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    • The US Government suddenly wants to blame China for the COVID pandemic
    • There’s evidence that Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs and her husband have been laundering Sinaloa cartel bribes through fake deeds and mortgages since 1997
    • What’s worse is that the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, China, the CIA, the DEA, DHS – our government – are all working in concert together in what has basically become a narcostate, undermining our liberties and our freedoms.

    Suddenly, we see departments of the US Government announcing that COVID-19 was the result of a “lab leak” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    This, after promoting a narrative that COVID came from so-called “zoonotic spread” and that somehow, bats in a Chinese cave managed to infect the global population. The Federal Government told Big Tech to de-platform millions of people around the world who questioned this narrative and they marshaled the entire fake news industry to call these doubters “racists” and “Conspiracy Theorists” but even some Liberals who weren’t totally braindead had a hard time swallowing this propaganda.

    On Wednesday evening, the Democrat-controlled Senate voted unanimously to pass a bill calling on the Biden Administration to declassify “information related to the origins of Covid-19.”

    So, what has sparked DC’s sudden, dramatic anti-China shift? Many people are asking this question, like Jordan Schachtel, who on his Substack notes that this rapid narrative- and policy transformation seems related to China’s recent commitment to aid Russia in the war in Ukraine. He says that it’s fascinating to observe this radical narrative departure from the not so distant past, when the Uniparty Standard was to do everything possible not to offend the Chinese Communist Party, and to even engage them as a potential partner on the climate hoax and other power grab campaigns. Here’s a good example, watch.

    Schachtel says China could do no wrong but now, suddenly, everyone in DC seems to agree that China can do no right. So what changed? Why take this action now, several years after the first reported outbreak in Wuhan, China? One possible explanation is China’s behavior concerning the war in Ukraine. After all, the DC Uniparty has already “invested” well over $100 billion in taxpayer funds into the Slava Slush Fund. Despite these “investments,” the regime in Kiev continues to lose battle after battle and is currently in retreat from Bakhmut, once declared a “stronghold” city by Ukraine’s President Zelensky.

    When Zelensky went to Congress last December, he presented them with a flag from soldiers he said were fighting in Bakhmut. “The fight for Bakhmut will change the trajectory of our war for independence & freedom,” Zelensky said. Now, the fall of Bakhmut will serve as a massive strategic and moral failure for Kiev.

    Making matters exponentially worse for Ukraine is the possibility that China will take a more active role in this conflict. China is increasingly considering arming Russian forces, and it’s noticeably setting off alarm bells in Washington. China’s economy is ten times bigger than Russia’s, and counteracting the support coming in from DC would serve as a significant boost for an already progressing Russian military campaign.

    On Tuesday, Secretary of State Tony Blinken demanded that China take this idea off the table, saying, quote: “We did very clearly warn China about the implications and consequences of going through with providing such support. We will not hesitate, for example, to target Chinese companies or individuals that violate our sanctions, or otherwise engaged in supporting the Russian war effort.”

    And earlier Wednesday, the White House press secretary labeled TikTok a “potential national security risk,” opening the door to a ban of the social media platform. More broadly, the China quarrel is about much more than the DC Globalists’ once-unchecked campaigns concerning Ukraine. The CCP seems no longer afraid of the repercussions of upsetting the people in charge here. Over the past few years, they’ve become much more aggressive on the political, economic, and military fronts. And their statements vis-a-vis Russia may have been the political straw that broke the DC camel’s back.

    So now, they want to blame it all on China, when it was the US Government that gave the Chinese this bioweapon technology, as Dr Andrew Huff, the former Vice President of EcoHealth Alliance, the company contracted by Anthony Fauci to perform Gain-of-Function research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and needless to say, he has a unique perspective on the entire COVID fraud. He gives his analysis of the US Government’s abrupt narrative shift with regard to the “China lab leak”.

    Blame China. Right. Shall we blame China for the US Government policies that paid doctors and nurses to murder innocent patients and who faked COVID cases and deaths, who denied safe early treatments, murdering millions of innocent people and for the mandates that forced genocidal vaccines on the world? Was that China’s fault? Shall we blame China for censoring anyone who shared life-saving, early treatment information and anyone who warned about the dangers of the COVID vaccines?

    No! Governments all over the world willfully committed crimes against humanity. The Pandemic was created and orchestrated fraudulently by a Global Criminal Cartel led by Gates, Fauci, Tedros, Drosten, Schwab, Rothschilds, BlackRock, Rockefeller to control and to inject the world with COVID Vaccines. The U.S. Department of Defense along with Fauci, Gates, Tedros, Moderna, Pfizer, FDA, CDC, WEF, CIA and others willfully and criminally engaged in racketeering, illegal advertising, fraud and mass premeditated murder of millions of innocent people worldwide and we don’t need to waste millions more Tax Dollars for the Government to investigate itself and try to say that China did all of this.

    Attorney, John Thaler recently shared the findings of his team that many Arizona politicians have been corrupted by Sinaloa drug cartel money and that their money laundering activities now affect 20 states. The preliminary findings of his years-long investigation were entered into the public record on February 23rd during a jaw-dropping presentation on February 23, 2022 by his lead investigator, Jacqueline Breger at an Arizona State Senate and House Joint Committee on Election Oversight, in which she detailed a multi-state racketeering and the complete infiltration of parts of the US Government by the Sinaloa Cartel (which in turn, is controlled by the CIA).

    These investigators have obtained financial documents showing that Governor Katie Hobbs and her husband have been laundering Sinaloa Cartel money through 11 fake deeds and mortgages since 1997 and as recently as September 2022.

    Other names on the list include Senator Kirsten Sinema, Arizona’s current Secretary of State, Adrian Fontes, everyone in Mesa, Arizona (the Mayor, the City Attorney, cops, etc) 3 of 5 Maricopa County Board of Supervisors members, assorted judges, plus two of the principals at Runbeck Election Services. Actually, Thaler and Breger describe the City of Mesa is a “racketeering organization” as that term is defined in 18 USC Section 1961.

    Breger also testified that the Sinaloa Cartel has hacked into Arizona government databases, so they can delete documents and add forged documents at will. Several hundred such falsified documents have been uploaded since 2015, including falsified default judgements, criminal restitution orders, child support orders, all of these used in “swatting” activities on individuals posing a threat to their racketeering activities.

    This reminds me of the claims of former US Senate candidate for Maryland, Jon McGreevey, who said that the murdered DNC employee, Seth Rich who had unknowingly stumbled onto a similar scheme when he downloaded data from the DNC server. McGreevey said he doesn’t know whether Seth leaked to WikiLeaks or if that was his intent but he claimed that corrupt Federal officials operating out of the Baltimore office of the DOJ, which was led for 12 years by Rod Rosenstein, they had been tampering and altering the DNC’s emails throughout the course of the Obama Administration, in order to control its members. They had also been getting dirt or manufacturing and planting dirt against all the top judges and they had been spying on Hillary’s private server, in his words, “almost as soon as it went live”.

    McGreevey said Rosenstein feared the DNC email breach would reveal what his office had been doing, so he hired his crooked DEA and ATF operatives (not MS-13, as has often been claimed) to murder Seth Rich and to take his thumb drive containing the DNC server data that they knew, from spying on him, that he always carried on his person.

    So, the Sinaloa Cartel had similarly penetrated the University of Arizona databases, such that they can make someone appear to have taken courses that they didn’t take, they can award academic credentials to non-existent “phantom” people, in order to flesh-out their fake identities and these phantom identities are then used in these money-laundering schemes.

    Although most Americans are unaware of this, we appear to be living in the final stages of the Communists’ “Long March” through our institutions. There have been Communists operating in highest levels of our government since the early 20th Century.

    From Alger Hiss, to Leon Panetta to John Brennan to Barack Obama, the State Department, the CIA and the DoD are crawling with Communists who have trained for decades at overthrowing governments all over the world and they’re now using all of their finely-honed skills to overthrow the United States. It is not the CCP that is our main problem, it is the enemy within that installed them and allowed them to extract our wealth and who are running this Color Revolution to administer the Death Blow to our Republic.

    And what is Communism, exactly? They’ve claimed that they were about uplifting the working man but as we’ve seen over and over, that this is not what they’re about. They’re about destroying whatever power structure is in place, stealing those assets and distributing those assets to their own new, controlled elite, centralizing power – and repeatedly – committing mass genocide.

    Communism didn’t come from China, it came from the West and if we look deeply at how Communism was installed in China and how the CCP was allowed to become the power that it has become, we find the same entities behind the World Economic Forum and the central banking cartel that has now resolved to kill over 90% of us with the Death Shot.

    These are the entities Trump has called “The Invisible Enemy”. But over the past few years, they’ve become visible – and they can’t win when they’re visible.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • “Attorney, John Thaler recently shared the findings of his team that many Arizona politicians have been corrupted by Sinaloa drug cartel money and that their money laundering activities now affect 20 states.”

      NH may well be one of those states.

      ● Heavy fentanyl (and alleged human) trafficking.

      ● Bolt-hole where Ghislaine Maxwell both hid-out and was arrested.

      ● Heavy claimed cartel involvement of former NH Gov. Jeanne Shaheen(who is current NH’s US Senator), her husband Bill Shaheen and his law partner Steve Gordon.

      ● Alleged, complicated, ties to the dismissal of James O’Keefe from ProjectVeritas.

      Mike Gill, the 66-year old former mortgage broker and award-winning horseracing industry owner worth near a half billion dollars as a 2016 independent candidate for state governor.

      Gill was offered a $50M NDA (*on paper!*) naming multiple parties he was not to expose…he refused to sign and has had his claimed $300M networth wiped out and is struggling financially.

      Gill has given multiple video interviews in the last 2 weeks … a few links here:


      Video, Gill is discussed in the first 30 min.:

      179. James O’Keefe & The Deep State, Ukraine, Mike Gill & The Nation Of Corruption – Brendan O’Connell

      “We discuss Ukraine and the impending Russian blows to fall, and why the United States is there. But the first 30 minutes is dedicated to a voice over on how two top Democratic operatives in New Hampshire brought down James O’Keefe with their drug trafficking and drug money laundering operation that James O’Keefe forgot to pass onto Donald Trump.”

    • I disagree with that buffoon Milley, as would China, as they have long made clear that they view us as the enemy, and it would be dangerous to ignore their declaration of such!
      Milley is either lying or stupid, likely both!
      Any who embrace the same falsehoods as Milley, would be well served reading this speech and learn the plans that China has for you!'sPlanToConquer.htm

    • I happen to know that a copy of “The Thaler Report” has been presented in full to both Kristen Sinema and Andy Biggs. While I understand Kristen’s silence and reluctance, I am sure that “America First” Andy Biggs will soon be launching a full investigation into this matter. HAH!
      Who knows the full extent into American politics as a whole is involved in the Sinaloa Cartel / CIA joint infestation, but at least Kari Lake should feel some justification in having her Governorship “loss” in Arizona so comprehensively explained. Talk about a “Stacked Deck”; Jesus Christ could not have gotten Himself elected.
      “TRUMP -2024”? In what feverish fantasy realm, should this Infestation not be rectified?
      “Silence is Golden”; I’m wondering just how many of the Republican wing of the Uniparty vulture are similarly Gelded.

    • I love you,Alexandra,for all you do.You have opened my eyes in many ways and I hope you won’t stop.I am worried for your safety and I don’t think it’s agood idea to put your face in the picture.You are an attractive woman and all that but they can use that against you and I don’t want any harm coming your way.I share everything you send out and hope others do the same.

      • Dan— Alex has been around for a long time. Those that would do her harm have long ago put her on a list. If you are concerned that her image opens her to psychotronic attacks, …hmmm, mayhap. But once again, anyone malevolent with sufficient mojo has multiple ways.

        And Alex…if you read this…that is sort of a downer image, perhaps it’s meant to say takes-no-shit, but it is rather grim.

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