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    Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews Dr. Richard Sauder about his landmark book on the subject of secret underground bases, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’.

    Sauder details his decade of sifting through declassified documents and speaking with former insiders about their knowledge of these hidden installations. What he discovered will blow your mind. There is an extensive world that’s been built underground. A massive, experimental scientific and military infrastructure designed for very covert operations. With no public oversight, no budget limits and zero media exposure, these massive facilities exist in an entirely secret and world, operated by the most covert operators in the Deep State.


    In the modern era, the advent of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) started with the Nazis, hiding their secret industrial base miles beneath the surface.

    Sauder says that the US National Security State has dedicated massive Black Budget resources to the development of a sprawling network of secret underground command and control bases, ostensibly for the survival of humanity in a doomsday scenario and to set up Continuity of Government (COG) operations in the event of a nuclear war.


    Beyond this mainstream explanation, there are reports of massive underground facilities designed to test advanced and exotic UFO technology obtained by crash retrieval teams with a secrecy ranking that is higher than those set for nuclear classification. Sauder posits that the motive for the massive secrecy surrounding the activities of this global network of deep underground bases is to protect reverse-engineered ET technology from prying eyes.

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    • I spoke to Richard some years ago in regard to dumbs under N.C. Please e mail me when you get a chance. Thanks Porter

    • Sauder knows some things, real things. Interesting that he uncovered the ocean depths to which the Navy can actually go, their tunneling, building, etc. underwater. A few years ago the MSM reported the deepest dive ever completed at around 2000 feet or so. Laughable. I would guess that the woman who was taken beneath the WH to deliver paperwork in the 60’s was asked to do so because of her DNA connection to the agenda of the time.

      Sadly, I agree with his assessment of the general population being “willfully ignorant” about most everything. I know there is a huge segment of the populace that feels popping out babies and spending their lives inside the dream without ever questioning the reality or their existence is safe. I get totally frustrated from time to time with the mindset. I have a lovely, long-time friend with whom I can no longer hold an average conversation after 20-yrs of friendship. As awful as it sounds, it’s like trying to speak adult to a 6-yr-old. I’ve come to listening, nodding, smiling and attempting to find common ground somewhere inside our conversations to avoid disturbing her while reminding myself of our long friendship and how much I love her.

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