Today’s episode of Dark Journalist is about me and FKTV!

Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt interviews me, as we explore the myriad of topics covered on my site – including the forces which have endeavored to shut me down. 

We discuss the details of the film, ‘Vaxxed’ and the push for mandatory vaccines by profit-mad pharmaceutical companies, using paid politicians to enact the unconstitutional SB277 law recently ratified in California. This law removes the religious exemption from vaccination, infringing on the the US Constitution’s separation of powers between Church and State. 

We also discuss the frightening pattern in the deaths of holistic doctors associated with research on alternative cures for cancer, as well as the connections between the enzyme nagalase, autism, cancer, vaccines and immune system collapse.

We discuss the movie ‘Vaxxed’, with its devastating revelations from CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson and the actual reasons why this film was pulled from several film festivals.

We talk about the use of false flag events and the divisive tactics being propagated in the media to shape a narrative of a centralized authority to provide new security solutions which would serve to further erode the legal structure of the US.

We discuss the breakthrough alternative health documentary, ‘Heal For Free’, starring Edgar Mitchell, of which I was a producer, based on ancient wisdom, now newly-understood about the benefits of grounding with the Earth. In a University of Florida (Gainesville) study, skin contact with the Earth was found to reduce inflammatory disease in 95% of the cases studied.

‘Heal for Free’ contains the last major interview with Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who recently passed away but who left behind stunning testimony on his knowledge of the UFO issue and his message that we need to bring an end to the and wall of secrecy around this vital subject.

Since most reading this newsletter are subscribers of Forbidden Knowledge TV, you’ll probably be interested in seeing the person behind the website and the writer of the missives that arrive in your inbox ever day. Hello!

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  • Great to see and hear you Alexandra! Thank you for an excellent interview. Look forward to more.

  • Terrific! It’s wonderful to see and hear you, at last! I’ve been subscribed to FKTV for several years and had A LOT (maybe 85%) of your videos and many others, including hard to find documents, from other alternative news and video sites, downloaded on my 1.5Tb external drive, but at the end of last year *I* suffered a ‘coincidental’, catastrophic failure of just that drive. The ‘coincidence’ derives from the simultaneous deletion of many of those same videos from YouTube; as much as 60% of MY YouTube ‘library’ is now missing! I know it could really be mere coincidence, but I recently read about the research that the NSA is doing to ‘take complete control of the internet’ and ‘Targeted Pulsing’ to scramble, crash, and erase data being held on external devices, connected to ones PC is on the agenda. I don’t remember where, on the internet, I saw the memo–could have been wikileaks, but I’m not sure and I sure as hell ain’t saving anything, anymore, as I don’t trust the replacement drive sent to me by Seagate! Anyway, I’m so grateful that you’re still here, stimulating my deductive reasoning centers and feeding my addiction for intelligent, alternative viewpoints! You ROCK! MelJ

  • A lot of people obsess on his lack of eye-blinking and I don’t know if it’s to distract from the content of his great interviews. I did pay attention to his blinking – and it’s true – while he DOES blink – it’a very few and far between. I’ll tell him to blink more to get people off of this BS deflection campaign against is excellent content. I know he wears contacts. I’ve met him in person and he’s not a borg or anything. Maybe he’s just being intensely focused when he shoots his interview questions. I know that when I’m working on the computer, I forget to blink and I end up with dry red eyes. Renate – thanks for the lead on Dr. Moulden!

  • Sorry RICK. I see what you mean. However you need to ask Daniel Liszt about that. I’m focused on the conversation and information, which I’m thankful for.

  • Alexandra Bruce, you are young, beautiful and smart. I use to be young beautiful and stupid, now as I’m a grandmother of 5, and learning history all over again and the truth. (like “hungry for more truth ”) I can’t believe how most of the population were/are sucked into lies as I learn more. Sad, they just don’t know, or don’t want to know.
    So grateful for your present and knowledge.

    There’s also another doctor the evils killed. Dr. Andrew Moulden. You’ll find him on under “featured articles”. Watch “medical mysteries solved” first. This young doctor broke my heart. All alterative doctors that were killed broke my heart, but Dr. Moulden made it every simple for people to see what was going on. You can feel the honesty, the truth. Have his videos everywhere on my computer files so not to lose them. Maybe you can pick-up his stuff and make it new, bring it forward, before it all disappears. What’s really amazing; it shows the difference between vaccined people and unvaccined (like the bush famiy) and much more.
    Moulden said “They’d give me a million dollars to look at genetics. I didn’t get a dime to look at Vaccine Safely. Scientists, ostriches, heads in the sand, I looked; we have some answers….. “
    In his videos you will also see Moulden with a younger Dr. Wakefield, they worked together.
    There are also 3 or 4 personal interview videos a must watch for more insights. i believe these young kids keep posting his stuff.
    I know you’ll be able to see all the small details that needs to be bought forward. But that’s up to you I know.

    sincerely renate-maria: summers

  • Why does this guy never blink? I have never seen a human that can do this. Is he human? It is so eerie!


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