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    Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen here addressing journalists from world news agencies during Russia’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), last June 17th, 2016.

    He explains that Russia is being provoked to a breaking point and that if the current situation continues, the outcome could be a devastating nuclear conflict.

    Currently, there are 31,000 NATO troops training for battle with Russia in the Baltic states, right along Russia’s western border. US drones are being piloted from Ukraine over to Crimea, which has been Russian territory since a 2014 referendum, in which 90% of voters chose to secede from Ukraine and return to Russia, of which it has been a territory off and on for approximately a millennium. Many of these drones have been shot down or hijacked via radio, as the frequencies on which they’re operating are open and they’re easily hijacked.

    The act of flying military planes over foreign territory without announcing yourself is a an act of war – yet, Russia has shown total restraint during countless provocations.

    These include the $5B of US tax dollars spent on destroying Russia’s neighbor, Ukraine, in a coup d’état which established a puppet “government” in Kiev, largely governed by blatant and open Nazis.

    Further, Putin complains that the US and Netherlands falsely blamed the shoot-down of the commercial flight, Malaysia Flight 17 on the Russian army, which he flatly denies. (There is a lot of proof to clear Russia in this tragic crash)

    Yet, Washington’s PR machine became the owner of the narrative in this series of tragedies. Bogus allegations of Russian ‘aggression’ caused economic sanctions to be placed on Moscow, aiming to de-link Europe’s economy from that of Russia and to weaken Russia’s energy dependent economy by denying it their export markets.

    The US State Department’s ultimate aim is to ensure that Europe remain dependent on Washington through agreements, such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which stipulates US gas shipments to Europe and oil from the Middle East.

    Russia had previously been making significant inroads into the EU markets with their gas and oil, whose sale is now prohibited under false pretenses.

    OPEC oil from the Middle East is sold in dollars and it supports the currency of US global hegemony.

    The mainstream corporate media in the West repeats the scripted accusations against Russia as fact, while ignoring the trail of unconscionable and ruthless devastation wrought by illegal US interventions in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, among others.

    The US has around 800 military bases in over 100 countries and military personnel in almost 150 countries. US spending on its military is more than that of the rest of the world, combined, outspending China by 6 to 1.

    US covert activity since the end of WWII has destabilized dozens of governments and resulted in the estimated deaths of between six and ten million people in the ‘developing’ world. The US has continuously broken agreements made with Russia/the USSR, over the past two decades by moving into Eastern Europe and encircling Russia, installing missile systems that aim toward it. Iran has also been surrounded with military bases. Pakistan has been completely destabilized, along with countries in Africa, the latter for the purposes of weakening Chinese trade and investment. Eventually, the goal is to ‘pivot’ militarily towards Asia and encircle China, as well.

    Washington’s endgame for Russia is to permanently weaken it so that it submits to US hegemony. War hawks, like Hillary Clinton are on record supporting so-called “limited” nuclear exchange. Washington actually believes it can win a nuclear conflict with Russia, no longer regarding nuclear weapons as a last resort but part of a conventional strategy, to be used pre-emptively.

    Unfortunately, most members of the Western public are unaware of this and believe the lies pushed by the Mainstream Media.

    Ask yourself what the US response would be if Russia had put its missiles in Canada near the US border and had actively destabilized Mexico and was planning on putting missiles there too – in addition to applying economic sanctions for ‘aggressions’ that the US did not commit?

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    • Now that there is a Biden Administration (same agenda as Obama but on steroids to make up for 4 years when things trended better and away from chaos) is in control, I would look for the danger of nuclear confrontation to be significantly higher. The same issues touched on in this video will also be aggravated and on steroids.

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    • No nation on this planet even approximates the US in its militarism, its endless wars, its more than 900 military bases in foreign countries and in the size of its military budget. While we are told the Pentagon’s budget is $600 billion, this does not include our atomic weapons(Dept of Energy), the coast Guard, the war budget is also separate and even the State Dept has its own military wing, that being so called contractors, AKA mercenaries. In fact, our military budget is closer to $1 trillion.

      In every area of tension throughout the world, it is the US that encroaches on the spheres of influence of other nations and then gets all bent out of shape when those nations dare to defend their territorial integrity and natural sense of security when a large and aggressive force is shadowing their border.

      If this nation wants peace, it needs to give up all pretensions of global dominance and live as just one of many nations and not see itself as the indispensable nation, D.C. code for endless militarism and subjugation of any nation demanding a say in their sense of security.

    • Amen Razam, very good and on the nails informations, and for most of Amerikans brainwashing starts in Gov. Skools and the Criminal Sewer Medias takes over……….Land of the “fleeced” home of the ‘ slave”

    • GREGG – commented “The author conveniently omits the fact that Russian troops invaded the Crimea” showing how much of a BRAINWASHED puppet he has become. CRIMEA WAS PART OF RUSSIA SINCE BEFORE THE USA EXISTED!! and yet he barks nonsense because of the deep ignorance most US Americans suffer. Crimea was given to Ukraine in 1954 by Russian leader Nikita Krushev without asking its inhabitants their opinion on it, and none in the West protested. HOWEVER,when in 2014 the Crimean people had a referendum to join Russia and won with 90% of the vote, NATO and the US rejected it as false while at the same time NATO quickly approved the referendum taken in Kosovo to separate against the willingness of the Serbian power center after the destruction of Yugoslavia by NATO. HYPOCRISY!!



      By reading most of the comments here I am sorry to realize the Western Corporate Media has brainwashed them to regard the Russians as the enemies, supposedly attempting to rebuild the Soviet Union.

      LISTEN TO Bill Perry A US EXPERT ON NUCLEAR WEAPONS former US Secretary of Defense for Bill Clinton — “Our chief peril is that the poised nuclear doom, much of it hidden beneath the seas and in remote badlands, is too far out of the global public consciousness. Passivity shows broadly” Bill Perry is not sleepwalking and he is telling us, in My Journey at the Nuclear Brink, to wake up before it is too late. “Perry’s authoritative memoir…is a clear, sobering and, for many, surprising warning that the danger of a nuclear catastrophe today is actually greater than it was during that era of U.S.-Soviet competition”

    • The author conveniently omits the fact that Russian troops invaded the Crimea, that Russian backed rebels in the Ukraine pulled the trigger on the SAM that destroyed the passenger plain, and that the Russian incursion into the Ukrain was made possible only because the USA convinced the Ukrain’s fledgling gov’t to surrender its USSR supplied nukes after the collapse.

    • I’m confused by these comments. Although not a fan, Putin seems to be attempting to make the press understand his perspective.

    • What a hypocrisy! a DEFENCE System an act of aggression! Russia simply can not be trusted. Its all history is a history of swelling, it is the last colonial empire (1/5 of the globe). It still has them because they are not oversees and it is ruthless toward all dissidents. Russian’s atrocities in terms of extermination is higher than the Nazi’s, and it was mostly not in the war zone and mostly towards their own citizens: both political purges, ethnic clensing and forced (to death) labour. All central Europe was brutally colonialized after the II WW and now it is scared, as Russia is thretning with a nuclear war. Putin can say and do whatever he wants, and act immediately as he is a de facto a dictator and Russia has no “public opinion” in the western sense. Only an idiot can think ,that the fat and lasy and so beautiful Western Europe would want to be a battle field. I lost many relatives in soviet massmurders (Katyn and others) and in the gulag. Unlike Germans. Russians have never confronted their crimes against humanity.

    • Obviously, we are being programmed and conditioned for yet another major war between the East and the West. Enlil and Enki are still at it, for over 6,000 years now. Get ready to die.

    • The US electorate has two choices for president: one who is determined to start WWIII and another who could easily blunder into a war. Whichever we choose, the world will remember that we chose the leadership that started WWWIII.

    • The United States should get out of the UN and quit funding it before the bastard lunatics get us into World War Three with the Russians

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