Marine Le Pen here being interviewed by a “journalist” from CNN France and braces against her leading questions. Exasperated, she finally says,

“You want war at all costs! What is your problem? You want to go to war! Do you like war? You want conflicts – you want us to start World War Three!…At the moment no one wants to go to war with anyone…I’m happy to go into all the hypotheses, but no one is going to war with anyone – no one wants to go to war with anyone else…There was a territorial conflict with Ukraine – these things happen…Now it has to be resolved diplomatically, and I think France’s voice has weight as long as France is France, not a region of the EU…Honestly, if you’re trying to say that Russia is a military danger to European countries, I think you’re mistaken in your analysis.”

The BBC is the Mainstream News on steroids and Marine Le Pen, although coming from a French Right Wing political dynasty, she has been met with bureaucratic blackballing and similar challenges in the French- and European press as Trump is having in the US – and for the same reason: The Mainstream Media in France (and all NATO-, Commonwealth- and Latin American countries) is controlled by that Deep State faction that wants a one world currency, run by the Central Bankers headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.

THe Banksters don’t care how this is achieved but large blocks, like the EU, NAFTA, Mercosul, ASEAN and others make this goal easier to achieve. However Le Pen makes it clear that she wants a Frexit for a sovereign France.

We are living in interesting times!

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  • Lol, Le Pen really made that Zionist puppet BBC reporter squirm in her mire of warmongering BS.
    I never thought I would support the NF, but Marine Le Pen is really the peacemaker as far as I can see. She’s going to win, my money is on her.

    • I agree completely. Never before would I have voted in a LE PEN, but today, Marine has my vote She is making perfect sense, constantly, her message does not waiver.
      But I daren’t tell anyone I’m pro Le Pen, because the shit <would hit the fan. The same about Trump. If I told anyone here (minus one or two of my clients) that I'm Pro Trump, that would be the end, curtains to my work.
      PEOPLE ARTE BLIND!!!! `deaf!!!! and of course DUMB!!!!

  • Viva La French! Or, something to that effect. The only ones that would benefit from war would be the “Banksters”, and they don’t fight, they pay someone else to do it, and with money made from air.

    • One more question, why were the banksters, and Ford never charged with treason after the second world war? They both supplied to the Nazi’s one with “money” and the other with assembly lines. Yeah, I know, they didn’t know what they were up to. Crock of it too.

      • AND, the general populace is so conditioned they can see past last week, let alone remember it. WWII? That’s history and forgotten. Nothing learned.

  • If we do ever manage to throw off the bankster controllers off our collective backs, and imprison them for life with no parole and conviscate their ill-gotten monies, the next to be arrested are the criminal “journalists”. Those greedy pathetic liers need to suffer for the evils they have helped perpetuate. Did you notice the interviewer’s body language? She is fully aware that she was given a slant to push. How do these people live with themselves? I once read that genetic psychopaths are drawn to journalism as well as other obvious professions such as politics.

  • Go Marine! Someone who has a public presence needed to blast these MSM asses back to the slimy hole they climbed out of. The money lenders want complete slavery for the world’s population. THAT is not in doubt. If the sick banksters have to use a false flag ignition to start an artificial war in order to complete “their” vision of a perfect world they will certainly try. More public figures like Marine need to speak out. War is not a who’s-side-are-you-on issue. WE, THE PEOPLE, DO NOT WANT WAR! War is formulated to drain individual and public funds, make the bankster buddy population richer and maim/kill the rest of us.

    BANKSTERS: I don’t hear you calling out to, “GIVE ME SOME DEATH!” Huh? Cowardly curs.


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