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    President Obama has commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence and she will be released this May. In September 2016, WikiLeaks publisher, Julian Assange offered to turn himself in to US authorities if President Obama were to pardon Manning. It will be interesting to see if Assange makes good on his offer.


    Chelsea was born Bradley Manning and was serving in the Iraq War as an Army intelligence analyst in 2009 when he saw footage from an Apache helicopter of 11 innocent Iraqi civilians viciously murdered as the two-man crew exhibited appalling bloodlust. He also reviewed thousands of US diplomatic cables, describing much of the realpolitik that he observed in these to be “…crazy, almost criminal political backdealings”.

    Manning attempted to pass the information to the Washington Post and to the New York Times but neither were interested. He then approached WikiLeaks, which published the footage in early 2010 with the headline, “Collateral Murder”. This story plus the hundreds of thousands of embarrassing US diplomatic cables supplied by Manning, which came to be known as “Cablegate” put WikiLeaks on the map.


    Manning was arrested in late May of 2010 and has remained in custody ever since. I had the occasion to attend one day at his pre-trial hearings at Fort Meade. Manning’s lawyer, David Coombs, who is interviewed in this clip from the Today Show filmed a few days before Manning’s commutation was announced tears up twice, about the harshness of Chelsea’s 35-year sentence saying, “I’ve represented murderers, I’ve represented rapists, I’v represented child molesters and none of them received 35 years, none of them.”

    Coombs also confirms that nobody’s life was endangered by Manning’s leaks. Only a few diplomats “feelings were hurt.” He also says that, he “would be the happiest person alive – next to maybe Chelsea – if the President does, in fact commute her sentence.”

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    • What is the count now? Oh yes. Eight years in office and ONE good thing two days before he leaves the WH and that one is still in question.

      I would absolutely not honour any comment made to Obama because we all know that the corporation he works for NEVER honours their promises–to date. The laws set to protect and vindicate citizen whistle blowers and that supposedly allow anyone to come forward are laws to eradicate them not empower them. They are a lie. There is NO voice for citizens there. The laws are in place to catch those who still believe the system works. EVERYONE who has come forward, to my knowledge, has lost their livelihood, been ridiculed in the press and on the Hill and/or jailed for years. The ones that avoided incarceration have spent just about every dime on the litigation against them. So no! Julian, stay in place.

      Obama has kept Chelsea in jail for years. What will the seated government do to JA if Chelsea is actually released? Right now it’s just a BS pipe dream. JA, you cannot play by these Cabal laws of deception which you (nor anyone else) agreed to. I wouldn’t.

    • Hooray and cheers to Chelsea. We owe her a massive debt for her bravery in blowing the cover from the lies that are fed to control perceptions of the masses. The American State demonised and torchered this brave person. I suspect Julian Assange will exploit semantics to escape handing himself over.

      • Julian Assange has stated that he will stand by his pledge to accept extradition if Chelsea Manning is given clemency. As yet this is not the case, She has only had her sentence reduced by Obama.

    • It’s about time this gross injustice was finally ended! Meanwhile the perps of the illegal wars of aggression are living high on the hog and free as a bird. Maning has been a political prisoner for exposing just one of many mass murders conducted by the USG in my name and I resent it.

    • Stupid right wing asshole saying she should be executed. We NEED whistleblowers to keep our corrupt gov’t & right-wing military fascists from killing us all. Those helicopter grunts killing all those people like that need to be put in Leavenworth!!! Where is THAT Justice?
      Fuck that Judge — I’d like to put her in jail for 35 years.

      Damn, we need to stop funding the military!!!!!! (At least to the obscene excess we do currently).


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