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    This is a clip briefly summarizes of some of the outrageous psychological operations performed against the US Public over the past month, the likes of which we haven’t seen since 9/11, although these latest events have thankfully been free of any historic massacres.


    I’m particularly concerned about the Portman-Murphy Counter-Propaganda Act, which was passed in the US Military budget (NDAA) by President Obama on December 23rd, 2016. This Act will be managed by the US State Department’s Global Engagement Center, which will train and finance “astroturf” journalists with a $180M/year budget from the Pentagon. I suppose I could keep my website alive if I worked for them and wrote what they want me to write…

    The original Bill was called the Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016 and there is everything to suggest that its true target is not incoming propaganda from offshore “enemies” but to continue the covert onslaught against America’s own very homegrown Alternative Media.

    There would not be an Alternative Media, if the officially licensed news outlets were doing their intended jobs, operating as the “Fourth Estate”, which was supposed to keep our government honest, as originally intended by this country’s Founding Fathers.


    Americans are living an unprecedented moment in US history, with a rogue CIA attempting to undermine the Presidential transition and their Mockingbird media, particularly CNN and NBC (owner of, attacking the Office of the Presidency in a manner that is frankly jaw-dropping.

    The only element that remains from the Cold War Olden Tymes is the “Soviet” bogeyman. How rich, that the Neo-McCarthyism that we’re seeing socially and erupting from within the CIA is being promulgated as a quasi-Bolshevik Left Wing movement – that is demonizing Russia! Ha, ha, ha!

    What a topsy turvy world we’re living in! You’re mind’s not playing tricks on you, the CIA is!

    This really shows that there is no true Left or Right in America. What we actually have is on the one hand, the Elite Globalists, made up of the Establishment government officials, their corporate paymasters, represented by their Ministry of Propaganda Mainstream Media (behaving horribly in this clip), with all of the above servicing their ultimate masters who control the Central Banking System, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. On the other hand, we have Populists who want to take their country back from the Neoliberal depredations wreaked by the economic policies that off-shored millions of American jobs and almost the entirety of the US’ manufacturing base to China.

    To be very clear, I have nothing against China. It’s an amazing and mind-blowing country, with great people and a continuous civilization that goes back for millennia. There is much to be admired about China. They took the opportunity that was handed to them and in a very “can-do” way. They were highly successful in participating in the greatest transfer of wealth in human history – and Americans, well…we get to bomb innocent people with our Tax Dollars, which the MSM lies about – and we kind of know this but we pretend it’s not happening with retail therapy, loading up on piles of cheap stuff Made in China.

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    • I am not surprised by their complete control of information, the reality in which people live. They have been working on this for 130 years. Founder of the DeBeers diamond corporation started the global elitist global domination agenda in the 1880s.

    • I’m not a Trump fan but I had to LOL at the end of this piece when he told the MSM ‘no question’ and called them fake news. Have to say that I loved it. If only this type of call-out continues. We can only watch and wait.

    • Great clip…it will be interesting to see what ‘DonnieTinyHands’ (thank you Jimmy Dore) has to say as that 180 mil lurches over onto his lapels.

    • I’m ever reminded of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “let us not live by lies”, the lies of the former Soviet Union which pervaded Russia and it’s captive nations. Seems with the revival of the Russian Orthodox Church, that Russia is becoming us and we are becoming Soviet. I’m also reminded of the unionist brothers Reuther, extolling the glories of Joseph Stalin, the exterminator of all opposition to his global communist ambitions. Reuther envisioned a future Soviet America in league with Soviet Russia. Not a thought given to Gulags, government kidnappings and political assignations, of course. Reuther’s delusion lived on the sunny side of communism which superficially mimics the teachings of Christ in the light of day while operating in darkness as Jack the Ripper, or as ISIS to update that scenario. It’s all nice sounding lies to distract victims while they pick their pockets in advance of murdering them.

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