the UK, our new PM Boris will hopefully find the tenacity and mendacity to break the UK free from the undemocratic Globalist EU.

  • Jamie is right about predators, it appears that there is an agenda to achieve on the part of Jessica, the predator, of females.
    I could be wrong, I’m only human.
    And I don’t want to be something I’m not.
    You can get yourself “reassigned” if you wish.
    That’s up to you, not me.
    It seems the more I see of this world of predators, the less I like this world.
    Thank you, Alexandra, for more information on this place we call home for a while.
    One question, how far up the ladder does this go? The Queen of the UK? Trying to make all perversions normal?
    Make it a better world.

    • Sadly James, whilst HM the Queen is not of normal human personage, she has no such vile intentions. Too many in the USA seem to confuse HM the Queen with the ‘Crown’. They are most definitely not the same. Think of HM the Queen as a virtuous, well-disciplined woman whom has devoted her whole life to our country. Whereas, many that make up the huge body referred to as the ‘Crown’ are an ‘Evil’ bunch of sh*ts whom need to be disposed of, and quickly!

      There are, without doubt, one or two individuals within the Royal Family, that are true ‘Evil’; think the murder of Diana for instance! But once again, do not confuse these lesser individuals as being representative of HM the Queen of England. The greatest Queen this country has ever been blessed with!

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