Last week, while I was unable to broadcast my newsletter after being de-platformed by MailChimp, Catherine Austin Fitts delivered what many have been calling her greatest interview of all time, when she joined Daniel Liszt on his Dark Journalist podcast.

The interview is over three hours long but I’ve set the start point to two hours in, to a part that grabbed a lot of people’s attention, when she begins sharing her insights about spiritual warfare.

Fitts talks about growing up in downtown Philadelphia and becoming a target of psychological operations after stumbling upon serious corruption where she worked at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. She describes her “A-ha!” moment, when she realized that the most powerful way to protect herself was to attend Bible studies and services at an African-American church, because of what she describes as an advanced spiritual technology that exists within the African-American community to outwit genocide.

“They know how to live in a culture where you have all these forces arrayed to kill you and to outwit it.

“All wars, all battles, first and foremost originate in the spiritual realm. When another human being is coming at you to try and kill or destroy you, they’re channeling Evil and the problem is not they’re trying to kill you, the problem is Evil has taken them over. In other words, your enemy is not that human. Your enemy is the is the Spirit of Evil that’s coming through, alright? And winning means that you separate them out from the Spirit of Evil and save them and yourself, in the process.

“So, it sees Evil as a spiritual force and you must win, first and foremost on the spiritual plane. And you know something? I studied spiritual warfare and used the techniques of spiritual warfare, because that’s all I had. You know, I couldn’t call the police, they were after me. I couldn’t call the FBI, they were after me. I couldn’t call the Department of Justice, they were after me.

“I tried to hire private security firms but they would check me out – three of them came back and said, ‘Lady, it’s way too dangerous. We can’t be involved.’

“So, you know, I had the Angels, that’s what I had…What did Leonard Cohen say? He said, ‘Only drowning men can see Jesus.’ So that’s what I tried and it worked. When I did it, I didn’t think it would work – but it worked.”

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  • Holy Cannoli! I enjoyed this tremendously. Thank you Alexandra. Great compliments for your work from Catherine Austin Fitts too. ‘The world you knew doesn’t exist anymore.’
    I have strong hope based on this info. And everyone PLEASE support independent news outlets. We need them.


    Did it ever occur to you that this EVIL is also being powered by your GOD………….?
    Just as you are being animated by this same GOD…..? THAT THIS GOD AND YOU AND THIS EVIL ENERGY ARE ONE AND THE SAME….but are playing separate role inside a reality, ..such as this virtual one we’re in..?
    Because if this is so, you don’t need any technique to banish it from your life. No need to fight. No need to be afraid.
    JUST SAY ………..”Begone”
    the problem i encountered over and over is that these evil energy seem to KNOW what to do .
    ahead of me to wreck my life-plan. it does not sleep. Of course,….the SOURCE of its intelligence and cunning is coming directly and exclusively from GOD. GOD knows this evil energy because it is he, all along. GOD knows you because it (GOD) is YOU all along. THERE IS NOTHING OUTSIDE OF GOD.
    So, why does this evil follow me around………………..? Remember , there is a LIFE_PLAN, a DESTINY, FATE a BLUEPRINT OF WHAT KIND OF LIFE WE ARE GOING TO LIVE, while in this flesh suit. AHA…! a computer program, a print-out laid bare from before birth to death..
    You can,….when you’re awake enough and connected enough to your SPIRIT (GOD-SELF that beats your heart)……… can then erase this DESTINY program and become a SOVEREIGN BEING…….that you truly are.

    Perhaps it is time you examine your belief system . Your authority still the Bible..?

    • For what it is worth, it is my understanding that when the Anunnaki procreated with humans, as we were then, to create a slave version of us to take over their work of mining gold in Africa to repair their planet’s atmosphere. Just as the earth’s gold that was left has been used to repair ours. One of the Anunnaki Brothers played a cruel trick and programmed us into a form of worship of him that we now relate to as Religion.
      Just as an ‘Evil’ Pope created the false Islamic faith to counter Christianity amongst the Arab nations.
      All religion is, in fact, fake, but ‘God’ knows how humanity will face up to the truth?

  • Pondering the wonder of neocon arrogance and their not seeming to give hoot one about being cornered in their hypocrisy and lying, the following quote from Karl Rove given sometime just after the SCOTUS coup d’etat in 2000 and reported some years later.

    NYT reporter David Suskind on statement by Karl Rove reported circa 2005/6.

    The aide said that guys like me were ”in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who ”believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. ”That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. ”We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

    Sooooo, the plan is/was tolie,liem, lie and do cya via owning the MIC/MSM and passing the Smith-Mundt Revisiomn Act in 2013…PROPAGANDA AND LYING BY OUR LEADERS AND THE GOVERNMENT WE TRUST WITH OUR FUTURE MADE LEGAL, right before our very eyes wide shut.

  • Dear Alexandra,
    I am not adequately informed to comment as Dr. Kent about money and its true purpose, but I do know with absolute certainty that that ‘Evil’ is slowly being overcome.

    I have explained before, that I have the advantage of seeing those with ’Evil’ personas, and believe passionately that that has been our biggest failing as a society, i.e. the inability to recognise ‘Evil’.

    We readily see the fall-out from their heinous acts, but we do not recognise ‘Evil’ in people’s faces. Think Hillary Clinton and the vast numbers of women whom still consider her almost a Saint. Another example is the current Pope, whom is, in fact, the true Anti-Christ!

    One can but hope that society will wake up, and fast. But God help us all if it does not!

    Please do keep up the good work Alexandra, but do not expect all to agree with your sentiments. For too many are influenced by ‘Evil’ and will never agree with you, or your determination to publish the truth, come what may.

    Christopher x

  • Money, one of the ways to harvest the natural resources, (us)

    And as our system is based on money that has nothing to back it up, it’s all in the make believe world…

    But try living without it, in this world.

  • It’s not just the Bible, it’s the ancient Egyptian Mysteries, The Vedas and others that mention the history of spiritual warfare. But, the uniqueness of Jesus’ message was reconnecting the dark world, disconnected from God by the rulers of this world, reconnecting us to God. And teaching us that He resides inside us all, if we only see.

    Greg Braden’s work on Nag Hammadi and the Dead Sea Scrolls includes the Isaiah Scroll, which show HOW the ancients prayed to connect with God. It is a very compelling testimony on how to pray and if you do it with one other loved person, you both open up the channel to the Divine and that true, emotional, faith-based is heard and immediately acted upon. You pray as if the prayer has already been answered

    Braden’s book is The Divine Matrix. It’s on audio if you prefer and need help quicker. It has worked for me as I was/and am still fighting, a similar situation.

  • I have listened to all I can stand. The amount of naivety displayed by ALL parties including off camera astounds me! As Brilliant as all of you are you are missing the Big Picture. First, the point we are the targets of genocide is right but the time delineated is in serious error!. Second, money is the means of enslaving others–that is The Purpose of what you call “money.” Time for you all to educate yourselves! READ THE BIBLE. Look carefully at its patterns.

    • Catherine survived years of torture from the US government (that’s what it was imo) so whether she is or was naïve is moot. She survived didn’t she? Not only that but she is now doing wonderful work.
      Your comment comes across as rather arrogant. Now perhaps I have read it wrong, perhaps you were not being arrogant. However, let’s assume arrogance unconsciously crept in. Then my comment is this: what part does arrogance have to play in a spiritual life? Why would it be there if the person has deeply apprehended the teachings of Christ?

      • Well stated Jem. Came across as arrogance to me too!

        The world seems to be full of arrogant people, whom think they know everything, but in reality, know very little.

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