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A federal judge has compelled Dennis Montgomery, developer of the Hammer and Scorecard software to testify about the data that he took and blew the whistle on: that John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the entire Cabal that took power after they assassinated JFK, they’ve been using supercomputers housed at a facility in Fort Washington, Maryland to “Rule the world through crimes against the United States of America.”

This, according to Pete Santilli, who explains that as part of Dennis Montgomery’s immunity agreement with the FBI in 2015, he handed over six disks of data to former FBI General Counsel James Baker – who later became Twitter Deputy Counsel.

This happened “In a SCIF, in Florida,” says Pete Santilli, who explains how this story fell in his lap, due to his association with Cliven Bundy, whose lawyer is also the lawyer of Dennis Montgomery.

Pete says of Fort Washington, “They built a separate NSA, Barack Obama did – and the CIA. Because the NSA is restricted. They’re part of our military. They can’t violate our Constitutional rights.

So what do they do? James Comey at Lockheed, John Brennan, he built a private organization, private contractor, they set it all up. They built a supercomputer and they set it up in Fort Washington, Maryland – and that man you just heard designed a system…that could surveil all of our enemies that were using encryption through pornographic videos, giving al Qaeda and ISIS all of their operational orders.

“This system was so powerful, to go get bad guys, it was so revolutionary that the government stole it from him and then started using it and pointing it towards the American People.

“This is in the court record. He discovered that when they stole his technology and then started using it, he put some bit of code in there to let him see how they were using it!

“And he was able to get into – and still, to this day – he’s that level of hacker, he has the highest level of security clearance, SAP [Special Access Program]…

“He has all of the data. He put it on disks, he went, in 2016 – and a large portion of those disks contained all of the evidence of the surveillance that they used during the Bundy Ranch Crisis. I have the serial numbers. Isn’t that interesting?

“But after 2019, this name came up and it was related to the attorney from the Bundy Ranch Crisis…this guy was part of my Bar Complaint against the attorney who screwed him and set him up for failure.

“What did James Baker do with all of the data? The computer system that Barack Obama accessed in the White House to Fort Washington, Maryland and was surveilling everybody? Nancy Pelosi was issuing Amazon stocks, she’s buying fricking votes in Congress, they were surveilling the Supreme Court.

“And let me tell you, I know where the evidence is against John Roberts. It’s documented. It was turned in.

“James Baker took that technology and guess what he did with it, Ladies and Gentlemen? You ready? He gave it to China. He gave it to China. He went to work at Twitter and guess what else he did?

“Miraculously, [The Hammer] was coming out; Mike Lindell stuff, what this guy and his work that he was doing, James Baker was at Twitter, suppressing it, suppressing it and suppressing it and Twitter knows all about it and Elon Musk knows all about it.

“Well, last week, a judge said – after years of litigation – Negroponte, the head of the DNI had asserted the Government State Secrets Privilege on that data and [the judge] said, ‘You cannot release this’.

“I have it on the court record, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve been verifying everything. The government attorney said all of this data is in the safekeeping of the Central Intelligence Agency. It’s with the OIG.

“Everything I just described to you is not conspiracy theory. Mike Lindell had a copy of it. It was in his safe; of all the disks. The whistleblower has a copy of all the disks. The Government has a copy of all the disks but it’s been kept under secret wraps, because the government asserted their authority and said, ‘You can’t’.

“During the Cyber Symposium, there were threats that they were going to drop in and fast rope down into the building, that if Mike Lindell showed a portion of it – what Mike Lindell had to do, under legal advice was he just had to take the bullets himself…

“He took all the slings and arrows and he filed all the data with the Federal Government and sought whistleblower protection. He doesn’t talk about it a lot but he has whistleblower protection and he’s been fighting in court and last week, a Federal Judge determined that you cannot put a national State Secrets Privilege on crimes perpetrated against the United States of America – and he has compelled [Dennis Montgomery] to testify.

“Do you understand this? How huge this is?

“That the election fraud that took place with China behind it? He has all the evidence. All the surveillance against the Bundy Ranch defendants and that whole operation? He has it. All of the blackmail that’s been done to seat Federal Judges, including the Supreme Court? He has it.

“All of the surveillance that they’ve done and the intrusions into your bank accounts and stealing your money and weakening you and social media influence operations against Barack Obama’s and the CIA’s political opponents. Tens of millions of Americans, surveilled and destroyed. He has all of it.

“Mike Lindell is partnered with him to bring this information forth. What is going to happen next month is bigger – and when Mike Lindell says this is the biggest event,, you have to go there and you’re going to receive a special invite.

“There are going to be millions of people on this stream. Get on that, because when people start finding out about all of this, literally – Mike Lindell is in a position right now, thousands of people are working with him. Election crimes are just a sliver of what Mike Lindell is going to do to save the United States of America. Mike Lindell is entrusted with this.

“The person whose voice you heard [Dennis Montgomery], despite all of the attacks against him has now been compelled to testify and there is no National Security State Secrets privilege, because you cannot keep National Security on crimes against the United States of America…

“[Dennis Montgomery] has entrusted Mike Lindell, because he’s a godly soul. I have been blessed with circumstances that brought me to this thing, not by happenstance, by Divine Providence.

“It’s all going to take place here on August 16th and 17th and you must enter your email address…You must share – and I mean, put everything you have into it:, referral code: PETE”

Everyone you see out there promoting MyPillow has helped Mike Lindell raise millions of dollars to obtain the data, to fight the lawsuits and to make the films. Pete says:

“What’s going to happen on August 16th & 17th, it’s for all the marbles. It’s going to literally save our country and the world…

“We’re not waiting till 2024 – we’re waiting on August 16th-17th., referral code: PETE

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • So you know who trained these terrorists, right?
    This is why I’ve been saying it’s unfair to just put blame on Islams even though I personally don’t like Islams (in fact, I dislike all religions, hypocrites and shills); however, not limited to Barrack Osama or the other Zio-Christians.

    And ya’ll not gonna send your real email, do ya?
    If you are intending to send email, make sure it’s an anonymous email address.

  • Seems, no matter how many smoking guns or receipts or witnesses, videos, evidence that is presented as an ends to a means – no one, is held accountable or responsible for the crimes past or present!

  • Hopefully the evidence will finally come out, so the line media can get slapped in the mouth.
    All these traitorous people need to be held accountable for their actions.
    No gitmo right in the front, White House yard.

  • WHen have we had optimism pumped up our ass before? My rectal injury meter is pegged out!

    Yes, we’ll see how this unfolds. Many reputations on the line (for me anyway) including Ms Bruce, Lindell, Forbidden Knowledge and other active participant. My sense is that this is likely to be another distraction as the creeping evil proceeds in darkness and deceit.

  • I noticed that Mike Lindell and President Trump, were standing directly under that British Flag, holding us under British Admiralty Law. Our flag doesn’t have gaudy gold fringe around it. Not Old Glory. She’s Red, White and Blue. Wake up people and rub your eyes and escape their spell. Thanks for allowing me to speak, Capt Joe Kelley.

    • Good on your eye-sight. Mine has not failed me, since 1963.
      DC is another way of letting the public be in the know; We have been put ass-under.
      Yet, few are seemingly, in the know or possible have a concern!

  • More ‘Hope Porn’? More Q-TARD schitt? Mmmm….yeah, I won’t hold my breath. We’ve HAD ‘all the date’ for the Election/Voter FRAUD……and what has happened? NOTHING!! Aug 16th & 17th will come and go, and…….NOTHING!

  • And: nothing will happen and none of the treasonous, seditious, murderous perps will face justice, and the Swamp will live happily ever after.

  • Best of luck to our friend Michael Lindell in this latest & greatest attempt to overturn the 2020 Coup. Michael, I know that you’ve prayed over this, but still, I hope that you are wearing your MyPillow ballistic armor.
    Your friend and fellow Ex-Dopefiend, the Wolf.

  • We know there is a war on American soil. These people collectively believe that America is full of bad people, European Americans are not sharing their wealth with others and a race to destroy them has been waged since 1996. The war is about race, communism and transphobia. It’s because these people who are not acceptable to America society.

  • Mike Lendel appears to be a great patriotic American. If he is so, I expect him to be very excited and supportive of the only American running for president, Vivek Ramaswami.

    Vivek is not Christian, but he is more moral and truthful than Trump, and all other politicians in history.

    • Vivek is just a wanna be Trump. We are a Christian nation, so that’s a big NO on Vivek for me. I’m an Independent voter, but I will vote for Trump. Trump WILL be the nominee.

      • Perfect response from a control Troll Bot. Vivek, thinks like an American, not a political Left Right mindless follower. Capt Joe Kelley.

      • The Elections are rigged and have been since the early 1900s!!!! Trump is controlled opposition like Elon Musk. And all this hoopla about not waiting till 2024 why do we need to wait till Aug 16 & 17th More BS.

        • Truth – Just a tactic to get your motor revvved for more BS in the coming days left or right of so called freedom.

      • This is the land of religious FREEDOM, not a goldamned theocracy. You and your ilk are enemies of the republic, as bad as the far left. I’ll be voting Trump again, but thanks for proving my point that the umbrella is broad and conservaturds like you cannot elect him without us. And whether he’ll lose for winning, once again, remains to be seen.

        • Jules, all due respect, we need to keep civil discourse – civil. It may give some temporary relief to vent anger at a fellow American, but it’s not helpful to the cause of liberty. We are not the enemy. Every people group is made up of people just like you and me, needing the same things, but thinking about it emotionally instead of rationally is counter productive. I claim to be a Christian, but what does that mean? It means as many wrong headed things as it does right headed. Religions are like that, including the religion of Darwinism. None of it is a slam dunk 100% sure bet. Humans choose what to believe, usually at the behest of other humans because our species is usually too intellectually lazy to do their own homework and the human mind is infinitely complex and untamed it is wild and prone to violence which manifests in diverse ways in which cunning professional politicians love to exploit for personal gain! There are some Christian sects that do not participate in elections because of this. Obviously I am not one of them, but not far either because my “belief” is to love my neighbor as myself as instructed which is benevolent, unselfish affection and that too obviously does not come easy! May G-d bless and guide you into all truth. JD

    • Vivek , Nikki Haley, Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Kamala Harris, and Tulsi Gabbard are not natural-born citizens and not qualified to run for president. Law of Nations, 1758 by Vattel wrote, Section 212; “The natives or natural-born citizens, are the children of parents, who are citizens in the country.

      • TRUTH be told – Not a true prez sinceeeeeee==========the first N/A-Blk pres (which is rarely, if ever acknowledged).

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