Grindall explains how “Net Neutrality” is to the “Internet Freedom and Privacy” as “Obamacare” is to “Affordable Healthcare” as the “PATRIOT Act” is to “Patriotism and honoring the US Constitution”.

The US Government’s names for legislation in recent decades has invariably meant the opposite of what they, in fact enact.

He says that the Mainstream News TOTALLY does not report the facts accurately and as a result, most of us are very misinformed about the March 7, 2017 legislation that overturned so-called “Net Neutrality”. The December 2, 2016 Act has been promoted by NGOs that were financed to the tune of $200M by the Ford Foundation and George Soros, which are fronts for the CIA.

Let’s get real: “Net Neutrality” or no, everybody knows, from the revelations of Snowden and WikiLeaks’ Vault 7, that Internet privacy DOES NOT EXIST! Facebook can track your browser history, even if you don’t have a Facebook profile and Google knows much more about us than Facebook could ever hope to know. The US Government has allowed these so-called “private corporations” to track your every move on the Internet, including facial recognition and GPS.

The unfathomably invasive dragnet surveillance of the NSA and CIA escalated more wildly while under Obama than at any point in US history and he did nothing to rein this in during his tenure in office. Do you *really* think he was looking out for the American people, with the passage of the Net Neutrality Act?

Grindall claims that by overturning “Net Neutrality”, Trump has overturned a George Soros agenda to shut down free speech and the Alternative Media on the Internet.

New FCC Chairman, Trump-appointee Ajit Pai has long been against Net Neutrality. Pai and his position have been painted in a very unfavorable light in the Mainstream Media – as well as by yours truly. I retract my former position. Pai believes that Net Neutrality makes the US Internet more vulnerable to outside control.

Grindall explains how both Obama’s handing over of ICANN to the UN and the December 2, 2016 passage of the Net Neutrality Act preceded this eerie pall that’s been cast upon the Internet, whereby is it is now more censored than at any time in its history.

He says, “What’s going on here is that back in 2015, Obama attempted a power grab of the Internet, gave away our control of the Internet to the United Nations and set all this up, so that Hillary could rule over us with an iron fist.

“Hillary did not get elected and Trump is undoing Obama’s agenda…STOP BELIEVING THE MEDIA! Don’t fall for deceptive titles, like ‘The Affordable Care Act’, like ‘Net Neutrality’, like ‘Protecting the customers of broadband’.

“It’s a trick the government plays on you, to keep us all asleep.”

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  • So sorry for your loss, Alexandra.
    As for the video, I didn’t really feel that the guy did a good job of making his case. He seemed more concerned with the players than the actual content of the various regulatory actions. I didn’t find it very convincing or even logical.
    Hope you take a little time for yourself. Will send you healing thoughts and energy.

  • I’m not sure I care any more, it’s like our cell phones, if you have one, you are being tracked, as well as being exposed to radiation from it. If you use the internet you are being tracked, as well as being censored. I know someone who has been censored, eh, Alexandra? But we must keep going forward, over the hills through the ditches, around he detours. It seems he only way not to is to either work for the CIA, the NSA, or a few other alphabet soup agency’s. The government stopped working for us a long time ago, like about when Ike was president. Then JFK was going to get rid of the Federal Reserve, started printing US dollars, and the CIA snuffed him. Since that time WE have been trampled under foot. Think Positive! And don’t believe everything you hear, I know, time to go, before I’m censored.

  • grindal is a frothing anti-liberal…ALL that he spews in this piece attempts to hand all things teaparty thugs hate most…Nigger Obama, touchy-feely libtards, government oversight.
    He actually attempts to make us believe that corpses, the intel community and the authoritarian alphabets have nothing to do with anything and the tRumps are the good guys…grindal is full of vapid shite by attempting to NEVER MENTION WHO IS REALLY BEHIND INTERNET CONTROL…follow the money and he rants follow your emotional prejudices and political misnomers…tRump, a good guy? Yow, I’m surprised you gave this space AB…

    • I don’t agree with everything I post. It was a point of view I hadn’t considered.

      I railed against Trump’s overturning of Net Neutrality a few weeks ago.

      Also, I posted this yesterday, during the hubub, as my mother was taking her last breaths, as organ failure from a 7-year bout of metastatic cancer finally overcame her. She passed away at 12:10AM this morning. Many members of my large family flew from all over the world to be with her during her final days.

      • My Heart is with you in this sad time…my dad transitioned when I was in my early 40’s and mom made it to my mid 50’s…it’s a gulper and along with my middle brother, several relatives I was close to, several pets, dog n cat, the reality of this dimension becomes only more intense.
        But hey, your mom’s grip gave out because it was her time and there sure is an end to the physical agony she was going through…ah-men.
        I once sub’d to grindel, but he is just too stuck on us n them…the reality of that mind game is far too acute for him to be taken seriously.


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