Thomas Jefferson’s legacy has been under attack lately. In March, students at Hofstra University called for the removal of a Jefferson statue from the campus, claiming Jefferson represents racism and slavery. In May, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said he backed the Indiana Democratic Party’s decision to rename its traditional Jefferson-Jackson Dinner because both presidents were slave owners.

Now Al Sharpton has demanded that the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC be de-funded because the nation’s third president. Never mind that the social Marxist worldview of the 21st century didn’t exist when Jefferson was alive in the 18th century, so he couldn’t get Woke.

The quotes of dead presidents are considered hate speech by the self-appointed pontiffs of Wokeness, be they in the legacy media, social media companies, the universities and the other usual suspects. They cry that anyone is Far-Right when they don’t agree with the mental gymnastics necessary to get behind their woke crusade.

It would be one thing if Wokeness were a fringe ideology but it is now the central tenet of the Democrat Party. As Diana West, author of ‘The Red Thread’ says, “The Party’s mainstream could hardly be more aggressive in its contempt, its animus, for the US Constitution, the flag, the Founding Fathers, the borders, and American citizenship.

“The Democratic presidential candidates who have emerged from this hostile camp make this clear every time they speak. Listening to them in their first debates, I finally put it together in the starkest terms: Democrats hate America. Worse, they don’t care who knows it, because it’s a selling point for their anti-American constituencies. With this being the case, how are we not one election away from a phase of openly calculated national destruction?

“…These men and women running to be the Democratic Party nominee vie with each other to fulfill a communist/globalist dream of erasing the United States and enslaving Americans to power a rage-inspired utopia in which a government of elites will centrally plan economies, hand out world welfare, and strictly police thought and speech.”

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  • People today are emotionally imbalanced, from drug overuse, Meds, Hollywood, propaganda, Fake News, poor education, and just making the wrong choices in ordinary life. They are frustrated at the realization that they are “not worthy” to themselves ( ” No Exit”) so they look for anything that raises their self-esteem, even if they know little or nothing about historical precedents and the reasoning behind works like the Constitution,etc. They are easy prey for manipulation…..They shout and scream and protest bc they “feel” like they now have “worth” defending real or imaginary causes, IMO. Education is the way but our systems are skewed, twisted, and controlled. Where will it end? Probably bloodshed as some people will orchestrate fake events and shootings to cause real mob action. Martial Law? It will come…again, IMO. What is the solution? Stop listening to the trivia by a small minority causing havoc in society…Be sane, level headed and resolute…In other words, don’t give in to senseless movements like Woke, Me Too, etc….for the third time, IMO…I may be wrong and appreciate correction….

  • It shouldn’t be lost on Patriots that the Doublespeak of the Woke movement is attempting to confiscate the idea of being Red Pilled, as in the Great Awakening, to mean being Woke.

  • Doppleganger of American culture’s facile and empty activities…remove wisdom teeth, remove tonsils and adenoids ‘just in case’, snatch out that appendix, it’s useless antway, sew that gluttonous stomach down to 25% capacity, get liposucked, botox all that will botox, believe 70+ shots by 18 are necessary, pay 60 grand for a pick-op truck, believe you too can be president _and_ a millionaire for sure, believe that crude oil derived molecules will cure all yer shite right up, beer, fast food, sports and loin satiation are valid life pursuits, our gov’t is honestly trying to protect citizens…sigh, a short opening three minute whine which could easily become a voluminous tome.

  • We had better burn all twenty dollar bills as well, for they have his picture on them!

    Let’s burn all the books as well, for they have outdated information in them!

    Let Google give the guide lines to follow!

    Let’s have a technocratic society! Where the Corporations make all the laws!
    Wait a minute, don’t they now?

    If you can’t remember the past, you will be doomed to repeat it. Or worse!


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