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  • illegal alien royal redheaded step child harry the nazi duke pushing to subvert our constitutional rights to tell the lost UK cunts to fuk off back to your great little pedo island .

  • Saw this on the voice of freedom website Canada’s beleaguered fascist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is fighting for more than just his political life in the lead up to the national election, he’s fighting to avoid spending the rest of his life behind bars on child sex charges. Trudeau has already lost his marriage due to his sordid history as a sex offender, but he is about to lose a whole lot more according to investigators who revealed the globalist leader is about to be thrown under the bus and prosecuted on child rape charges if he loses the next election. According to investigators, Trudeau isn’t the only world leader or senior politician facing charges. A whole host of household names, including members of the Fascist Police States of Amerika House and Senate, are sweating as the walls close in on them. Can this be verified?

  • Croaky, immature change agent twits like Grant are nearly everywhere one looks today thanks to modern university that has been corrupted by billionaires ill gotten gains. They are all pagans with inflated egos and selfish blind ambition. They are monsters loose among us, no different than other well known monsters of record that seemed in their youth also to be mere idle dreamers until they got their hands on the levers of power to destroy all opposition to their simplistic, infantile visions for everyone else.

    Disinformation, misinformation, rasist, homophobe, etc are the tools of bullies who wish to shut up everyone who disagrees with them. Only their opinions should be permitted expression.

    Lets bring this closer to home by exposing the opinions of the chief medical officer for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Dr. Mitchell Wolfe who is also Vice President of Global Engagement & Governance, on record as a vaccine evagelist. In discussing his opinions for “enhancement and enforcement” he plainly claimed “we need to beef up our local health departments to better deal with it”—it being what they term as “vaccine hesitancy”!

    Think about what I just told you about how the CDC views your freedom. Oh yes, I could name more like ilk in the CDC who have similar designs on us which have not changed since their failed efforts to inject their gene therapy operating systems into every last one of us, disguized as vaccines.

    With all this in mind here is potentially our future reality:

    Brighteon Broadcast News Apr 25 2024

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