Highland Park shooter, Bobby Crimo had a YouTube account with over 20 music videos, which was taken down after he was named a person of interest and before his arrest.

Crimo also had videos posted to his accounts on other platforms, such as Facebook and IMDb, which have also since been taken down.

I was able to download this one, which someone shared on Twitter.

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  • Pretty sophisticated video comp skills, unless I’m eons past what is easy to do.
    Lift the Veil Live has a clip where Crimo is manicly musing about being a sleep walker and having ‘ a voice in the back of my head’…smells of MK-U?

    • Yep. What does Highland Park Illinois shooting & 2022 Markham Illinois shooting & 2021 Oakbrook Illinois shooting & 2019 Orland Park Illinois have in common…all share a same thread…


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