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    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest and his warmongering boss, Barack Obama cannot be relieved of their offices soon enough. Only three more days! Hurray!

    Press for Truth’s Dan Dicks reports on how President Obama, with less than a week left in his term of office and in an act of political insanity, has just deployed the largest amount of military hardware and troops since the Cold War to Poland. Each of the 4,000 US soldiers there basically costs the US Taxpayer $1 million.


    The war with Russia, which Hillary Clinton seemed to want so badly appears to be proceeding according to schedule, no matter who will occupy the White House.

    This is a show of force by the Deep State, who have escalated their attacks against Trump from flimsy accusations of “Russian Hacking” to totally specious and ridiculous rumors about Trump, Russian prostitutes and “golden showers” – to now, this deployment of troops and materiel.


    It will be interesting to see how President-Elect Donald Trump manages this sh!t sandwich, when he assumes office in a few days.

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      • Yes. There was a referendum and 97% of the votes were to secede from Ukraine and return to Russia. The whole premise of Obama’s Operation Atlantic Resolve is bogus.

    • Well, we know where the top of the line Nazi’s went at the end of the second world war, to the united states of fools. Couple generations down the line, and now they are back in Poland. Is this stupid or what?

    • It is so concerning that our elected phsycopathic, warmongering dictatorships are so quick to execute illegal wars and warss without basis except to line the pockets of their puppetmasters the banks and corporations. We the people don’t want wars. We want to live in peace, have a roof over our head, be warm and dry, be well fed and bring up and educate our children. If things don’t change the day will come when the ruling elite will be cowering behind their drawbridge surrounded by people with torches pitchforks.

    • How fucking stupid can humans be. MORE war,…this is beyond asinine. You get what you get,…when you allow assholes to run things. And we the 99% are not able torise up and unite against this psyco driven war machine. What truly amazes me is the number of people that continue to join these military forces. Economically motivated it seems as t is the best option for them. That is by design. Crash the economy back home so the best option is to join the military combined with large cash bonuses to join and leave your families. Very sad.

      • It would take a mass action by like minded people. One good method would be to break the party political system by only voting for independant candidates. This would provide true democracy and would work just aswel over with you in the USA as here in the UK.

        Apply your own private sanctions against the corporations and don’t take on any debt at all.

    • I love you americans, that still trust your political system, God bless your credulous souls!

      F.y.i. I can tell you, that your presidents don’t have any saying, in how the USA is run. Those who do, are the bankers that owns the Federal Reserve (and everything else in the US) and the multitrillion-debt, which the american taxpayers owe them. The very few presidents, that tried to rebel, got a bullet in their head.

      Maybe – but I doubt it – Trump is earnest, when he says that he will fix the US economy and reindustrialize the country.

      But you can be sure that he is honest, when he says, that he “will make America great again”. The problem is – what does he mean by that? With those words spoken, while he simultaneously fills his cabinet with the most horrific, lunatic warmongers that ever saw the break of morn’, chills at least me to the bones.

      What I suspect, is that he intends to totally destroy all competition to US’ supremacy – Russia and China – and then dreams of how the USA is to reign over the world forever. That would be making America “great again”, wouldn’t it? Because: Was the USA ever “great” in any other aspect?

    • So what else is new? The East-West Conflict has been going on for over 6,000 years now. Both sides of the conflict have always lined the border with military installations. There is nothing new under the sun here.

      Rule by fear, bloodshed, murder, war, and crippling debt. This is the only condition that humanity has ever known. And this is the only condition that humanity will ever know.

    • I seem to recall a bunch of German Nazis blitzkrieged into Poland to deter the Russian Commies a few years back. Those wacky fascist bastards just can’t seem to leave Poland alone. SS Storm Troopers and USSA Special Forces: same-same but different. Hoo-wah

      • I’ve gotten a lot of complaints that today’s video would not play.

        The report which I intended to share was produced by Dan Dicks, the Canadian publisher of the Alternative Media website, Press For Truth. His YouTube address line not embed on my website. However, the image did get grabbed. I don’t know what’s blocking the video. I don’t know if it’s WordPress that’s blocking it or if there is something within the YT code that is blocking it from being shared. This is the first time, in over six years of Internet publishing that I have seen anything like this. This is newsworthy, in and of itself.

        Josh Earnest and his warmongering boss, Barack Obama cannot be relieved of their offices soon enough. Only three more days! Hurray!

        If you wish to see the clip cited in my post for today, you’ll have to go directly to Dicks’ YouTube page:

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