Ron Johnson very rightly says that the problem we have when processing what happened with the World Trade Center towers on 9/11 is one of scale. The buildings and planes were so big that people just buy into the official story because they can’t wrap their minds around the scale of what actually happened.

He suggests that we reduce every factor involved by 10. Instead of a 110-story building, imagine an 11-story building. Instead of a jumbo jet, imagine something like a bus with wings. Running crash test films of planes and trucks, he then asks, “Would a bus flying through an 11-story building like the World Trade Center at 500 miles an hour cause it to collapse and turn into dust? That’s what we’re going to find out…We don’t see any part of the airplane breaking, bending, buckling, twisting or slowing down.” The official story is unphysical.

In addition, he notes, that the official 9/11 videos make much more sense with the airplanes removed. “We see a tower exploding. The wall doesn’t break inwards, it explodes outwards. Animating a shattering exploding airplane [on live TV would have been] nearly impossible, while disappearing an airplane is easy…They needed us to believe the planes went completely inside the towers so that we could believe there was massive damage to the central core.”

The airframes of commercial jets are startlingly lightweight. There is no way in Hell that normal airliners could have traversed the steel columns of the WTC towers. Period.

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  • ‘Prior to 9/11’……..for some strange reason….

    (1) I happened to look up numerous photos and articles about airplanes flying into skyscrapers and the restoration of these skyscrapers after these tragic crashes…..remarkable!

    (2) I, along with family members, watched numerous videos on implosions of hotels, buildings, etc, worldwide, by expert demolition crews….fascinating to say the least!

    Sooo……when 9/11 happened….instinctively and with good old common sense….I knew immediately we were being conned…..oh yes…by TPTB and whomever else on that gravy train.

    Think about this……tv dinners cook in a microwave….but the ‘paper/cardboard’ holding the food does not cook…..if the food is over cooked, it is destroyed, burned, imploded, disintegrated, etc….but that ‘paper/cardboard’ is still sitting there most of the time…..

    Now….remember what happened at 9/11….paper….thousands of pieces of paper….unscathed….floating down to the ground…..ohhh…and let us not forget the infamous ‘passport’…

    But wait….where are all the toilets and lavatories and desks and remains of human beings and metal and bricks and concrete and cement and girders and……?

    Well, you get the picture …pooooffff…turned into dust…. billowing down like a volcano….being inhaled by anyone in that location……a magician’s special act to engage and control his succumbed audience…..

    But the ‘paper’ survived…..

    That, my friends, is some type of special weaponry maliciously used in a psyop for a paradigm shift.

    • Thank you for being observant. You are correct, (we) they were deceived by the perpetrators and the media. It is good to know that there are aware people still.

  • I blows me away that at THIS late date the media’s are still dealing with WHAT happened instead of WHO caused it…GRAND TREASON by a GOVERNMENT against it’s OWN citizens!
    To THIS date NOT One person has been dealt with since this happened…FAKE JEWS are responsible for ALL THE EVIL TO EVER HAPPEN…ALONG WITH THEIR MASTER…THE VATICAN!

  • The official “story” is just that, an unscientific fairy tale for adults.

    No airliner is capable of flying through vertical steel box beams, eight floors of six inch steel reinforced concrete floors, wingtip to wingtip – period! Do you know about the B52 loosing it’s vertical stabilizer over the rockies in Colorado due to high cross winds? Yet we are supposed to believe these airliner tails were so super strong they sliced through steel like butter?

    No high rise is capable of falling at near free-fall speed without planned demolition by whatever means. It defies all known science. I looked carefully for concrete in the debris, it’s not there! Nearly all the concrete was turned into dust or small particles. That never happens in controlled demolitions. There are always large chunks of concreted left.

    Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt or bend steel and it likely burned off in the first minute after impact leaving only smoldering furniture, carpet and other contents – smoldering! Smoldering fire will not collapse a high rise – ever! One could go on and on about the anomalies of this monstrous hoax.

  • Been in the “no plane” court since my home was broken into and I saw the holographic technology TPTsB used, firsthand. It’s phenomenal. On 9/11 there was no plane. There was only a film played again and again and again to entrain and condition the populace into “believing” a lie out of fear and grief. Why did it work? No one could fathom that such evil, coming from the very men charged with protecting our population, existed in this world–so they believed and most still choose to do so. Rather a safe lie than a heartbreaking truth that their minds are incapable of pursuing.

    • Never forget this was an inside job. Your government or their masters murdered the people in their care to further their own agenda. You people are disposable. Remember this everytime their is an ‘accident’ or ‘natural’ disaster.

      The put up job in the UK was 7/7. Please see:-


      Tony of Arabia’s crocodile tears were sickening.

      • I would not call the elected officials in the USA “my government” but I do live here. And to be sure, every person worldwide is expendable in the eyes of the sick, criminal overlords and their complicit ranks. Look at the pruning of political deadwood going on right now in the US Congress/Senate. Facts? Who cares for facts these days when accusations in the MSM are judge, jury and executioner. It’s cheaper and more effective to put “it” out there and have the public clear the decks for them–a public pruning of those they need to throw under the bus to save themselves. Not that the ones fingered are not guilty. It’s sure that the vast majority are guilty of far worse crimes against segments of humanity than groping women. It’s just a tool to move the political sympathies of the ignorant and just plain stupid from one party to the other, i.e. in this case, women–the last time the tactic was used effectively on the US public was Reagan.

        Sorry, I never, never, never use YouTube. It’s one of the many Deep State mechanisms in the worldwide shadow government; I will not support it through clicking. Go to Bitchute or some other carrier. Nevertheless, I agree about Tony Blair and his disgusting displays. His displays were as bad as Obummer receiving the Peace Prize for nothing. What a joke.


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