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Amazing Polly was the person who introduced me to the “Alice in Wonderland” torture technique and the idea that what Anthony Fauci is doing, by contradicting himself 180º at every news conference is very deliberately employing an advanced psychological torture technique described in a National Defense Intelligence College manual published in 2006 entitled, ‘EDUCING INFORMATION – Interrogation: Science and Art’, in the chapter,  “Alice in Wonderland: The Power of Applied Confusion”.

This manual, in turn cites a 1963 torture manual entitled, “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual, Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual,” based on CIA research, much of it conducted through the MK ULTRA program but some of it going all the way back to the Spanish Inquisition.

In this video, she submits evidence and examples of how what we are being put through, with the Globalist response to the coronavirus parallels published studies on the effects of torture and coercion on prisoners of war and it matches Amnesty International’s definition of torture.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Of course it is a form of (mental) torture. Remember,….deceive, distract, dominate. Basically give MISINFORMATION to create division and that will allow for ultimate. domination. Fauci needs to be jailed for crimes against humanity and never released. How is it that people like this get into positions of power. They are most likely put there by other criminal elements in positions of power. The head of the W.H.O. is also known to have committed crimes against humanity. So we must ask also, how did he get into that position of power? It really appears that this event was planned many years ago and that these criminals were put into positions of power to facilitate events just like this plandemic.

  • It is also “degrading” to have to search for and find few “comments” …we want to communicate! I will say that Polly makes a great case an I think that we should all take her views under consideration.

    I am 1/2 of an 80 year old position in a relationship of just over 60 years … I am open to then communicate views held by the readers of this type of information, my wife rejects completely all such notions (at least in reaction to my view that they do) … she is right where our “torturers” want their victims to be, to succumb without a fight! In my case, with her attitude as such we cannot even communicate without great stress, more success on their part. Torture all the way around!

    In this (my) case the “dualistic” condition of “divide and …” also suits their purpose … a divide so strong that the resistance on the one side is so great that nothing will be considered even enough to ever crack the wall that would allow them to even consider the truths that would allow even some light of truth into their heads … any such light would lead the way to the greater truth … dualistic (+/-) stubbornness, “divided”(/) we have become, controlled we are … but some of us will keep trying to see the truth and spread the word!

    Keep up the good work those of you that make these thoughts possible. Thanks, j. IMnsHO and E so far.

  • This message is clear and correct there will be many comments agreeing with you and I am one of them, what’s missing is advice on what can we do?
    Apart from the final minute of your presentation it was all about what is going to happen to us.
    I am the Co/ creator of an energy technique called The Balance Procedure which can immediately allow you feel calm, relaxed and positive, no matter what is going on around you.
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    • If you were true to your cause you would NOT ask money for your PROCEDURE, and you would not use this platform for your commercial venture.

    • Alan, using Alexandra’s website to sell your App is an affront to what she does for us. If she uses your service, let her recommend it to us. But, your comment, which is more of an ad, is inappropriate and considered to be spam.
      And, that’s what folks will think of you now. A spammer!
      Did I piss you off with that last bit?
      Well, then – You might need use your balance whatever to calm the Fvkk down, huh?

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