This audio recording of a October 2018 phone call between Greg Penner, Chairman of the Board of the Walmart Corporation and Hunter Biden was found in the latter’s “Laptop from Hell”.

The two were classmates at Georgetown University, graduating in 1992.

They discuss “pulling the trigger” to influence the 2020 election, to stop President Trump and the Trump movement, as well as influencing the Democratic primary.

Hunter says, “The overall objective here is to stop, not only Donald Trump, but to stem the tide of what Donald Trump represents in the political process for the future of this country, which, to me is way more dangerous than I ever thought it could be.”

As CD Media reports, the Laptop from Hell contains emails, in which:

“A. RHB [Robert Hunter Biden] asked to discuss a confidential matter with Penner, stating “That’s best not to be done by text or email.” (11 August 2017)

“B. In a solicitation email Greg Penner asks RHB to “…visit with you about some options I’ve been working on for the 2020 election…” (6 April 2018)

“RHB Laptop contains SMS text between Greg Penner and RHB (16 March 2019) with RHB stating:

“He is available tomorrow after 4pm EST if you are. He looks forward to speaking and would gladly meet whenever your schedule and his allows. Give me call [sic] so I can fill you in on at least my reasons for not replying to you until now. Best, Hunter”

“Penner offers for “John” (??) to meet with Joe Biden. RHB insinuates it would be “too dangerous for John” and Joe Biden to meet.

“Additionally, RHB states, in the call with Greg Penner, that he was approached by Nick Rohatyn (Chairman of…Rohatyn Group) as a secondary option to handle the ‘situation’.”

Until 2017, Greg Penner was on the board of Baidu for 14 years. Baidu is the dominant internet search engine company in China, with features and services are similar to those of Google and also like Google, it censors search results and other content in accordance with Chinese regulations.

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  • Our LOVE that live in Heaven let us sooth our humans whom believe the dream is real and awaken them from all fear and guilt and let them be relieved from false perception that they may see the happy outcome of all things…….in the name of LOVE….Amen!

      • Linda. We are in the dream right now. In reality you are spirit and will return to your real (spirit) world. The earth plane (3D) is a school you are attending for lessons in polarity and physical learning.

        • Alice, Thank you for responding. I’ve heard this sort of conversations on another site. What I don’t get is the physical part, are you saying that when we feel pain or bleed it is not real?

          • Yes. Physical everything is what we are experiencing because we are now in a denser vibration where we can feel things. That’s what this learning area is about. Imagine creating your thoughts into physical matter. But unless you choose to stay in physical forever you should keep evolving into higher vibrations of spirit. Christ Ascension.

  • Speaking of Walmart
    anybody heard of underground tunnels connected to Walmart building?
    saw some clip, and wondering how much truth in it

    • No, but heard that airport built in Arkansas by Bill Clinton was built for the sole purpose of drugs coming in & then being distributed throughout the United States by Walmart Trucks.

  • I feel the ‘TIDE” is turning. What about you?

    The trolling is heavy on this one. Who the fook is Hunter Biden?

  • The dangerous people here are the Biden administration, and the other Democrats who want to bring our country down. Nancy Pelosi is a big clown, And anti-American player in all of this.Do I need to say that Obama is also a player behind the scenes? Donald Trump has been the best president that America has had in the modern history of our country. Donald Trump is for the people, and our country. He is not for himself as most Democrats have been and still are for themselves and not our country.

  • Femamart has become the deep states supply chain connecting the suppliers to the tunnels .
    Having converted a large number of the stores to holding pens with the security of a prison. When they finally get us tangled up in the war they so desperately want they will run to the bunkers without us safe and supplied so we can fight it out slave against slave . It really is a two tier system that most of us are not a part of. This is their idea of Armageddon since the depop agenda has failed and people are waking up.

  • I actually DID listen to all of audio tape. It’s kind of a nothing burger – a CEO of a major corporation (Wal-Mart) offers to assist a political ally (Biden) in the takedown of a political rival (Trump). Nothing really new or surprising. This works both ways.

    • It’s not a nothing burger when a top exec describes a course of action involving treason .
      It is clear from the tone and context……. They were conspiring to defraud the presidential race. If they were honest the language would be far more open. It is clear that this is a message to the other s to hand themselves in.
      The election fraud will be dealt with after the treason with the CCP and the slaughter of 760000 American lives with the death vax.

  • This transcript is but one side of the proverbial coin. What’s heard by me resonates from within the old adages that: “money talks, it’s who you know not what you know, where there’s a will there’s a way, tell a lie big enough and long enough and people will believe it, its the winners of war that write the history books”, and my personal favorite: “everything changes but the follies of man”.
    You want my opinion? What’s in it for me?

  • This is war….the song on the internet ,soz ,I can’t remember the Musicians.chexk it out.
    This is a message to the people ,to the profane,good and evil ,
    From the soldier to the civilian ,from the matyr to the victim,
    From the victor to the vanquish,from the pariah to the messiah,
    This is war,this is war,
    From the right to the left we will fight to the death
    To the edges of the earth,from the last until the first,
    In this brave new world we will fight ,we will fight
    This is the moment of truth,the moment to lie
    It’s the moment to live and the moment to die
    This is war.
    I have head injuries and Asperger’s and although people think I’m a great amazing musician blah blah blah I m unable to use a songbook and read music so it’s all in my head so I’m thinking I’ve mixed up some song from ten years ago about war generally ,not this new genocide/ Shoah.
    It’s as if God almighty is offering these diabolical miscreants a chance to turn themselves in . As is true religeons and spirituality …..we known there cannot be any redemption unless their is forgiveness.
    It will take even more forgiveness than humanity has ever forgiven in the past to heal us all after the destruction and misery and pain.
    This recording seems like someone’s carefully sending a message to these monsters….Last chance saloon for these monsters. Free will is always offered us. We each have the divine authority to choose,good or evil. The right or wrong side of history is our choice.

  • How can a complete crack head speak so clearly ? The worst part is this scumbag really seems to think he’s a patriot by the sound of it. What a piece of 💩 that whole family is! He feels he is a patriot while hauling bribe money all over the world and lining his pockets to spend on strippers!

  • Just think that politicians make up bullshit stories for us to play around and expect one does better than others.

    They are the same coin!

  • Didnt listen to audio,dont need to,hes a traitor to us and all humans who enjoy G.d given basic sovereignty.Hope hes dead.Who heard that Blackrock’s ceo,Fink told W.mart corp. Last year or earlier this year to stop selling guns and ammo?????This is from verifiable,reliable source.Operation Lockstep,Popeye,Bluebeam,Gardenplot,Dark Winter,Cyclops,Teardrop,Blackjack.Teardrop= nukes in U.S. Cities to allow ILLEGAL U.N. INVASION.peterdavidbeter.o,,dr.judywood.crichardlighthouse.c,dr.huldaclark.o,royalrife.o,cryptogon.o,kim goguen,TheinformedAmerican.o,Patriots4Truth.o,corporaterapsheet.o,[email protected],,,Brandnewtube.c,,Truth11’c,Theorionlines.o,ascensionglossary.c,Stopthecrimes.o,david marshall,Andy Basiago,astronaut,and CIA asset in Project Pegasus with Barry Soetoro/Obama,prescription rxs in feoengineering mists,fogs,fakeclouds since 1950’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,Richie from Boston on rumble,disclose,bitchute,freedomtube.The Kalergi Plan.Bush=Scherff=Nazi.Clinton was bloodline R.child as was Zuckerberg.CLINES ARE REAL AS are dracos,mantids, of Destiny.Marduk.Urantia.PRAY FOR GUIDANCE,PROTECTION,PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bbbb . . . ,

      You’ve mentioned U R A N T I A, at end
      of 2nd-to-last line, in your CRYPTIC rant,
      which large book/text is of interest to this
      scrabbler, having studied it for several

      Urantia is a bit oppositional to the SALVIFIC
      purpose of Jesus’ sacrifice—for our re-
      demption, treating HIM as mere teacher in
      the historical record of our HUMAN germ

      In any case, you’ve PACKED so much in
      there, maybe you’d UNPACK it here!,
      writing in clear, non-cryptic, text every
      idea you thought to impart to us.



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