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Publicly, Big Tech vehemently denies that they are biased against users who aren’t rabidly Left Wing. However, the evidence is overwhelming that censorship is among their topmost imperatives.

After nearly three years of assaulting us with nonstop bullshit about Trump-Russia collusion, you won’t hear a peep out of the Mainstream Media about the latest revelations Project Veritas that confirmed the suspicions I’ve been voicing to you since 2015.

It was unequivocally revealed last week that Google and YouTube intend to use all of their influence, across their entire family of products to prevent Trump’s re-election.

“If you control all the information, you control the past, the future, reality, perception – and politics will just be a side-effect,” says Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations, whose YouTube account was throttled after the influential Far-Left research group, Data&Society put pressure on Google.

“Only Right wing and Centrist creators have been targeted by these crippling measures. YouTube and Google, despite all of this still lie right in our faces, as they lie to representatives, congressmen and senators and still claim that they apply their policies fairly, without political bias.

“They have the Mainstream Media behind them, who are trying to gaslight us into thinking that all of this is really not happening it’s just a ‘conspiracy theory’ that there is any censorship, de-platforming and any Left-Wing bias in the social media environment.”

Particularly creepy is the leaked internal video of a Google executives’ meeting held a few days after the 2016 presidential election, where some are on the verge of tears and all vow to stand up for their important values.

Palmgren says, “Google is a transnational corporation, one of the biggest in the world, who have no allegiances to America or any other country, yet it meddles in the political affairs of almost every Western country by controlling the flow of information.

“Google is not just another private company. Same goes for Facebook and Twitter. They have all received tax breaks and political representatives use social media channels to communicate information about policy about events to the public and these companies receive tax breaks, subsidies.

“Google has received $766 million from the American taxpayers, mostly since after 2011. That’s almost a hundred million dollars per year. Government has given these social media companies immunity from [Section 230] liability and yet the politicians do nothing.

“These companies are politically-biased publishers, just like any newspaper or TV channel. They are not objective, impartial platforms. They need to be broken up and the funding from taxpayers need to be cut immediately and all government officials need to get off of these platforms and not communicate to the people that they represent using them.

“While most conservatives sit on their hands, unable to understand that it’s their own supporters that are losing their ability to voice their political opinions and support for the very cucks that have decided to do nothing, only a few occasionally appear to show a glimmer of consciousness and lift their head out of what Tucker Carlson called the ‘fog of Libertarianism’.

“Google has lied to Congress on multiple occasions, sometimes they don’t even show up when they’re asked. Big Tech, in their bias towards Internationalism and coercive control is the biggest threat to free, open and democratic nations that the West has ever experienced. They are subverting freedom of speech and freedom of expression in multiple countries by using backhanded methods that most politicians can’t even understand. Their technological advantage and their gatekeeping is so far ahead of any competitor that we have no idea how to even stop this.

“Google now has the power to change reality and rig the outcome with just a few changes in their code that can unperson undesirable individuals, impose a kind of a social credit score where they are the jury, judge and executioner. They can scrub events from the digital record or bury search results to steer public opinion in a certain direction.

“Google has to be stopped. With the knowledge that has come to light in the last few months, there is no reason to delay. The bigger the company grows, the more influence they get. This will allow them to coerce, rig and influence free and open elections and nudge reality in order to gain even more control, more resources and more money.

“They need to be dismantled and we need to use the political system to pass an Internet Bill of Rights and protect people’s access to any and all kinds of information from monsters like Google.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The Monster that Has to Be Destroyed – Forbidden Knowledge TV

    “GOOGLE is certainly “NOT”
    a ” MONSTER “…Actually,
    the ” BEAST “is everywhere.
    The ” HUMAN BRAIN” which
    Is a” Machine ” who has
    Programmed the
    ” COMPUTER” a ” TECH.
    Machine..But, we are not
    But, ” Human delicate sensitive intelligent machines animated…With
    All depend how you control
    The ” BEASTS ” … The
    ” HUMAN BRAIN ” and
    It’ s little big brother
    The ” PROBLEM ” will arise when
    They will make ” ONE ” …And which one
    Controls the other…
    ” I.A.” artificial Intelligence

  • Big gov isn’t going to do a “gosh dang” thing about this. Why?

    Military_Industrial_Complex $$$ seeded gOOgle specifically to be an unseen, unaccountable surveillance database to feed to new quantum computers and to help them manage the herd, know what to do if a cow gets out of the corral and how to lure him/her back in (ie drugs, lasso, here boy, etc).

    Now that they have us where they want us, they have a military weapon in 5G to harrange, harrass and train us to think correctly. No more “here boy.”

  • Excuse me, but what is GOOD DIRECTION? Or did they mean in a GOOGLE DIRECTION?

    Why do they receive hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars? Do they believe that they are illegal immigrants? That are also receiving millions of tax payer dollars?

    Maybe I should learn how to become without a country? Wait a minute, I am…. But I don’t get the money….

    I do believe WE have a problem.

    Also, I thought that only government officials could lie to us legally now…

  • Maybe it would be wise to take time out to look at this with a cool head. Moments like this when the public ire is aroused, often get turned into deep state opportunities don’t you think?

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