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    The Epoch Times is an international news service that was founded by dissidents of the Communist regime in China and Gina Shakespeare is a New Zealand-born film/TV producer who presents videos for the Epoch Times. She has a strong background in the study of Communism, which is what makes this video especially great.

    Shakespeare asks us, how many countries are really part of the World Communist movement? We are generally told that there are only six Communist countries ruled by an openly Communist party: China, Cuba, Laos, Nepal, Vietnam and North Korea, but if you define Communist in the traditional Marxist-Leninist sense of a centrally-planned economy, there is really only one country left, which is North Korea.

    She says that listing overtly Communist regimes underestimates World Communist power and misunderstands what modern Communism has become. Under the old definition of a Marxist-Leninist, one-party police state, with incessant Communist rhetoric and a centralized command economy, Communism is almost dead. However, this definition ignores basic Marxism and it fails to take into account the subtleties of Leninist strategy. It ignores modern realities and the global balance of power.

    According to classic Marxism, society evolves through several stages: 1. Primitive Communism, in which hunter-gatherers share meat with their tribe; 2. Feudalism, with the start of private property, in which peasant farmers pay tribute to strongmen for protection from outside marauders; 3. Capitalism, with the start of industry, private property is extended to factories, patents, transportation systems and the like. Huge amounts of wealth are produced but according to Marxist theory, this wealth is concentrated in a few hands, while the working masses receive only a tiny fraction of their due; 4. Socialism, the workers overwhelm the bosses and seize control of the state, expropriate the Capitalists’ wealth and proceed to redistribute it; 5. Communism, all wealth is held in common, the State withers away, Capitalism and competition are completely abolished.

    So in fact, none of the old Communist countries were actually Communist. They all had revolutions led by representatives of the workers – but guess what – when it came time to divide up the Capitalist wealth, the new ruling class kept most of it for themselves.

    Most Westerners a look at the booming pro-business economies of China and Vietnam and assume that these countries have abandoned the Communist goal. They are dead wrong. China, Vietnam and some of the other former communist nations of Africa and even Russia have acknowledged that their massive economic problems actually arise from a failure to follow Marxism correctly. They all tried to jump directly from Feudalism to Socialism, bypassing Capitalism. This attempt to shortcut Marx led to economic disaster. Therefore, the temporary return to some form of Capitalism to build up sufficient wealth for Socialism is actually an acknowledgment of the correctness of Marxist theory – not a repudiation of it!

    Currently, most of the World Communist movement is using Capitalist methods to build up enough wealth and military might to challenge the West, aka the Free World. The main impediment to world domination is the United States. If we define the World Communist movement as those former- or semi-Communist countries allied or working with the World Communist leadership to undermine and overthrow the US-led Western alliance, the picture changes dramatically.

    Russia is still run by the Communist-trained KGB (now FSB). Moscow is aligned politically economically and militarily with China, Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea. Communists or ex-Communists control most of the countries of Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. In the Middle East, Iran and Syria are closely allied to Russia. Lebanon and Iraq are now part of the Russian-Iranian axis. Afghanistan will probably fall to them when the US-led forces eventually pull out. Most Western European countries have strong Communist movements. Germany’s “Conservative” Angela Merkel was once an ideological leader of the East German Communist Youth and she’s recently veered strongly toward Russia.

    But if you thought we were near the end of the Communist camp, Shakespeare says we were just warming up! The United Nations and its subsidiaries generally reflect the will of Russia and China. Also to be reckoned with are the Leftist NGOs such as the World Council of Churches and several still-active international Communist front organizations, including the World Peace Council, Woman’s International Democratic Federation and the World Federation of Trade Unions.

    In conclusion, anti-Americanism is the central idea. While still led by Russia and China, “Communism” now includes almost any country in the world or movement willing to confront the United States. Communists all over the world excuse the obvious failures of Socialism by saying that America sabotaged it. Cuba is poor because of the US blockade. Venezuela is a disaster because of US economic sanctions and the Soviet Union collapsed because the United States bankrupted Moscow with an arms race. They believe that in order to have “real” Socialism or Communism, we must first destroy America.

    Anti-Americanism, not some far-off utopia is now the major motivator of the world Communist movement. Anyone can join it. Anyone can be an environmentalist, a Gay Rights activist, a Feminist, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu and Islamic a Socialist or even a Fascist. You can be a young Communist in Moscow, an environmental activists in Germany, an Antifa member in Spain, a new Democratic Party activist in Canada, a guerrilla in the Philippines, a cocaine producer in Colombia and marijuana activist in Minnesota, a solider in Iran, a businessman in Vietnam, an ISIS fighter in Libya – or serve Boko Haram in Nigeria. As long as you hate America, you’re part of today’s Communist movement, whether you know it or not

    The World Communist movement mainly works covertly. It has not quite yet achieved the power it needs to ensure a swift military victory. The World Communist movement is not just six countries. It is Russia, China, Iran and all their allies and puppet organizations. It actually controls more than half the world. If the United States ever fails, the World Communist movement will rule us all. Don’t think that it will never happen because it did happen. It happened in China and it’s happened in other countries. Their form may have changed but their goal never will.

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    • If the ” FREE WORLD ” should survive ….A drastic ” CHANGE ” will occur,
      When all this will collapse by itself from ” INNER DECAY “…The end will come
      By itself… As, all ” EMPIRES ” have collapsed in the past….
      WORLD GLOBALISATION…Still, if you don’t want to fail follow : ” GIGAGULLIVER On ” TWITTER” and ” FACEBOOK.”
      As, failure is first in the ” MIND ” and so ” FREEDOM “

    • Old joke is “Why there is no coup in America? Because don’t have USA embassy!”.For god’s sake,
      USA have fingers in every country in the world, the political and industrial elite wants to control whole world. Nobody normal don’t want to destroy America , but dancing in “neighbor garden” is not something which they will look with sympathy. Right now America is champion in producing misinformation on all levels, and this clip is on this path , but it’s absolutely allowed.

    • Actually, there is one exception to all this
      ” Nonsense ! ” C H I N A “…
      Now, all big “EMPIRES ” have collapsed
      In the past… The Romans,Egyptians,Greeks,
      The Spaniards,the German,etc…
      And there was no communism at that
      Time… The same with China… In inexistnce
      Since ” 5000 years ” with the
      “GREAT WALL” As , China has never been
      ” Communist ” and will never be…
      As, They have adapted their system to
      The ” People” and the ” People” to the
      System…An ” Interaction ” and ” Synchronisation with Essentiality and
      Spirituality…With ” YIN-YANG ” …
      Communism is something new…
      And will collapse as all the past Empires..
      And has nothing to do with ” CHINA”

    • Patrick Gensau

      Surely, we think we are masters of our own destiny ! But, our ” FREE WILL ” has been taken away ! So, what…?And, we are talking of
      ” DEEP STATE “…Now, what’s happening is
      That we are tackling or facing our problems
      From an ” EXTERNAL ASPECT OF VIEW OR APPROACH” …While , the problems lie deep
      Within, the outer world is a faint reflection
      Of our inner world… The spiritual part of Man.
      Precisely , ” BELIEFS ” divides us , and not only religious , but political as well, and also
      The ” Racial issue “…And different languages
      Too..All this for ” ONE “simple reason…
      Judging people from external appearances,
      And also a ” BRAINY ” problem , which is
      A ” DEFAULT ” of the hereditary transmission
      From generation to another generation…
      The Crippled ” INSTRUMENT ” brain ..The ” ANTICHRIST “which
      Cuts the ” CONNECTION ” with “SPIRITUAL LIFE ” And as, every machine ” Lacks Love ”
      As, True Love being Spritual unites…
      While, Brain activity ” Divides..” Although
      Necessary being of an earthly nature…
      How then to unite people…
      Well, unless the same language of, a Spiritual
      Nature of the Lord is practised in a ” LIVING WAY ” ..The ” UNIVERSAL
      LANGUAGE” as the ” Works of the Spirit
      Are everlasting, because the spiritual is
      Ageless and Eternal.

      ” This is exactly what the main point is ! ”
      “The Man of today is not a normal being
      Anymore ! As, he failed to carry out his real
      Task due to his brain disorder which prevents
      Him being a ” Furthering Link” in creation as
      Willed by the Very High One ..
      A Spiritually willed human being…

      THAT ACTIVATE THE WHOLE OF CRÉATION ” Therefore is the ” REAL AUTHORITY ” which has priority on Earthly
      Laws… Through his Envoy the ” SON OF MAN”
      The ” ALPHA & OMEGA ” in his Message of Truth shows us the ” WAY ”
      As, God the Ultimate his Lord is the ” LAW ”


    • The Marx model of history is wrong. Traceable history began with markets based upon barter trade. Who knows about pre-Adamites? The point is that even the Marx theory is based on fiction.

      And it will fail again of its inefficiency and central elitism masking greed.

      Greed is human nature and cannot be corrected by flawed men who believe that they can control chaos.

      Chaos Theory:

      • Just did a search on Annunaki and Gold and learned about their controlled economy based upon Gold owned by “The Gods” (rulers on earth) set up to rule by Heaven.

        So, the pre-adamites traded gold for goods in fascist-like controlled economies. Humans were slaves and the elite were free…

    • The whole globe is under attack and let’s stop buying into that divide and conquer tactic of Russians bad, Americans exceptional nonsense. Humanity hasn’t time to waste on these tactics.

    • There is no COMMUNIST or Capitalist it is the same thing with two different names, just to confuse some minds and make us fight one another. You don’t call a coin heads or tails unless you gamble, just a coin it is the same thing.

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