This rare footage from the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas shooting shows the terror when several concertgoers were shot near the front row, stage left at the Route 91 concert.

Thousands of country music fans ran for cover in a mass shooting that is now the deadliest in modern US history.

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  • All that video and not one dead person? Not one drop of blood? No wounded people, no one yelling “I’ve (or he/she) been shot!”

    C’mon, folks, use your critical thinking skills. What’s more likely, another false flag for gun control and fear prolongation, or another actual lone psychopath?

    The odds of this reek of orchestration like Sandy Hoax (I was there, btw) and Parkland.

    The real enemy is Not the AR-15, or even the alleged “spectrum disorder” individuals, but the power perverts in the Oil/MIC/ Mossad cabal.

    It’s so fucking obvious, I don’t see how any thinking person can buy this bulls hit, unless their programming is that extreme (which many are).

  • For those wo searches for holes.

    Inside our human body there is an enormous amount of tiny worm-holes.
    When someone is aware of this phenomenon, it is for him/her possible to come inside inner heaven, by passing through these tiny worm-holes.
    In fact any kind of emotional pain, inside the entire body, IS a worm-hole. Now it is possible to enter the pain, passing the pain and find inner love/health.

    There is now no need for watching your self as a bullet, creating holes.
    Perceive yourself as a spirit, which is able to find one of the many doors to the inside.

  • So where is the shooter(s),..? We still have not been told who the shooter(s) were. Why are they being hidden. What was the REAL intention by this shooting? And plz don’t tell me that white guy in the hotel room was the real shooter. This really seems like a false flag event.

    • Jona, happy to see you have your head on straight. I think there were 3 shooters. Paddock was not one of them. Nobody was killed. Please see Mike Adams (Heath Ranger)video. Purpose of alleged disaster was the exfiltration of crown prince Salman (son of Saudis king) from the top pf the Mandalay Bay. FAA radar tapes show him being helicoptered to a safe house a few miles west of town. 8 helicopters were used in the distraction. Good thinking.

  • Its December and still cant find a bullet hole in anyone
    Its crisis acting untill we actually find viable video footage….. more and more doesnt add up. Its a fear based belief system that all this is always real.

  • between this shooting and the DEW fires intentionally started in the santa clara
    agenda 21 mapped out area, the proverbial chickens seem to be coming home
    to roost. after all what is good for the goose is good for the gander.. the players
    in this game have declared war. i think now is a good time to learn how to use a
    firearm at the minimum.. are you awake yet? if you are still relying on mainstream
    news to procure your information about the world, you haven’t a chance.

  • For some reason, while watching such videos over violence, I feel sometimes betrayed that I have to live on this planet.

    • Looks that way, huh?

      Security guard, Mr. Silva, thank you for your unselfish efforts to help and protect humanity. You displayed courage and bravery in the face of this tragic, criminal display and gave your life in that effort.


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