“Here were these huge buildings, which turned to dust in mid-air, right in front of our faces on TV. Why did so few people see that? Because they were told to see a collapse, maybe?”

This is the definitive film of Dr. Judy Woods’ theory about how the buildings of the World Trade Center complex did not “collapse” as repeated millions of times over the past 15 years; they were brought down using Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), citing the MANY anomalies which occurred during the events of 9/11/2001 in Lower Manhattan and the tons of evidence for her case that many believe is ‘Irrefutable’.


Even if you don’t agree with the information brought forward here, this 5-episode 48-minute presentation is certainly very compelling.

This is a high-quality production, featuring a profusion of video and audio clips featuring Jesse Ventura, George Noory, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and many others. The visual and musical pacing, along with the insights of Dr. Judy Woods, and other structural engineers here will grab your attention for the entire show.


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  • The proofs were solid up through the point of showing that the buildings dustification was most caused by a directed energy weapon. However, that does not prove the existence of free energy from the Ether. For all we know there is a military satellite up there with the D.E.W. and a nuclear reactor to power it. So, to me it’s odd that they left observable fact and went into pure speculation.

    • Doesn’t look like a raging building fire to me, that woman standing in that huge hole aperture torn in the girders, looks calm not in a fire, yet she jumped ? They were being microwaved alive. All the 1400 cars destroyed did not have door knobs, none had door knobs , evaporated, some no engines ? I smell a rat. Trust your judgement if just one thing is different or off all the warning bells should sound your the victim, the 3 card Monty patsy, all bets are off. Did the diaper heads fly the planes, They were inside the planes yes, but these guys could not pilot a Cessna according to their instructors in Arizona ? And all did a 180 degree turn in the only air radar blank zones ? That’s chance ? Could you pilot a gigantic jet airliner with one flight lesson, ever look in the pilots cabin, boarding, a thousand switches are there, watch “Building the world trade towers ” documentary” ,that buildings core was the equivalent of the San Francisco bay bridge, immense.

  • I remember the night/early morning of September 11th, I had bizarre dreams about people crying and falling from the sky who were intensely despairing. When I turned on the tv news a few hours later, I thought they were showing a movie scene, and I pondered how fake it looked, almost like the planes were holograms at first.

    There are HORRIFYING INSIDIOUS DEMON-POSSESSED PEOPLE in the upper echelons of the military & federal levels, seemingly very talented at being DECEPTIVE and it’s likely their own co-workers are convinced they’re “nice” people. I’m terrified of these evil people, and individuals CANNOT take them on directly at all.

    All We can do is use spiritual warfare and ask Christ to keep us safe from their harm, evading their threats, and being incredibly cautious.

    As Jesus said, Be as wise as serpents, but as Harmless as Doves…

  • 9/11 Clip Very informative and revealing clip. The Big question as usual. WHO, WHAT, WHY and How. Government investigative groups AWOL on this. Where do you go from here with these revelations? Who will respond? Think you can depend on ANY Government agency Help?
    Thanks for keeping the whole thing still in Focus.

    • 3-7 trillion dollars go missing, 10 September ………..??? Somehow everyone got sidetracked, what went down? Some companies thought the books were all burnt, but they weren’t, one office in pentagon, got destroyed, and the treasury suddenly fell down? Biggest heist in history, and then the fellow who had just purchased the twin towers for very little deposit (they were virtually condemned, full of asbestos) well insured them against terrorist attacks, end of buildings, no worries about the illegality and hassles of removing all the asbestos? Old boys club, highest level………..

      then they blame muslims and terrorism, and the bush family and cheney, make billions out of that. Biggest con ever.

  • God Bless You, Woman! May your courage, your wisdom, and your strength propel you on your great journey to Truth.

  • OK, They blew UP. Why not 5th or 6th generation [Neutron] nukes that would “dustify” the towers?

    Why FREE ENERGY? From where/what? PUT HER IN TOUCH w DR GREER??

    Are there radiation studies, or atomic particle fall-out pattern analysis in support of this, or not?

    I understood there were in fact both seismic and witness testimony also video tapes that
    document EXPLOSIONS…. Don’t explosions also dustify?

    I admit the standing core columns appearing to disappear is striking.

    Dennis Morrisseau
    US Army Officer [Vietnam era] ANTI-WAR
    Lieutenant Morrisseau’s Rebellion
    Second Vermont Republic
    POB 177, W. Pawlet, VT USA 05775
    802 645 9727

  • OK, It blew UP. Why not 5th or 6th generation [Neutron] nukes that would “dustify” the towers?

    Why FREE ENERGY? From where/what?

    Are there radiation studies, or atomic particle analysis in support of this, or not?

    I understood there were in fact both seismic and witness testimony and video tapes that
    document EXPLOSIONS….

    Dennis Morrisseau
    US Army Officer [Vietnam era] ANTI-WAR
    Lieutenant Morrisseau’s Rebellion
    Second Vermont Republic
    POB 177, W. Pawlet, VT USA 05775
    802 645 9727

  • The buildings were obviously demolitioned. Look at WTC7, owned by Larry Silverstein (along w/ WTC1 & 2). Since WTC7 was wired for implosion, it’s logical WTC1 & 2 were also. You don’t need energy weapons to do this. Evidence points to Mossad agents wiring the buildings w/ nanothermite. Dr. Woods is looking for a fancy solution to the problem.

    Also, most people were evacuated, which is why only 3K souls were murdered by Bush & Cheney.

    Given the pompous music and the stupid editing, I’d conclude this is rubbish.

  • It’s amazing to watch this. I’ve been doing photography for 35 years. The science I know is cosmetology. I don’t know of any hair that ‘dustify’s’ unless a perm solution is added and not rinsed out in time. I asked in 2001 when this happened while I worked at a hair salon, “Where did the remains of the buildings go?” One file cabinet left in the basement. Wow.

  • Dr. Woods’ theory is hardly ‘Irrefutable’. There is a lot more evidence to prove Massad agents planted nanothermite than the use of “directed energy weapons” (unless you consider nanothermite a directed-energy weapon). From the witnesses seeing flash explosions, to the FACT that WTC7 was demolitioned (Larry Silverstein, the owner, admitted it!), and if WTC7 was demolished then isn’t it logical to presume WTC1 & 2 were also? To deny this, or try to imagine another possibility, is just a waste of logical analysis.

    In the end, why hasn’t the Bush family, the Bin Laden oil co, Dick Cheney, and the rest of the traitors been brought to justice? Because our system has become completely compromised! Because we have NO justice system; no Legal system, no legitimate FBI nor police authority, nor executive branch leadership. It is now time to rid ourselves of these criminally corrupt TRAITORS. And this will entail an overthrow of the system. But the entitled materialists, the “head in the sand” corporatists and naive magical thinkers don’t have the stones for such drastic confrontation. Freedom in the 21st Century will require more honesty, more commitment, and more fearlessness than our forefathers needed to rid the land of British control. Do we have it in us, or will we succumb to our own apathy?

    • Exactly……………… guilty as sin, but apparently the wealthy can play us all as pawns in a game, of money and corruption and murder. They still got too many friends in power, that is the obvious answer. I think USA is too corrupt to come out of this one.

  • I find the debunkers of JW’s energy weapon theory unequivocally destitute in drill down critique and much more prone to word salad science expressions which do not debunk at all…the dissolving beams as you watch them fall is just stunning, and the debunkers never even mention that. JW does overlook the many explosions for some reason when it seems that adding the thermite theory only enhances her view. http://themindlesspraetorianblog.blogspot.com/2016/09/so-much-material-missing.html
    We presently surely live in a made up mind contortion that defies continuity and relies on curve ball, sinker and spitter tricks to keep us running in debt circles and spiritual confusion.

  • Judy’s observations appear to be correct, but her conclusions are based upon unknown science and that is her dilemma, the difficulty she has with Gage, Fetzer and others who keep her at arms length. Citing Hutchinson and Tesla hypothesis is not proof, it’s suspicions. Her conclusions may well be correct, but she can’t prove it scientifically, therefore it’s her belief in that causality. The important take away is that the official story is a lying fabrication. We all can agree on that.


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