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    A couple of weeks ago, Amazing Polly made a popular video, introducing the idea that the coronavirus response, with the lockdowns and the masks and the school closures and the economic shutdown; the self-isolation – that all of this is not only tantamount to torture, according to Amnesty International’s own definition but it is actively engaging advanced psychological torture techniques that are found in a National Defense Intelligence College manual.

    In today’s video, she supplies more evidence to support her claim, from a world authority on narcissism, Dr. Sam Vaknin, who I’ve been aware of since 2005, when I devoured every page of his website with excerpts from his 1999 book, ‘Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited’.

    Polly refers here to Vaknin’s article, ‘The Body as Torture Chamber,’ which compares the world of a chronically ill patient and their interactions with the medical system to being tortured; how their own body becomes the device of torture.

    Polly believes that this #CoronaHoax global pandemic psyop is clearly capitalizing on the psychology of torture. She says, “They understand about the doctor-patient relationship and they are making us all into patients…

    “This should be definitely against the Geneva Conventions. It should be against any form of human decency, to treat someone who is not sick as if they are sick. There are psychological conditions named for that. One of them is Munchausen Syndrome…where a parent gets so much control and so much attention from having a sick child that the parent [intentionally] makes the child sick by giving them little doses of poison or via other methods. This seems to me what’s happening on a a gigantic scale with the coronavirus response.”

    An understanding of Narcissistic Personality Disorder is very empowering for everyday life and it is especially helpful for navigating this Fourth Generation Warfare that we’re now in, where we see so many classically Narcissistic control tactics being deployed against the populace.

    One of these is Projection, of which Vaknin says: “The narcissist seeks to maintain his inflated fantasy of himself. He denies, slices and splits off, and ‘evacuates’ or projects onto others emotions, cognitions (thoughts), traits, impulses, behaviors and qualities that contradict and contravene [the narcissist’s grandiose Ego Ideal].”

    Being that most of us are under stress from the extreme psychological manipulation we’re being subjected to, in addition to the financial, interpersonal and social pressures, I believe it’s of therapeutic benefit to listen to Polly’s presentation.

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    • They will soon have three unmatched weapons of total control over the individual.

      1) 5g – military weaponized frequency that the body cannot easily handle and the mind (with no firewall) cannot cope.
      2) AI – this is truly the monster in the room. It has no humanity, no ethics, morals and they are already using it for torture by all policing groups in the US and internationally as well.
      3) Remote Neural Brain Control – they can rearrange one’s brain to smell anything at any time. Tastes anything at anytime, send pain anywhere in the body, etc. THIS IS TORTURE.

      With the AI and 5g the hypnosis is very powerful. It is possible with tremendous strong faith in God to resist through the night and come out of it in the morning but it is tough.

      The deep fake state is pulling out all strings and torturing Americans. THIS IS NOT HYPERBOLE.

      DO NOT T A K E T H E V A C C I N E !!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello
      Some very good info in the video, BUT….
      On and on and on about Fasists and Nazis and the horrors of old Germany. Duhhh , they all died and faded away 80 years ago. They are all gone.
      There is not Fasists and Nazies and white supremists behind every tree, door and fence.
      There is though absolutely, a Communist, a Marxist, a Leftist, a Progressive behind almost every tree, door and fence. doing their best to destroy, everything.

    • Great info in conjunction with your previous Torture discussion
      Q: what do you recommend we can do in our local markets to awake our fellow citizenry ie at Home depot or grocery stores, etc ( places requiring mask) ? City hall of course, but I’m wondering how to best start a visual in your face public appearance of rebellion to these facist (as you stated) entities! The grocery store would be a great place, using signage, to find like minded people to join in the store rebellion of their mandatory mask.
      Polly, If you saw me waving a relevant sign would you join with me? I would hope so, l know you would as many many others would. A great place to spotlight this facism is on store location. Yes? Absolutely. So, what short verbage would catch your eye? I need help with this. Help Polly. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
      The idea is to solicit other like minded to help boycott the store and break this torturous plandemic.
      Thanks in advance :).
      Larry from Florida

    • Thank you, Polly- Have you considered that irrevocable trust contracts are very popular in the U.S. & they are very similar to what you describe with Dr. Vaknin in that the benefactors are easily categorized as unfit by the parent or sibling etc.. that sets it up who really become narcissistic in their relationship with the one they are contracted to control- the benefactor. Consider that CA allows a family member to recommend Euthanasia for another member to legally be rid of them.

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