Dr Dave Janda joins the X22 Report to talk about James Comey, Jeffrey Epstein and the Trump-deranged celebrities who scream the loudest.

There’s a sense of frustration among many of us, that we’ve not seen prosecutions of government criminals, that Jeffrey Epstein got away – that his prison guards “fell asleep”, that both cameras facing his cell were disabled and that no autopsy report has been released.

Dr Janda, who’s a retired orthopedic surgeon weighs in on the significance of Epstein’s reported broken hyoid bone fracture, which was leaked from the coroner’s office.

He asks, “Why was it leaked? It could be that the coroner was getting pressured just to say it was just a suicide and the coroner felt very uncomfortable about that, so decided to leak this one piece of information, right, to indicate, nah – and I’m gonna say it’s a hanging but we’ll leak this the day before, so that people realize something else is going on here.

“There’s a high, high, high probability that this was not a suicide and Kaitlyn Johnstone wrote an article called, ‘Everybody’s a Conspiracy Theorist’, whether they know it or not, at this point…

“I believe Epstein was a front. He was a front for intelligence agencies; for the CIA, Israeli Mossad and British MI6…I believe Ghislaine was a handler on behalf of the intelligence agencies for Epstein and his role was to entrap these individuals…I think they would invite people over, high-profile individuals, Wall Street, politicos, Hollywood – you name it – players.

“They he would get them into situations with kids. They’d head to the bedroom cameras, audio tapes. These would then be used as leverage against all these individuals to get the agenda of the Deep State through.

“I believe Epstein was a front. I know a number of people on Wall Street a number of people that are very networked in the legal community on Wall Street and they cannot find out how Epstein made his billions of dollars. They know every big deal that has happened and they say Epstein has not been a part of it and they believe Epstein was fronted the money to make him look like a multi-millionaire, possible-billionaire as a means of entrapping these other big shooters and then this leverage operation was used to get the Deep State agenda through, whether it was through what was happening in Hollywood or what was happening in businesses on Wall Street or in Washington DC.

“And we see all these people screaming and yelling and it’s funny, how they just come out of the woodwork and a lot of them are actors or actresses and they’re they’re pushing to get Trump removed…

“They might not have been involved in the human trafficking side or the pedophilia side but they owe their success to the syndicate and when the syndicate comes up to them and says, ‘The reason why you got these five movie roles with our friend Harvey Weinstein (who happens to be a friend of Epstein’s), it’s because we had everything to do with that and you owe us and now what we need you to do is, we need you to go on the offensive on several fronts, one of which is denigrating the current President of the United States. And by the way, if you don’t, well here’s what we have on you – and by the way, you’ll never get another movie role…’

“It’s horrible enough they were sexually abused but it’s my understanding many of these children that were involved with Epstein and this network ultimately died…

“I think…it’s going to be overwhelming. It’s going to be absolutely overwhelming for the Deep State. There are going to be so many fires – I mean 20-alarm fires going on. They cannot salvage anything of their burning former castle and…with this Epstein thing, I think with this DECLAS, I think when it comes to the Inspector General’s report, I think when all this hits – it’s gonna be overwhelming.

“And and many people disagree with that, they believe nothing’s gonna happen…and I just don’t buy that. If, based on the information I’ve heard and continue to hear, I just I truly believe things are moving. Granted, not at the pace any of us want or like but look, Dave if there’s anybody who probably wants this to happen more than anybody it’s President Trump and the reason is because it’s not just his life on the line.

“If this doesn’t come out, it’s not just his life but it’s the life of his wife and every one of his kids and grandkids that’s on the line and he knows that. If he doesn’t get this thing cleaned-up, then they’re all in harm’s way…

“I believe that Donald Trump knows that he has one shot; one really good shot at taking down the Deep State and if he compromises on timing then he could well compromise the result and I believe that’s why this is gonna hit. It’s gonna hit big and it’s gonna be – I believe it’s going to be a fatal shot against the Deep State.”

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  • Private Comment Please.

    Dear Alexandra,
    I hope that you are able to sense a greater sense of assurity, composure, peace of mind, or similar, as I raised your Bioplasmic Energy recently?

    You now have exceptionally high negative, aka good, Bioplasmic Energies.


  • Dear Alexandra,

    It is clear that the other commentators do not share your sense of certainty, that this is going to blow up in the face of the Deep State. I do!

    I believe that the lack of their belief is possibly due to the commentators, for all their intelligence and wisdom, do not believe in the existence of OFOT aka extraterrestrials/aliens on this planet. In all fairness ACIO, the organisation set up reportedly after the Roswell UFO Crash has managed to keep its existence, entirely secret from the whole world. And, it is ACIO that is the go-between/handler for the OFOT; which I repeat stands for, ‘Our Friends Out There’. Emphasis on ‘our friends’!

    I have previously commented that P. Trump is being carefully guided and assisted by OFOT.

    The other thing that your commentators may not be aware of is the ability of OFOT to be able to travel freely through time; both backwards and forwards, and thus they know precisely how this is all going to pan out. Precisely! And that is why P. Trump is being guided very accurately, right down to his tweets, that in themselves are intellectually brilliant.

    So, Alexandra, please disregard the failure of some of your readers to have any faith that the Deep State is going to be blown up. It is. Absolutely! There is no doubt that it is already beginning to happen!

    Just hang on in there, dear lady and keep both your nerve and your confidence, please?

    You will, I promise, be justly rewarded.

  • Unquestionably Comey is guilty as sin and free as a bird, like Trotskyite communist seditionist Bill Ayers, yet political fixer AG Barr reportedly said he will not prosecute him.

    Where have we heard that kind of talk before, again and again? Including Comey himself after his faux investigation of Clinton, said he will not recommend prosecution because Clinton didn’t really mean to violate the law. (I’m sorry officer, I didn’t mean to drive seventy MPH in a school zone, well okay then if you didn’t mean to.)

    So there is pattern here which has the appearance of justice, but is in reality the obfuscation of injustice while wearing the robes of justice. It’s been the pattern most certainly since 911 and years before in which the evidence is ignored, confiscated never to see the light of day again and an official politically correct (fake) storyline repeated ad nauseum through the infallible ministry of truth.

    Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of Robert Maxwell who was outed in detail years ago as a Mossad operative, yet in spite of her well known association with Epstein, the Injustice Department and the FBI apparently has no interest in her at all, like they had no interest in raiding Epstein’s pedo island operation until his alleged death and last I heard still had no interest in his remote ranch operation in New Mexico. WHY NOT??

    The answer is in your face obvious.

  • These guys never get in trouble, Dream on about prosecution. If you believe in this
    system you’re already gone. Everyday is the same — NIN

  • I don’t listen to Dave anymore. he is a trump sell out. The DEEP STATE, is just like the mysterious evil entity that no one can define. Show the names and faces, and then we ought to take action against them. Who or What is the deep state, right now it is fantasy. lets jst identify these people and get rid of them, it is that simple, but no we continue another portion of the BAD GUY.


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