This is a redacted clip from a 2012 episode of the SGT Report interviews Susanne Posel, Founder of Occupy Corporatism, popular blogger on and other Independent Media sites. I think it’s extreme and I don’t see the events described as happening; however I still think it’s worth considering. Forewarned is forearmed.

Although this clip is now 4 years old, it seems prescient, in the wake of Brexit and the social unrest we’re seeing throughout Europe this year. This is especially so, when Posel explains that, according to her sources at Deutsche Bank and in US Marines that during the Global Financial Meltdown of 2008, the United States’ economy should have collapsed. “We should have gone the way of Greece,” she says. However, “The global elite and the banking cartels put it off on the Eurozone.”

The plan became to collapse the Eurozone, in order to gain sovereign debt. She explains, “Sovereign debt is when you own the physical land. You don’t just own the buildings, you don’t just own the people and the money. They’re extracting wealth, so that the only thing left that the governments will have left to give them is the land that they own.

She states that the wealth that’s being extracted is financing this militarization of local law enforcement, which we’ve been seeing. The military exercises in US communities, such as the ones witnessed after the Boston Marathon, as “beta tests” for an imminent declaration of Martial Law, most likely due to a banking collapse.

She says these plans are not only for the US and that the goal is to implement Martial Law worldwide and to institute a global currency. Posel says that one sign that we can likely expect will be the announcement of the closure of all banks on a Friday, due to an alleged Internet virus that affects the entire banking industry. She says that the people will then have 72 hours to execute their plans to move to a place of greater safety, if their homes are not the safest place to be.

Personally, like the host, Dave I think the world is far too big and unwieldy for these plans to work globally but I do think that First World countries have a higher risk of seeing the occurrence of a scenario such as she describes.

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