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Back by popular demand is Like Rudkowski’s ‘What the Hell Happened Last Week’.

In this clip, Luke gives a breakdown of the latest news from last week. We go over the arrest of South Korean President, Park Geun-hye, the unrest in Paraguay after senators voted in secret to amend the constitution, allowing President Horacio Cartes to run for another term, the Mike Flynn immunity deal scandal and a major global move which may signal the end of the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • QTpie n Elle…good points both. Also calculate in that neither country, nor the BRICS alliance has enough gold to back all their oil transactions, let alone general goods. They have decades of diligent adherence to their alliance before they begin to dent the dominance of the dollar.
    Nothing of the scale needed to bring down the buck can happen over night…consider that the entire industrialized world is juggling trillions in DEBT, which has to be unwound before the BRICS move even begins traction…debt runs the economic of the whirled, not gold.

  • Surprised to hear about Russia & China getting united to use gold as payment. Both have been a member of the BRICS countries for some time now. Their purpose is to reject the $ and use gold as payment. Personally I think this is the reason the US have been at Russia with so much insistence in a move to bring them back to the fold

  • Walmart recently has recently INVESTED millions of dollars in cash recycling machines (estimated cost $100,000 for each machine). Almost every one of their stores now has one. The corporation would not have INVESTED that much money if the dollar was going away in the foreseeable future. If the dollar is dying then so is Walmart. The cash recycling machines don’t accept gold. It accepts paper dollars and cheap metals only.

    • LOOK BENEATH THE SURFACE of the propaganda.

      It’s true that the US’s public spending behavior can be indicated by Walmart because they have an enormous market share. However, it does not mean Walmart has control over other countries’ policies and behaviors. Consider also that a death knell is often preceded by a surge of effort to save the dying party and stave off anticipated negative changes (MacDonalds, SEARS, et al).

      Three things to consider.
      1–People who regularly shop at Walmart prefer cash to credit cards–a socioeconomic issue–making cash machines appear, on the surface, to be a win for customers. Mr. Wall began his stores in rural America to give lower socioeconomic areas a store at which to shop when there was none. It was a great idea. He was a responsible man. He loved his business, visited every store each year until his death, talked to his employees directly, fixed problems business wide and was quite loved. His successors–NO. They are about profit to shareholders, not altruism.

      2–Every credit card transaction costs Walmart. Extrapolate that cost across their empire. Count the 100’s of millions of dollars on their books as a deficit to shareholders bringing down revenues. Installing cash machines cuts their loses and provides one avenue to stabilize a drop in market share–for a while. Cash machines cost the customer, not Walmart. Investors see this change as a win as profit rise.

      3–Every new ATM transaction pads the pockets of the banksters. I am unfamiliar with the actual percentages, but based on the move, the banksters are profiting more from direct ATM transactions. As stated, Walmart holds a great deal of economic power. Contracts are cut by banks with market giants to benefit profit producing parties and their third party businesses (cash machine giants), not the public. Banksters nor business giants are altruistic.

      Do not believe the things you see/read/hear as static truths–THINK. Where monetary interests are concerned there is only one rule–follow the money. Luke and those like him attempt to do this by digging out truths that have been negated, changed or glazed over by the MSM mouthpiece.

      Case in point, Pamela Anderson dating Assage rather than Assage’s possible change of residence and threatening arrest by US authorities should a political change occur. What do you think is more worthy piece of news? A clearer example cannot be stated.

      • My point is WM execs didn’t invest that kind of money because they believed the dollar is going away anytime soon. In fact, I believe that they believe their investment is going to make them a better company, and in doing so, the investment will be returned five or ten years down the road. I highly doubt they the investment was made as a last ditch effort to save the company.

        It’s true that Wamart does not have control over another countries policies, however China and Walmart like one in the same- If China dumps the dollar they also dump Walmart.

        • China and Walmart go together like a horse and carriage. If China decides to dump the dollar, they simultaneously dump Walmart. Walmart’s investment in the very expensive cash recycling machines proves the dollar isn’t going away anytime soon.

          • I don’t know why there link to reply to your recent comment, Elle.

            Yes, I believe what I say. Especially the part about how if China dumps the dollar they simultaneously dump Walmart. It makes sense. Walmart isn’t going gold anytime soon due to pape money and cheap coin recycling machines.

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