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Tore tells the incredible story of Manuel Noriega, like you’ve never heard it before – and this is exactly what is so tragic about it. She explains that he was actually a very smart guy who meant well until he got embroiled with the Bush Crime Family.

She talks about Noriega’s extradition to Florida and then to France and she asks if it would be appropriate to extradite France’s President Macron to New York? Or Joe Biden to Panama City?

The answer, of course is “no” and yet, Panama never declared war on the US. Why is that?

Was it because Noriega wasn’t really locked-up and he had more of a deal like what Jeffrey Epstein had in Florida, where he only checked in to his custom-built prison suite in the evenings to sleep?

Tore says she met with Manuel Noriega face-to-face and shared an empanada and a Camel filterless cigarette with him not long before he succumbed to brain cancer in Panama City in 2017.

She says their conversation was enormously elucidating and that he filled in a lot of blanks for her about the global Nazi Cabal that controls our government and large swathes of the world.

It’s now clear to her that Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the modern day Manuel Noriega; two leaders who started out with good intentions but who got swept up by the criminal Cabal to become their fall guys.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I know this to be true. I was there Dec. 21st, 1989 & my team was left there to die. We made it back to Texas & turned over the evidence to Lt. Roundtree who despaired along with all the paperwork taken out of the generals office. We were then targets because we knew to much.

  • Thankfully I never voted for Nixon the man whose ideal President, says he, is warm and soft on the outside but cold and wicked on the inside – my interpretation of Tore’s clip on Nixon.

    I didn’t need a clever overpaid nooze-celebrity to tell me Nixon fit the nickname of “tricky Dickie”. But for Nixon to glorify that wretched murderer Johnson as one of the three greatest American politicians of all time is a disgrace and evidence of how deep Nixon’s deficit of godly wisdom really was. It puts him in the same class with other central investment banker’s marionettes sold to noozpaper brainwashed Americans – Woodrow Wilson the man who stupidly got America into the tribal dispute between Great Britain and Germany, which after sending Russia packing was teaching Great Britain a lesson. Wilson was hand picked by fractional reserve bankers because of his physical appearance and naivety. Wilson was a good store front mannequin for the emerging visual imageing mechanisms of Hollywood and Wall Street’s nearby tribal neighbors on Madison Avenue.

    By Jimmy Carter’s own words he testified on Christian TV to his shock and dismay upon winning the election, that he was given written instructions by “men in black suits”! As closely as I recall, Carter said, when I won the election, I thought I was going to be President, then I found out immediatly that evening that I was not President, someone else was.

    So here we are again being thrust into yet another European tribal war and led by yet another central investment banker marionette, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, an actor, an entertainment performer! Oh my, has that ever happened before? What a surprise – not! For all the thumb sucking TV zombies who might accidentally stumble upon this, be advised there is clear circumstantial linkage between the investment banking families who got rich as god by skimming profits off other peoples assets, the entertainment industry and those who lust for wars and dominion.

    Whenever this happens ask, who benefits the most and follow that money trail! Nothing works in the temporal world without money!

    Bill Barr was from the beginning joined at the hip with the Bush family and Trump didn’t know this before he picked him for AG? I find that too hard to believe.

    As concerning Tore’s presentation of Tutonic Zionsim that Jones and Maxwell discussed decades ago, my own investigations have not yielded this view, at least not exactly like this. They do reveal that the Vatican knights and the Crusades were the creation of the Papal cell in the city of Rome for the stated purpose of taking back the so called holyland by the sword, away from Muslims who had taken it away from Christians by the sword. Trouble was, these crusaders were themselves terrorists, slaughtering Jews, Orthodox Christians, Muslims, anybody who got in their way. NOTE WELL: The gospel of the kingdom of G-d was spread throughout the known world by the apostles and the seventy appointed by them well before the end of the first century with signs, wonders and miracles accompanying their preaching the testimony of Christ Jesus! No swords! Not until after Constantine the Great was there thought of force being used to make converts. Following the first crusades these Papal mercinaries later waged terrorist cusades in Europe against Christians who refused to obey the Pope. This needed to be said here because Jones and Maxwell charged Catholics for wrong doing, when they should have charged the Papacy. Catholics were divided, not lock step behind Popes who were at times terrible tyrants.

    My research tells me the Zionist distictions are more fundamental than that. That is to say the kind of Zionism brought back from the Babyonian captivity is Temporal Zionism, which is neither Abrahamic Zionism nor Christian Zionism, it is bloodline tribal Zionism which dooms it to the temporal world. The church (plural) never taught a temporal Zionism until the 20th century. Oh, there were a couple of Jesuits who earlier concocked a yarn about temporal Zion for the purpose of distracting people away from calling the Pope the antichrist, that later agents of temporal Zionists glommed onto and developed further to advance Christian support for their Temporal Zionism spread by force of the sword.

    Temporality is the problem for everyone today. The Kingdom of G-d is not now, nor has it ever been temporal! The closest it gets to this temporal reality is in the hearts of men and women without respect to bloodlines. Citizens of this kingdom are not given to carnal vices of the flesh, but are rather devoted to love and kindness to all their neighbors.

    Carnality and Temporality are twin sisters!

    • What an interesting writing! I am impressed with your depth of knowledge and clear thinking.

      After decades of giving up on Americans as superficial, neocon zionists; here I come across your great example of an American.

      I wish we have a few hundreds of you, and me to help redirect this banana republic to the right path.

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