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    Dr Joseph Mercola of and  joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the COVID lockdowns as a trial run for a new engineered pandemic.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • What’s coming starting THIS FALL

      Visions of Glory
      The financial Structure of the world had completely collapsed every bank had closed down and money was worthless people were learning to trade and barter. Manufacturing and industry were at a virtual standstill. There were no raw materials and no money to pay the workers. Factories and global businesses shut down overnight.

      All of the utilities were in chaos. People tried to keep the necessities of life running but they were sporadic and mostly off-line. There were blackouts everywhere some of them lasting many months. Almost all water was not fit to drink because of acts of war against this country. People suffered everywhere.
      My flight across North America began in Salt Lake City. There had been a massive earthquake in that area in the fall of the year. I tried to determine what year it was to no avail.

      THE NEXT SPRING (2024)
      I saw that the next spring after the destruction in Utah there was another devastating series of earthquakes that occurred along the west coast of North and South America. The western coast of California, Mexico, and all the way to the tip of South America, was shaking so badly that much of it broke away from the mainland and formed a series of islands off the Coast. Major cities were shaking to the ground with inland areas suffering less damage.

      The earthquake sent title waves across the world. Europe sent large amounts of relief supplies to America after the earthquakes.

      About two months later, another earthquake opened up a narrow canyon approximately where the Mississippi River is now, though it deviated eastward what is it

      Mississippi presently merges with the Ohio river. It followed the Ohio into the great lakes. the Ohio river and the remainder of the Mississippi River Rerouted itself into this canyon. It created a huge new lake and river system approximately where the Mississippi river is now. This Canyon essentially created an eastern and western United States.

      Almost all of California was ruined, with less destruction further away from the coast. I saw that a great landmass had risen up into the gulf. Extended from Mexico to Florida and consisted of a few large islands that replaced the water of the gulf. I did not think to look toward Cuba. In some places the new land met Mexico, Texas, Florida, but there was also a large waterway separating most of the new land from America. (…)
      This great landmass created a tidal wave that did a great deal of devastation as far north as Chicago.

      I flew across the upper part of Florida and up the East Coast of the United States. The earthquakes had not reached here as strongly so the infrastructure was more intact. But there had been a biological attack and there was more death in the eastern and north eastern parts of the country then in those areas stricken by the earthquakes. I saw bodies stacked in town squares and cities abandoned because of the stench of death. there were marauding Bands of people plundering and stealing in every major city. they were murdering everyone they found to preserve remaining resources for themselves.

      Arrived to help restore order & bring supplies

      I Pet Goat II shows war coverage & dollar collapse hand-in-hand. It also shows CIA trained Muslims (Al Quaeda) attacking the USA on or near the Annular Eclipse on October 14, 2023. In response, The USA sends TR3B’s to bomb Al Aqsa mosque on Temple mound.
      Financial collapse on Friday the 13th October 2023?

      Then the EARTHQUAKES BEGIN, starting in Salt Lake City Utah, then the West coast of South & North America in Spring 2024 turning California into an island chain , then Fall 2024, New Madrid Fault ruptures with a MASSIVE Earthquake, dividing the USA into an EAST USA & a WEST USA, separated by an inland sea channel along the former Mississippi River. A REAL PANDEMIC 2.0 Starts in Florida and sweeps the nation.. a weaponized virus kills 50-80% of its hosts within 12-24 hours. Touch the puss, get the disease. Stacks of bodies in mass graves, picked up curbside under martial law.

      It is a Chinese Bioweapon & the soldiers coming to help restore order are vaccinated against the bioweapon, but variants defeat the vaccine.
      Earthquake damage with no power, transportation crippled, dollar crash, water poisoned & unfit to drink, clean food scarce, Islamic terrorists & roving gangs of marauders killing everyone they see.

      There will be NO 2024 “Elections”. We will be told to accept the NWO.. the government no longer exists.

      It only gets worse from there.. Tribulation, persecution, execution

      It’s time for the New Global Government to emerge.. Order out of Chaos.

      My prediction:
      On or near October 14, 2023
      CIA trained Muslims will attack the USA (Starting in NYC? During the annular eclipse?).
      The USA will have a financial collapse This October & we will go to war (Hand in hand). It appears the USA will bomb a mosque (AL Aqsa on temple mound?) in response. This will start a global Jihad, and open the area to Jewish 3rd Temple construction.

      Sometime this fall, the Wasatch fault line will rupture, causing an earthquake in Salt Lake City Utah.

      Utilities will be in disrepair & sporadic until they crash in the 2024 quakes.
      ALL WATER in the USA will be POISONED by acts of WAR & unfit to drink.

      The following spring (2024) The West coast of South & North America will be hit with “ring of Fire” earthquakes that break up California into an island chain and up the coast to Alaska.

      Several Near Death Experience accounts, alongside I Pet Goat II show me:
      In 2024, The earth will be affected by a celestial alignment where the earth passes between the sun and the 4 Gas Giant planets, which will cause gravity to tug on 2 sides of the earth, causing earthquakes.
      Sometime after the 2024 TOTAL ECLIPSE (which makes an X across the United States when combined with the last full eclipse path), there will be MASSIVE EARTHQUAKES (11.5 Richter Scale) that permanently alter the geography of the USA. The New Madrid WILL rupture and cut the USA into an EAST USA, and a WEST USA along the Mississippi River, which will become a 2-mile+ wide inland sea, running from the Great Lakes (the largest body of freshwater on the planet), to the Gulf of Mexico.
      Power grid down, food & clean water, medicine will be scarce. Roads & bridges broken. Commercial Transportation STOPS.
      See 80s US NAVY MAP & Christian psychic Edgar Cayce map.

      Then Pandemic 2.0 (mentioned by Bill G) will strike the USA with a WEAPONIZED smallpox type virus that kills within 12-24 hours. Body bags distributed & picked up full curbside. Mass graves.
      The UN, (including China, etc) will arrive to “help”, bringing food, water, and medicine and dispose of bodies. Martial Law implemented.
      We will be told the US government no longer exists.. Accept the NWO.

      The Chinese will have been vaccinated against the deadly virus before coming.
      When the Chinese leave, they take variant forms home with them & spread it globally. Their vaccine FAILS.

      Things get worse from there… exactly as the Bible foretells. A world government will form, the Son of Perdition will reveal himself, and Biblical Tribulation & Christian persecution will become widespread.
      It’s the Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 gang behind it ALL, along with the Freemasons underneath them.
      Their god is Lucifer.

      I may be wrong about the dates or they might change plans.. but something on this scale is coming soon.. this is the calm before the storm

    • Mercola’s and the interupters negatives aside, they both have seen through the state/MSM propaganda for a long time and have tried to equip people for what was obvious to them and to millions of us who were awake when the SHTF in 2020.

      It’s always about waking up the snoozers, the fat, dumb and happy majority who continue to indulge in crap nooze and snooze they feed on by permission when they snap on the visual media. Because if they don’t wake up – we ALL loose! They loose too, but they don’t know that.

      What Mercola offers, has always offered is natural alternatives to artificial health and wellness provided by the militant government/medical mafia. The signs have been in our faces for a very, very long time. So long there isn’t enough space here to list the offenses. But, we can note a few, beginning with forcing Americans to drink toxic industrial waste called fluoride. Well, not forcing you say? Think again if you are drinking city water in any big city you are consuming diluted toxic industrial waste whether or not you consented.

      Then there is the matter of aerosol contamination of the atmosphere we all breath with more industrial waste. For years the militant government industrial complex denied all of it, but finally had to back down a little bit by admitting to “geo-engineering”. What goes up must come back down and we breathe it and eat it.

      If any of this makes you sick, not to worry. This same complex has a plethora of artificial industrial remedies.

      Which brings this commentary to its closing hoax, the annual flu virus vaccine. A half century ago I didn’t wonder long why after getting a flu shot I got sick. I did my own homework and discovered the annual flu shot was like rolling dice. Sometimes they guess right, sometimes they don’t. Because viruses mutate all the time it is impossible to determine ahead of time exactly how they will mutate. It’s that simple.

      The natural remedy is to keep ones immune system healthy, practice known good personal hygiene and avoid unnecessary exposure. But you never hear this from the government/medical mafia, only from the likes of Mercola and that’s why they went after him!

    • Hi.
      I used to subscribe and read to Dr. Mercola , but I just can’t follow a man that buckles to the Elites.
      The ites scared Mercola so bad when I was a subscriber, yhat Mercola would have his articles automatically deleted in w4 hours,
      Which doesn’t allow you to share his articles if they’re deleted.
      And Why would anyone use Chase Bank which is Connected to Rockefeller, same with Bank of America,
      There are many Good websites that don’t automatically delete their content, and those are who I will choose to follow.
      Health impact. News did a great Review on a documentary that got hardly any notice else where called The eyes of the devil. Very real and true documentary about child trafficking.
      Stop world control is another that doesn’t delete their stuff.
      2025 , my money is on A Red Flag event tied tied to Super Yellowstone volcano in 2025,
      For a long time the magna was 12%
      To 18% liquid magna, it’s currently been at 35% Liquid Magna.

      • Yellowstone is acting up.. but it won’t erupt.
        Wasatch Fault near Salt Lake City isn’t far from Yellowstone. I Expect it to Rupture before years end.. Then Ring of Fire/West Coast, California earthquakes, Then New Madrid.

        There will be no 2024 elections as we know them.

        Russia & USA MASTERED how to cause Earthquakes using frequencies back in the 80s.
        NATO caused Turkey earthquakes.

        • Hi Scott,
          IF ya do Enough Research you can See Tesla had an earthquake machine in the 1920s ,
          The U.S. military Mastered the earthquake machine by the 1940s , there’s Newspaper articles that prove it.
          Way before the 1980s ,,

    • Personally he may be a nice person, and at least, he tried to speak out about what he thought he knew (however, doesn’t mean I agree with things said about “virus”).
      Yep it’s Alex Jones’s show, the speaker won’t have much freedom to say things.

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