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    Thank the United Nations, Globalist NGOs and the Mossad for this.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • This is very important message*, while knowing every single immigrant needs to get covid injected, genetically modified.. Anyone remember how end of 2021, 9 months after introduction of the covid injections, i.e. first pregnancies of injected women ended up with newborns, who had black eyes, like this child pictured here?? Nobody is following up on this issue. Only from my own circles, I know of one case where ONE covid injection (not Pfizer or Mod-E-RNA) are giving rise to ‘special babies’!!! It is really frightening to think it is coming on a massive scale.
      * where does the source of it come from? This young man…

    • Be careful before watching, because kind of stuff will trigger you.
      The asshole in the video is clearly a sub-human, but make sure you don’t start hating others.

      • That guy seems to be taking pretty good care of his little girl for a “sub-human”; maybe we can make a trade and send some of our “U.S. (trailer trash, shake the baby to death or leave it to die while I’m out partying) citizens” to whatever U.S. “intervention”-created hell hole he saved his baby from.

        We allow our Nazi government to fuck up the entire world but we shouldn’t expect any blowback/karma,? Really??

      • Nope. They for sure are not vaxxing our replacements. And if somebody offered you more money than your we hole town makes to go live in even a 1-star resort indefinitely, are you really not going to at least give it a shot? Not their fault; we’re the ones settled for the Uniparty and get led around by the nose ever since Bunker Hill.

        • I was referring to the children of vackst parents who have black eyeballs
          Are you saying that the whole group of invaders, none are vackst?

          • Vaxing is not a requirement to get a debit card, hotel on times square, free healthcare, etc. They cross over illegally and get dispersed throughout the nation without any medical screening whatsoever.

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