As the keynote speaker at CPAC this year, Donald Trump ended his speech by saying, “I will totally obliterate the Deep State.”

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  • Maybe it’s too far Started to think Trump is The D.S. (Possibly) he may be the one controlling the sh*t show on global scale.
    He has done great job in deceiving crowds as I was also deceived, and many that I know also were (though I was suspicious since early when I saw him clearly meddling with Israel).

  • Mr. Trump had FOUR YEARS to really give a small start and instead approved EVERYTHING what killed already MILLIONS of Americans, adults and CHILDREN, military including! WHy this person even has the guts to show up and even remotely dream about his new future in continuing the genocide??? Not enough gentiles killed, Mr. Trump???

  • My comment is very offensive to ordinary Trump supporters. Trump will save no American but We The People will save ourselves.
    Amazing platform this is

  • He’s as dirty as any of them…..bought and paid for by the central bankers who bailed out his ass in Atlantic City. Wilbur Ross was and still is…if he’s still alive…a Rothschild agent. He pushed the “genocide” jab, he hired every swamp creature imaginable his first administration, his sycophantic relationship with the joos is nauseating. He doesn’t care one bit about the American People….he’s a fraud pure and simple

    • (suppose if anyone actually still believes in him) won’t be any chance for them to even tell the difference between controlled vaccine/virus opposition verses real science, so sad (suppose if anyone actually still believes in him)

  • Operation Warp Speed
    Get “Vaccinated”
    That is what it sounds like when Trump takes money like the others
    Never a single word about alternative medicine
    Trump will save no USA
    Trump will save nobody but I give him credit for getting some of us on the same page
    We The People are going to save ourselves

  • I can think of 666 reasons why you won’t do that. Was he hugging the Israeli flag when he said it ?
    Can I get a HELL NO. WHOs your daddy orange smurf POS.

  • Again, fool me once, shame on you… This office isn’t something to play around with. No who gets in office should consider it something to just “feel your way around with and REALLY do something the next time he / she is elected”. He had his freaking chance and blew it. Ann Coulter, however you feel about her, had it right about Trump.

    The main reason Trump sucks is because he has no friends. You can’t become a billionaire and have a bunch of friends to advise you. He brought the worst of the worst with him to office. Advisers who never would have voted for him, generals and admirals to fill positions that shouldn’t have been filled by ex military, northeastern establishment types (you know who I mean, those who rule and can’t be spoken of), and the worst nepotistic advisors of them all, that daughter of his with her Mossad husband.

  • Thank You President Trump, Digital Warriors, White Hats and MI.
    God Bless You and God Bless the USA.

    For the pigs who disparage President Trump: continue taking you death jab boosters and die.

  • Trump had 4 years to obliterate the Deep State and instead he embraced them.
    He stood side by side with Fauci, who he refused to fire, while the public was fed lies about a virus with an over 99% recovery rate. He encouraged unsuspecting Americans to take an experimental vaccine, those people are now suffering.
    Trump does absolutely nothing but promote himself and his huge ego.
    It’s because of him that we have had 4 years of the worst POTUS ever- Biden.

    • He found out he can’t. Probably had his son’s hung upside down with a knife at their testicles & threatening to debowel them.
      This is how it works. Remember when he was going to dismantle the Department of Education the first year he was in?? That was the marking point that he found out he is not in charge. Then came the embarrassment moment in Venezuela.


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