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The latest episode of The Prather Brief on AMP is an absolute bombshell, with his guest, computer programmer and advanced robotics developer, Steve Favis, who provides not only stunning evidence that indicates Chinese satellites caused the Maui fires but also a simple and reproducible method for others to confirm his findings and to then apply his method to investigate some of the other, suspicious fires of the past, such as the Northern California “wildfires” of 2017 and 2018.

Steve tells Jeff that when people started claiming that Maui had been attacked by DEWs, he wanted to determine if there had been something above Maui at the time of the fires. He used a commonly-used science and engineering program called Mathworks MATLAB, which has a very accurate program called the SGP4 orbit propagator, and he found two orbiting objects that passed over Maui  at around the same times that three fires were initially reported. Then, he backdated publicly-available telemetry data from NORAD, which tracks all orbiting objects and he found that there were two satellites that corresponded to the initial reports of three separate fires on Maui.

Both objects are categorized by NORAD as “Unknown” with unknown payloads and both unknown objects are owned by the Chinese Communist Party. One satellite’s pass over Maui corresponded with the Lahaina fire and the other satellite’s pass over Maui corresponded with the Olinda fire and then it orbited back along the same path 24 hours later, corresponding to the Kula Fire.

He says that if it were one satellite, that would be one thing. But when there are two satellites and three fires – and they’re always above Maui when these fires start – it’s not an accident.

Steve also mentions how, just three days after the Maui fires started, on August 11th, Space Force launched its first targeting squadron, The 75th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron, which was activated out of Peterson Space Force Base, in Colorado. Steve says he hopes this activation was in response to what he is convinced was a series of Directed Energy Weapons attacks in Maui.

Steve says that he has open-sourced his code on his website, at and he encourages people with access to MATLAB – a lot of universities use MATLAB – and he encourages people who are programmers to run his 25 lines of code – and they will be able to validate that the telemetry data is exactly what NORAD has posted on their SpaceTrack website.

Steve says once you get the telemetry data and you input the data into the program and you Convert the UTC Time to local Hawaii Time, they line up exactly at the same time that fires were reported. He says you just need the aerospace toolbox and aerospace plugins and navigation plugin and you can just literally copy and paste his code into MATLAB.

On his website, you’ll see that he did the math for what it would take for lasers capable of melting cars and flash-charring people’s bodies into solid black sculptures, like this.

This was not a wildfire, Folks. Steve estimated that it would take a 70-gigawatt laser to do this, which would require a rocket that can launch a 44-ton payload into space, which lines up with China’s Long March line of rockets, which have that payload capacity. Steve says Chinese lasers are currently more advanced than ours and that they’re powering petawatt lasers in short bursts in the lab. A petawatt is a million billion watts. That’s 15 zeros.

When Steve pointed all of this out on Twitter/X, he was de-platformed. Because, of course he was! Twitter is back to its old, censoring self again.

Now, remember how back in January, the green lasers seen over Hawaii, that were reported by The New York Post to be Chinese LIDAR scans for geospatial mapping of terrain? It is thought that this mapping may have been necessary, in order to carry out successful DEW attacks.

And then, we find out that a few months later, in April through June, the Army Corps of Engineers did their own LIDAR scans of Hawaii. And let’s not forget the Chinese balloons that the Pentagon and the Biden Regime were only too happy to allow to invade our airspace for a week earlier this year.

So, as Jeffery Prather said, The question then becomes, with the green lasers from a Chinese satellite in January and the DoD’s LIDAR scans between April and June, who could have been responsible for the DEW weapons and the attacks?

In Jeff’s assessment, it appears that elements of the DoD may have collaborated with China to do this. In other words, it’s the Deep State, the Globalists, whatever you want to call them, who control both militaries – or at least, aspects of them.

The Globalists are name-stealers and they pretend to be your government. But they’re not. They have hijacked your government. They’ve convinced you that THEY are you. You know how everybody says, “We invaded Iraq”?

Well, I didn’t invade Iraq! I screamed and hollered against it, because it was totally bogus! The Deep State invaded Iraq, using trillions of our tax dollars and they killed millions of innocent people!

Even people who know about the Globalists get confused and don’t really get this. It was very interesting to see the comments posted on my site and on Rumble, beneath the Prather Brief video by people who didn’t read or listen to everything that was said.

Overwhelmingly, the comments were that, “China didn’t do this, the US did!” because that is the level of trust that many Americans have in their own government, anymore – and rightly so!

Over the past year, I’ve been reporting about how all of our Personal Identifying Information was being sent to China, with the full cooperation of our military and how our election data has been stored on Chinese servers and how the FBI and DOJ has been protecting this and covering it up.

Between this and the government sending all of our money to Ukraine and paying double to the illegals crossing the non-existent border than to the citizens who’ve paid into Social Security their whole lives, it could be said that we don’t have a country anymore. The question becomes, did we ever?

I mean, what the Hell even is NATO?

NATO is coming up short on its spending targets — in spite of the quote, unquote “war” going on in Ukraine. As Mike King from says:

“Now would be a good ‘teachable moment’™ to review how NATO was formed and what its true functions were. Among the religious devotees and dupes of NWO Globalism, NATO ranks right up there with the UN, the WHO, the EU, the World Bank and the IMF as ‘indispensable’ institutions of ‘global stability.’ The truth is, that from its inception in 1949 to the present day, NATO — a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CIA which itself was founded just two years before NATO — has always been a destabilizing war-making organization in service to the Globalists.

“The origin of NATO traces back to the Treaty of Brussels of 1948 among Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK — four European states which had conspired to start World War II in the first place (and, in the case of UK, France & Belgium, World War I as well). NATO is essentially the greatly expanded 20th Century version of the Rothschild-British-French bully alliance which, in addition to World War I (1914-1918), imposed the Crimean War upon Russia (1853-1856); the Opium Wars upon China (1840s & 1850s); and even plotted to enter the .U.S. Civil War (1861-1864) on the side of the Confederacy — until the Russians threatened them not to.

“Economically ravaged and militarily weakened by World War II, the four dying colonial powers agreed upon a mutual defense system which would soon include all of Western Europe plus the USA. The Alliance’s first Secretary General, Lord Ismay, explained that the aims behind the new military bloc were to:

“‘… keep the Russians (Soviets) out, the Americans in, and the Germans down’…

“With this bit of historical context in mind, we can better understand the Globalist butt-hurt of the past few years — “the Trump years.” — of NATO decline. NATO is, and has always been, a violent, dangerous and cruel war machine…

“The more recent suicidal game of ‘chicken’ with Russia — which had been deactivated by Trump — was intended to kick off World War III. To that end, the Alliance had stationed many thousands of troops while staging large scale war-games in Eastern Europe — all part of an effort to bait Putin into drawing ‘first blood.’

“Exactly as Lord Ismay had said, Germany and the US (its people, that is) are also adversely impacted by NATO. For Americans, the expensive NATO quagmire keeps us entangled with and enslaved to Globalist schemes.”

Remember Konnech? The Michigan company that was storing US election data on Chinese servers and how the FBI helped the Chinese-born CEO, Eugene Yu to escape the country? Well, he has resurfaced. Harry the Greek reports that Chinese spy and election saboteur Konnech CEO Eugene Yu has been reassigned to Malaysia for “an undetermined amount of time,” according to his defense attorneys in Los Angeles.

I cannot recommend more highly the website,, published by Harry the Greek!

In a July 20th report, he says that, quote: “Chinese spy and election saboteur Konnech CEO Eugene Yu has been reassigned to Malaysia for ‘an undetermined amount of time,’ according to his defense attorneys in Los Angeles.

Why? Harry says, to continue working with the Pentagon in Malaysia to sabotage our elections. He found that KONNECH MALAYSIA was incorporated on July 28th, 2022.

Why? Harry says, “To continue working with the Pentagon in Malaysia to sabotage elections.

Konnech is an election software company based in Beijing and Wuhan, China. It closed its offices in the US and Australia back in October. Grant Bradley, a former employee, sued Eugene Yu in November. He says he was fired for refusing to lie to the FBI.

Bradley managed 100 Konnech employees remotely from his East Lansing, Michigan and Wuhan, China offices. Konnech’s data and critical employees are in Wuhan, according to an affidavit filed by Bradley in Houston Federal Court last January.

The Wuhan programmers wrote code for Konnech’s PollChief election software and because it had a backdoor, Eugene Yu stored his clients’ election data on servers in Beijing and Wuhan.

Since February last year, the Konnech servers have been moved to Malaysia, where Yu now lives. Doing what? Sabotaging next year’s Presidential Election for the DHS, according to Harry, who says clients still pay for PollChief software using PNC bank drop boxes in various American locations.

The manager of Konnech’s Australia operation, Peter McAllister also turned whistleblower. Last October, McCallister’s seven-page affidavit was submitted into evidence as Exhibit F in Houston Federal Court, during Eugene Yu’s million-dollar defamation case against True the Vote, where, instead, he was outed as a Chinese spy.

Yu then fled the country to avoid criminal embezzlement charges of $2.6 million in LA County and money damages for wrongfully terminating employees who refused to lie to the FBI.

So now, Konnech has moved to Malaysia. Harry says that part of why they opened an office in Malaysia was due to its proximity to Australia but also because, last December, the DoD awarded contracts to four technology companies to provide integrated global internet services from Malaysia, including election systems.

The contractors are Amazon Web Services Inc., Microsoft Corp., Oracle and Google Support Services LLC. The DoD apparently likes Malaysia, because it’s a global crime capital and there are no US Constitutional Rights to be observed in Malaysia.

DoD contractors, Microsoft has partnered with the Chinese Communist Party to provide Konnech cloud services in China since 2014 and Amazon’s 42 US Edge Computing locations allow for real-time interaction with users, such as Election Boards. Harry says that next year’s Presidential Election will be fixed using these edge computing centers. Just like it was in 2022 and 2020.

And, of course Google promotes UN Internet censorship. But instead of global internet censorship, Google calls it “Fact Check Tools.” The purpose is to eliminate dissent on any topic that Google selects. Their partners include the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

Harry says Google’s algorithms are designed to delete websites that criticize topics such as COVID-19 statistics, the World Bank, the FBI’s crime statistics, Big Pharma, global governance, Climate Change, etc. You know the drill. The algorithms are Google’s last-ditch attempt to control the internet before people worldwide wake up.

The goal is to have one point of view. Google calls this “Data Commons”. I call it “Communism”. All data supports one global government under the United Nations (UN) banner. Google will have the only say on what news gets read or blocked from the internet – and John Bowne has this report about it.

Barack Obama is a huge fan of internet censorship, because he’s a closeted homosexual and only his blackmailers are supposed to know!

Isn’t it incredible that Obama has been definitively outed as fake and gay in recent weeks and that he’s been lying to us about it and that this story registers as an almost non-existent blip, in the face of everything else that’s going on?

And did you know that Fulton County Sheriff, Patrick Labat, who insisted on getting the mugshot of Donald Trump had a previous career in gay porn, as we can see from his performance, playing the role of Eugene Henderson in ‘The Groomsmen’, complete with onscreen film credits.

One wonders if Sheriff Labat slept his way to the top of the County PD, as well? They’re easier to control when they got the goods on you…

Meanwhile, Dr Jan Halper-Hayes was on a Twitter Spaces with John Sabal of the Patriot Voice earlier this week. Her August 3rd appearance on a British television morning show last month went viral when she claimed to be part of a 12-member DoD task force that’s advising a US military PSYOP team, to help them to determine their next moves in the current 5th Generation War, because, eventually, quote, “the military will come into play,” which I can only guess, based on her other statements means Martial Law.

Dr Jan goes into more detail than in previous interviews and she basically affirms a lot of things that were presented in the Q material and, based on her statements, we might assume that she was hired by the same team that was behind Q.

Dr Jan’s claims would have been largely ignored had a small account on TRUTHSocial not posted the GBNews video and had both Donald Trump and General Mike Flynn not re-truthed her post and emphatically endorsed her and what she was saying.

Dr Jan told John that the toughest problem that we are facing, as a nation is the ironclad programming of a large portion of the population, where no amount of evidence can shake their rigid belief in, what are to us, obvious mainstream media lies, in addition to their implacable Trump Derangement Syndrome. She says a large portion of her team’s work is about attempting to understand the mental blocks and the programming involved.

She says, she’s worried about the cognitive dissonance that is going to happen to them during an upcoming “triggering event”, which she thinks is going to be the Georgia case, which will be streamed on YouTube and aired on the network TV, as well.

She says Trump has all the evidence to prove that the 2020 Georgia Election was stolen and that now Fulton County DA, Fani Willis has provided Trump with the venue and the subpoena power to present that evidence in court and to re-litigate that election! She also reiterated the claim of Dr Steve Pieczenik, back in 2020 that the legitimate ballots were watermarked, whereas the illegitimate ones were not.

Dr Jan also noted that Joe Biden has been renewing Trump’s Executive Orders, suggesting that Biden is actually under Trump’s control, and she says that once the Normies realize this, they’re going to be in shock. And wouldn’t you know that yesterday, a few days after she had said this, Biden just extended Executive Order 13848 until September of 2024!

Dr Jan says that in Trump’s capacity as Commander-in-Chief, after Congress did not respond to several of his Executive Orders, in declaring a National Emergency, he turned it over to the military. She said there are only 7 people that are not part of the military that really know what’s going on.

And she says the fictional novel, ‘Double Crossfire’ by Brigadier General AJ Tata, who was #3 at the Pentagon at the time, contains a lot of truth about what really happened and she encourages people to read it. Dr Jan gives more details about Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia in 2017, where she says he presented them with a vast cache of evidence of child sex trafficking within the Kingdom, which she says resulted in the arrest of dozens of members of the Saudi Royal Family.

Dr Jan says she’s been told that there are a million National Guard troops all around the globe right now, that there are US Navy vessels moored off of Israel and Japan, where she says, quote, “military tribunals are being conducted as we speak.”

So, for those of us who have been looking at this Clown World and thinking that we have to be watching some kind of a show, Dr Jan says she is here to validate what some had already suspected and that this is not just a US plan, it’s far bigger than the US.

Of course, we’ve been hearing a lot of this hopium for nearly 3 years. She’s talking about the same DoD that appears to be creating the digital architecture for a worldwide Chinese-style tyranny and that apparently helped Chinese space lasers to murder hundreds or thousands of people in Maui. I have readers asking me what is the military waiting for? They say the Biden administration appears to be bankrupting the country and taking the world into a nuclear conflict with Russia and maybe China. How much more serious does it need to get before they act?

All I can say that this is 5th Generation Warfare – and that I highly recommend that you read General Michael Flynn’s new books on the topic!

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