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    After a couple of decades of experiments, Clif High has repeatedly verified something that was initially unexpected: that human beings, en masse are unconsciously psychic and that they begin describing and referring to future events between 6 to 10 weeks prior to their physical occurrence in 3D reality. With this principle in mind, he sends out web bots, which scour the Internet for public pages rich in posted language, runs them through his various programs, which somehow order this massive jumble of language and he produces a report.

    A strong message coming from the latest Web Bot report from Clif High is that the false numbers being propagated in the media will begin to fall in on themselves. This will not be a relaxing summer but one fraught with financial strife.

    Clif High subscribes to the “Expando Earth” hypothesis (as he he calls it). He believes that planet Earth is expanding in size, which will be responsible for volcanic and seismic activity that we’ll be seeing soon, especially in Japan and with the emergence of new lands from the ocean.

    Other symptoms of this will be unusually heavy winds and flash floods (there is language for “Wind Tsunamis”, which will disable many shipping ports, as these become clogged with floating cars for years to come).

    This is just a glimpse of it. It gets way hairier than this, with effects similar to those portrayed in the film, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, where the jet stream abruptly descends to ground level.

    There will be increased social unrest (which we’re already beginning to see) and many Government vs. Citizen scenarios.

    I personally see the Rio Olympics as an occasion for peoples of all nations to gather together, to hate their governments in perfect harmony!

    It looks like a crazy ride. This latest Web Bot Report is read to you by the English curator of the YouTube channel, “Silver the Antidote”.

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