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by Gus Quixote

Eugene Yu and his Okemos, Michigan election company called Konnech have dropped their defamation action taken against True The Vote and Gregg Phillips.

Phillips and Engelbrecht were being sued by Eugene Yu, stemming back to September, for going public with information brought to them regarding a major concern for national security.

The information definitively showed that an American election company was storing data on servers located in Wuhan, China.

True The Vote’s Recent Announcement

The news comes immediately following an announcement from True The Vote about the case and their intentions to pursue it through discovery.

Video Preview of the “Tip of the Iceberg”

Accompanying the formal press release was [this] video displaying the breadth and scope of information assembled by publicly facilitated, open-sourced research.

Eugene Yu also has another conference listed on the Los Angeles County Courts docket for 8:30 tomorrow (April 21st) morning.

The case is a continuation of the charges that election denier deniers discredited at the October outset, despite public statements from the Los Angeles County District Attorney themselves announcing their retooling of the investigation before pursuing criminal charges.

Cyber Experts’ Recent Affidavit

The CEO of the team hired by Los Angeles County to analyze the Konnech servers has also recently submitted an affidavit in the case in support of True The Vote — a far cry from the allegations of criminal activity on behalf of True The Vote and Gregg Phillips.
As a result of the defamation case filed in Texas federal court, Engelbrecht and Phillips were jailed for a week in the matter, as a result of an ex parte (the accused were not present to defend themselves) Temporary Restraining Order designed to muzzle the two government accountability firebrands.
This undoubtedly sets the stage for a very interesting scenario involving a false imprisonment.
As a beneficiary of having the honor to participate in this massive project, and as a user of the same research tool displayed in the video, you can bet your buttered buns I will be featuring it in my upcoming work.

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