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During May 23rd’s House Homeland Security Committee hearing, Rep Eli Crane (R-AZ) grilled Deputy Assistant Director for the Counterintelligence Division in the Federal Bureau of Investigation Jill Murphy.

When asked, she claimed not to know the significance of the term, “Elite Capture”, which is beyond absurd, given that this is a primary modus operandi of the CCP in its unrestricted warfare campaign against the United States.

Murphy also claimed that she had not “had time” to read the Durham Report, which had been released the previous week.

In addition, Murphy claimed, “I am not aware of money paid to the Biden Family”, which was a bald-faced lie under oath.

Ultra Maga Party made this video to capture the arrogance, the cynicism and the mendacity of this senior FBI Counterintelligence official and of the Bureau, itself.

On his Substack, citizen journalist, Gus Quixote has painstakingly laid out the decades-long clear coordination between the central Chinese government and the American power establishment, which includes politicians and transnational corporations, the intelligence agencies and the Pentagon.

Gus has documented how the American power establishment partnered with the Communist Chinese government to build the New World Order and he details how they were allowed to get into our elections in order to steal them towards this end.

Gus writes:

If You’re Numb to this News, You Were Supposed to Be

So why is it important that the Chinese Academy of Sciences is burrowed into Michigan State’s computer science department?

Why is it important that the Chinese Academy of Sciences were burrowed into CISA and DHS at the critical point in development of our cybersecurity and AI infrastructure (or anything else that touched CMU between 2013-2017)?

Why is it important that the Chinese Academy of Sciences is also intertwined with Silicon Valley?

Why is it important that the Chinese Academy of Sciences is also intertwined with Microsoft — in a business partnership?

Why is it important that the Financial Advisor to the President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was one of the many spearheads of the progression and technological success of an American election company called Konnech?

Because the Chinese Academy of Sciences also operates the Wuhan Institute of Virology, for which you need look no further than the web address to verify.

How much more will it take to admit the United States is under attack and has been for over a decade?

How long until we admit that there are no party lines in this battle? It is the aristocracy against everyone else.

How much more until the dam breaks and washes everyone downstream. We need to plug the dam while there is time left, if for no other reason than to come up with a creative, comprehensive, effective, and tamper-proof plan, to remove the entire administrative state’s opinion on the matter.

Contact your US Representatives and have them make sure that Rep Jim Banks (IN) and Rep Pat Fallon (TX) hear about this.

The Satanism and the trans Baphomet rituals are all part of this 5th Generation war of the power elites against the People of the US – and against all of humanity.

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  • The Zionists that are running America and have been for over 100 years are the same Zionists that gave Mao Zedong money to form the CCP and take over China. They never left. The Russians got rid of their Zionist overlords.

    • The Zionists you mention started the Christian Reformation Wars in Europe. They also began their war against China back when the Dutch East-India Company expanded to sea routes as well as the old Mongol Routes that were roads that were difficult to use at times.
      Start with the Opium Wars being the Normans at war with China, using diseases as a weapon. 1600s.

  • Natural born liars have none of those feelings he is searching to find in this blind to the truth ,pay to play ,pre-programmed talking head . She appears to be unintelligent, uninformed and unresponsive. The people who get called upon to appear at these hearings are trained to evade, obfuscate and exhibit a total lack of candor and never seem to answer the f*ing question. I don’t think I have ever seen a hearing result in solving anything so why have them. It’s just an exercise in stupidity , ours for watching the bloody thing and expecting anything different this time. Useless people serving as place holders in a game of no importance called governance.. They took our power and wasted it on a show of ineptitude and malfeasance to send us off to stew in our indigence until we become the domestic enemy they want so badly to put under .
    They just want war any kind of war on any or all of us they are mad dogs that need to be put down. It’s a pandemic of crazy ass suicidal losers who crave death, even their own, so be it.

    • The entire country is corrupt from the very top down to it’s core. And corrupt congress will never fix anything. Can’t you see that Representatives are bought off, compromised, blackmailed and controlled by The City of London, The East India Trading Company, and the banksters? We NEED Direct Democracy now. Free people should make their own laws and run their own affairs. And anyone like Alex Jones and Mike Adams, who claims that direct democracy is mob rule are controlled opposition. Because of course it’s mob rule. It’s the whole damn mob of us Daring to make our own laws and run our own affairs… Thanks for allowing me to speak, Capt Joe Kelley.

      • We use the “Democratic” process of voting for representatives withing the framework of “Constitutional Law”. Bush destroyed the law and the process (computer voting machines) and the Clintons undermined the safeguards making it possible. I agree with you to a point, we need to do something to reinstate the Constitution and politicians aren’t the answer.

  • Recently-elected Ex-SEAL Eli Crane in Arizona seems to have the potential of becoming a strong America First member. We need more like him and less like her.
    Ignorance may be Bliss, but in this Maladministration it seems to be compulsory.

  • – The west pursues Net Zero to destroy their economies, while China is selling them poor quality solar panels, wind turbines, and dominating the world market in them

    – The west pushes mRNA jab, while China bans it

    – The west is raging wars against their farmers, while China is stockpiling food like no tomorrow. It has about 70% of the world’s corn reserves, 60% of rice, and 51% of wheat. Also, China control a large part of Latin America, Africa and bought vast amount of land in US, Australia….etc, owning the food baskets when the west is eating bugs

    While all these time, MSM is all about Russia Russia Russia

  • This woman has no light in her eyes. She’s obviously a psychopath with no conscience. I was once married to a woman like this, so know the look and signs. She’ll go to her grave telling lies.

  • Why Target Budlight risk offering 90% of their customers? Are they stupid? I guess no. Why? Because either the ideological overlords will compensate them, or they think the American people are helpless.

    Similarly, the FBI, the Biden, the Obama, the Bush, the Clinton crime families know that they are above the laws, and the people can go eff themselves.

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