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in the box’s Catherine Austin Fitts is my hero and she’s in top form here with USAWatchdog’s Greg Hunter as they wrap up the stories of the past year. Fitts notes that Special Counsel Robert Mueller looks increasingly sheepish as his biased Trump investigation has inadvertently dismantled the Establishment’s Russian canard.

Between Bill Binney¬†definitively proving that WikiLeaks’ DNC emails were downloaded locally, not hacked and Donna Brazile writing about how the Democrat nomination was rigged after the Clinton campaign gained financial control over the Party, the main narratives of the Alternative Media are being successively validated.

Fitts says that the US Government is run like a criminal enterprise, with the US economy dependent on fraud, narcotics trafficking and money laundering. Public officials are stuck between a rock and a hard place because stopping these crimes would cause chaos for their constituents. She says, “The swamp exists from sea to shining sea.”

Fitts then gives her insights about Bitcoin, gold and land. In the recent past, Fitts predicted an economic “slow burn” as opposed to an abrupt crash. This was contrary to the prognostications of most in the alternative space until several years went by without the markets crashing. Now, however Fitts predicts a large market correction in 2018. Not a crash but a significant healthy correction of up to 25%.

“Our big problem globally is that we have continually engineered corporate stocks and securities to grow at much faster rates than the GNP, so we have a win-lose relationship between the GNP and corporations. We keep using steroids to engineer more and more of the economy into big corporations and keeping their stocks pumped…We need to get back to really sensible growth in the GNP. That’s only going to come if you have the rule of law. Criminality is what’s destroying productivity in the overall economy.”

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  • It seems to be a crime to produce love………..
    Criminals produce crimes, which is allowed seemingly all over the globe.
    In some way it seems to be that such crimes are needed, otherwise the war industry goes down the drain.

  • Catherine Fitts is a smart lady, but unfortunately she has a blind spot when it comes to Trump. He’s been a part of the “swamp” before he took office and continues to make it worse with his agenda and appointments,

    Muller’s investigation is NOT biased, it’s only being labeled as such recently by those that are afraid he and his team are getting too close to the real truth about Trump and his family and cohorts.

    None other than pro-Trump right winger Newt Gingrich said of Muller when he was first appointed as special counsel: “Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media should now calm down.” May 17, 2017

  • Looking inside nature:
    I see an animal hunting an other animal in order to eat.
    Is this a crime, are they gambling, are they playing monopoly?
    Eating this way is a very emotional affair.

    Still the same structure is in action inside humanity.
    Many smaller cultures have passed this way, where now the global culture is in danger.

    All the manipulations in any culture happened and happens by the intellect/intelligence of the human brain. Looking inside the brains, it is possible to see that very rare brains are fully nourished by the needed blood. I knew this already for a long time. Moreover one psychiatrist showed me some prints of damaged brains shortly. My knowledge became confirmed.

    Meanwhile I know also that these damages of the brains, become transferred genetically to the next generation. Here I have no hope for a better humanity without “crimes”, because of the ongoing emotional fighting against each other, in any way and on any level.
    Where is love??

    The question now is: how is it possible to re-pair damaged brains??
    In my activities, I noticed that there is a need for enough oxygen in order to get a healthy brain and body and now a healthy society.
    Hydrogen carries intelligence inside the water, where oxygen is needed also. H2O!

    Where ever I look, I see painfull bodies and thus painfull brains. Healthy human beings are rare.
    Just look at the amount of people who wear glasses!!! In special inside the world of science!

    See the difference between the man and the woman on this video.

  • I disagree. Stopping the crimes among the ranks by brave individual politicians would lead to them being threatened, branded, fired or even murdered. They ALL understand this point. Stopping the Federal criminal cabal, much of which is known to both Houses, has nothing at all to do with their constituents being thrown into chaos except as those constituents’ support interface with further bids for re-election.

    • It is impossible to stop crimes, because the laws are made by criminals.
      It is possible to discover truth, moreover this is not found inside the survival system.

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