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The Kennedy campaign reports that the 30-minute film produced by the Campaign has been censored by Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram.

AV24 launched the film on May 3, using YouTube as its host, on the website,

But as Facebook users tried to share the film link, many discovered they couldn’t.

In addition, Internet and social media czars have quickly slapped the video on YouTube and other platforms with a COVID-19 Vaccine disclaimer, referring users to the World Health Organization (WHO) website.

On Instagram, users tried to share the film link and received a notice that there was a problem with the link, which isn’t the case.

Other users were notified that the link to the film was removed because it goes against Instagram’s “Community Guidelines” due to one of the following transgressions: “spam”; “support or praise of terrorism, organized crime or hate groups”; “solicitation of sexual services”; and “sale of firearms and drugs.”

The film is clearly none of the above.

In addition, the film’s reach on Facebook and Instagram has been minimal, which appears to be “shadow banning,” a method that platforms use (relying on algorithms) to suppress the organic reach of a piece of content they don’t want to spread.

“When social media companies censor a presidential candidate, the public can’t learn what that candidate actually believes and what policies they would pursue if elected,” said Tony Lyons, co-founder of AV24. “We are left with the propaganda and lies from the most powerful and most corrupt groups and individuals. This is the hallmark of an oligarchy—not a democracy.”


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  • Hero narrative creation. False hero that is. For ‘theater goers’, those who refuse to accept the fact that all politicians are just actors and their roles are written by the trillionaire elite. He is ‘good enough’ actor for those who still consume fiction. As long as the people are mesmerized by the doublespeak lines he is delivering, and as long as people’s disbelief is kept suspended by the ‘good enough’ (feel good) reasons given, his mediocre stage performance is as good-a.-mask as any other politician’s, those ‘good enough’ reasons given of course obscuring the real reasons that are never presented to those who are still willing to naively participate in staged production of illusory political dialectic’s game as a mere reactive public of cheering extras, in a theater arena owned by the trillionaire Families. But who cares for the ‘small print’, right? Who cares what digital micro-contracting running on block-chain web-3 globalized platform will do to those who pay for the show, Joe and Jane Average. Who cares what are the real consequences of total digital enslavement that Bobby and his vice president(ass) are promising us as out new Future.
    Make him small, a victim, while skipping over the fact that he is from the trillionaire Families, make him a victim who is on Joe Average’s side and the public will love him. Public will demand he is enthroned.

    Video of POTUS wanna-bee Bobby and wanna-bee Vice president(ass) Shanahan is linked below.
    You can watch the whole video, but the two minutes (8:50 to 10:50) are quite enough to see through their ‘good sounding’ doublespeak:

    Vice president(ass) Shanahan:
    🙂 “While Bobby is focused on ending the corporate capture of our regulatory agencies ….” = [doublespeak for … under Bobby all public regulatory agencies’ operations will be put on permanent ledger (block-chain) in the name of transparency and constitution will be replaced by AI’s interpretation of Commercial Code minutely detailed as micro-contract layer of web-3 domain. Yes, technically this is an ending of corporate capture, but it really means that web-3 block-chain capture is the tool for an absolute capture, for all times. No coming back from this setup. Ever. For anyone. ]

    Shanahan continues:
    🙂 “… I’m going to assemble the best technologists and scientists in the world, and we will use the latest in AI and computation to examine health records databases of our nation and those other nations who are also on a quest to solve chronic disease.”

    [whooahhh, crowds cheering blindly her ‘good sounding’ malevolence. She wants to block-chain all health records she can get her hands on. To do what? To solve cancer? Low sperm count? No. To solve chronic disease. Poor jobbers with chronic fatigue and diabetes-2 who will have to be under continuous cybernetic monitoring so that they don’t deviate from their health plan regime. They will have to stretch when their phone says so, and eat apples when algorithm decides it is time. Permanent ledger of their health status running on web-3 trust-less block-chain in order to be analyzed and traded on global health data market. And then profiteering begins. Betting for. or against, health future outcome of every individual that is on the chronic disease eradication scheme.]

    There is more doublespeak and planned malevolence from Shanahan:
    🙂 “We will find the answers for most pressing health concerns, within weeks. We can, if we have access to those databases. It is time to move out of dark ages of medicine. We can solve the mysteries guarded by corporate influence. We can move from band-aid solutions and we can end this chronic disease epidemic once and for all. I believe it.”

    [whoooaaa goes the public again. Now she is escalating to ‘chronic disease epidemic’. She needs it be declared an epidemic, so she can legally utilize harsher legal measures on the public. She is a lawyer and she knows the difference between a disease and epidemic. And she knows that when micro-contracting, as part of permanent digital ledger, is introduced at every level of public health (in all, even insignificant interactions) that AI will sort out all databases in weeks and proceed with its cybernetic steering of public behavior by (carrot or stick) algorithms that remain in the dark. Speaking of the dark, she invokes ‘dark ages’ which tells me she belongs to those Illumined ones who started their quest for power with the same mantra thousand years ago. She wants to solve mysteries? Your health status should not be private, a mystery to her and her ilk? Give her a chance and she will use Bobby’s executive powers to force those corporations who still formally pretend to shield (while selling them around the world for profit to highest bidders) your private health records from her nosy AI and from her ‘chronic disease epidemic’ fighting algorithms. And she will do it legally. Once and for all. No going back from this mystery solving machine’s grip once she gets legal access to those databases.]

    And then Bobby lends his helping hand to her demonic plan:
    🙂 “She has spent the last decade – relaying on neural networks, AI and cutting edge science – to identify abuses in our government. She understands that health of every American is a national security issue and a national security risk.”

    [Bobby admits that Shanahan has all the necessary analytical knowledge for abuse of the government. And then he reveals to us that the best point of entrance for abuser is through the doors of legality (warfare against the people as veiled law-fare) which, once opened, in single swoop compels regulatory authorities into continuous collection of all health related data from all Americans, by declaring all the people a permanent health security risk. And all this anal encroaching is being sold under a veil of solving mysteries of chronic diseases and ‘health concerns’. He will take care of regulators and she will take care of legalities. What a racketeering duo.]

    And I have no doubt that, since the technique of total subjugation through law-fare is out in the open, all other competing actor-duos of wanna-bees presidents and vice-president(asses) will use equally ‘good-sounding’ approach, veiling the real reasons with their own alternative doublespeak garments.

  • And if you are truly awake, you won’t be even be on FB/Meta.
    sheeple will buy into this story by saying “Look, this guy got censored, therefore, he must be a good guy” no matter how many times their candidate betrays them.
    But you gotta be real careful, as there are both truther & psyop (but some people here often misuse the term, thinking anything that they don’t agree with is a psyop)

    And what’s Democrazy? Is he interested in political terminology or real freedom, because as far as I can see, there has never been true democracy since beginning.

  • FINALLY!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank You!!!!!! Let’s hope the AMericans finally recognize the real VALUES in their lives represented by the RIGHT PRESIDENT, RFK!!!
    RFK was THE ONLY person who participated in a enormous clarifying campaign pointing to covid issues already early 2020, WAY before the mass covid injection campaign started. HE WARNED as many as he could about p(l)andemic FEARMONGERING, tactics as always used/lead by CIA…. His presence in CA capitol in July 2020 opened minds of many, unfortunately not enough, since
    the censorship in particular at that time was huge, as always…
    RFK is the ONLY presidential candidate who has to be taken SERIOUSLY and WELCOMED, like not one president before. Let’s hope for the BEST for the American people and the rest of the world!!!

  • A technique used often, like remember Poppy Bush and his Potato Spelling Veep……the poor victim; there are real victims, but not these sons of the elites….actually by definition the word scumbag means a person, who has NO Morals, so I think the the elites, such be called Scumbags.

    When there are points of his career, that show his connection to the status quo; the subject is changed to point in another direction……though censorship is real, as a whole; it occurs as a global occurance or simply on a local website.

    RFK Jr, is……..

    The FitzGeralds are married with the American Kennedy family which are descendants of the Irish O’Kennedy royal family. These bloodlines are murderous and self righteous. The Kennedys are the second most powerful political family in the United States and they believe they have a right to rule over others. The Kennedys were an old Irish royalty that also established a nobility in Scotland which is currently headed up by Chief David Kennedy the 9th Marquis of Ailsa. The Kennedy and FitzGerald noble clans of Ireland and Scotland are subject to the British Crown as nobles. The FitzGeralds and Kennedys are also loyal to the Vatican and Black Nobility and they work with British nobility. Eamon Fitzgerald is the Abbot General of the Trappists a Catholic priesthood. Eamon Fitzgerald traffics human blood and the flesh of murdered children. JFK was a Knight of Columbus and he was corrupt although after his death the Kennedys became more evil and under the authority of the Bush family. Several head members of these families have been members of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta like JFK’s father Joe Kennedy and Baron Adrian FitzGerald who was President of the Irish Order of Malta. Craig Faller is a high level Navy admiral that has worked for the deceased Senator Ted Kennedy. His son Ted Kennedy Jr. is a major psychopath. The Kennedys have many of their agents in the US military and they are a violent political and military bloodline.

    Enough said.

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