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    21-year-old Robert “Bobby” Crimo III has been charged with murdering seven people at a Fourth of July parade in suburban Chicago after authorities revealed that he had purchased his guns legally, despite two encounters with law enforcement that could have raised red flags.

    In 2019, Police confiscated numerous knives and a sword from the Highland Park Parade shooter after he attempted suicide and threatened to kill his whole family, who then reported it to the authorities, which turned out to be the vaunted social workers that the “dismantle the police” crowd want to replace cops with.

    Three months later, Crimo, then 19, applied for a firearms ID card. His application was sponsored by his father (who he had three months previously threatened to kill) and was approved by state police in January 2020. What kind of a father does that???

    That doesn’t sound right, at all!

    Later that year, Crimo passed three background checks to purchase guns and he passed a fourth check on Sept. 20, 2021, his 21st birthday.
    Crimo’s father ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Highland Park in 2019, as a Democrat.

    In other words, Illinois already had Red Flag laws in place but they didn’t enforce them in Crimo’s case.

    There are numerous photographs Crimo posted of himself wearing an FBI hat and there’s a video he posted of himself saying “Hey, FBI Guy” to the camera.

    On Instagram, Crimo posted, “Yes, I am a product of MK Ultra and I am a Liberal.”

    Jeffrey Prather gives an expert analysis, as a longtime DEA agent of the Highland Park shooter, noting his Azov Battalion “47” tattoos on his neck and arm. Jeffrey says that the Deep State is infiltrating more Ukrainian Nazis into the US to help them build their narrative that “white supremacy” is the gravest threat to the United States.

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