Robert David Steele explains how the US Deep State controls domestic and international politicians through bribery and blackmail and and he offers his Open Source Intelligence solution, which would cut intelligence budgets by 75%.

He says that people around the world recognize that our common enemy is the Deep State.

Steele defines the workings of the Deep State thus:

“The Deep State begins with the Rothschilds and the Vatican. They have had financial power since time immemorial. The Rothschilds were instrumental in setting up central banks. These central banks are the means by which private interest control public interests. They manipulate interest rates…[most] billionaires make their money by manipulating interest rates, by manipulating foreign exchange rates, by starting wars, to drive up the price of oil, so that Goldman Sachs can make its futures back.

“The Deep State is about bankers, including religions – the Vatican, particularly – but also the Jewish religion, as manipulated by the Zionists in Israel, Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism are part of the Deep State – and then you have the complicit media, complicit academics and then you have the secret intelligence services that are using their powers to spy on politicians and blackmail; [spying on] the politicians on behalf of the Deep State.

“That’s why electoral reform is so important and I will tell you very sincerely, I really believe in truth and reconciliation. This is extremely important; that you do not back jackals into a corner, especially billionaire jackals…what you have to do is offer them an exit strategy: ‘Get out of our way. Let us create peace and prosperity for everybody and we will not come after you for vengeance.’

“If they don’t agree, then they’re going to start to die. The Chinese are already starting to kidnap Chinese billionaires and bringing them to justice. The Rothschilds are next, if they don’t understand that the time has come.

“Bill Clinton has been on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” [26 times, according to Epstein’s flight logs], which is the pedophile island, run in the Caribbean. Hillary Clinton [has gone 6 times, too according to the flight logs] – always traveling separately. They have different tastes. Lolita Island has something for everybody and it’s wired for video and audio.

“[Convicted pedophile] Jeffrey Epstein has every major us politician on video doing something terrible – probably to a child or to multiple people. The bottom line, here is the United States government has become so corrupt, that the time has come I think to clean the crap out of the stables and start over.”

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  • I hope he is right, these criminals need desperately to pay with their lives if they do not back way off, and quit screwing around with the lives of the world’s people!

  • I don’t think any of us can rely on a person in politics to ‘fix’ things because the corruption goes so deep within the entire political system. Just the word ‘politics’ should tell us that. Besides, politicians are not capable of fixing things. It’s not their mindset. If a person in the White House actually was running the show, and actually did want to bring prosperity, peace and a clean environment, then that person would be looking for designers, engineers, and problem-solvers for suggestions, and the People would be encouraged to take responsibility for what they do. What we continue to see instead are bankers, military, and more politicians for suggestions. Instead of sending our soldiers to war, why not train them to be problem-solvers for infrastructure, environment, and social engineering that takes everyone into consideration?

    Pie in the sky, I know because until people en masse decide that ruling over others is a bad idea because it’s never worked, we’ll keep seeing the same movie over and over again until life is gone from this planet. That’s my take anyway…

  • Humanity still has a choice. That choice is to have a thriving peaceful world or to cease existing altogether. I would choose to have a thriving peaceful world. Peace is the only way to a positive outcome for humanity.

  • Nothing he says is news to me or likely to anyone here. I’ve been writing about the same subjects, in the same vein since Pedo-Gate broke last year. And I agree with Jon (below) on this one. It’s very hard to trust someone who spent their life butt-deep in corruption and criminal activities. All we can do is listen, maintain a completely open mind, assimilate any new information when it arrives and critically review every morsel of it.

  • The interviewer (in my opinion) should do away with saying “mmm” each time Mr. Steele says something. It kind of sounds like he’s eating something really, really tasty. It takes away from what Mr. Steele is saying.
    I really like Mr. Steele and his ideas. Some of them may sound undoable, but his heart, I believe, is in the right place.

    • I too found the journalist’s noises disturbing. Mr. Steele has interesting things to say and his interview should not be disrupted each couple of seconds by useless sounds. It is simply unnecessary and annoyingly distracting.

  • Smart and as articualte as Steele is, it’s always a challenge to trust people who spent their lives working for an agency which specializes in deception and subversion. Plus, beware there is a huge difference between electoral reform and election reform, the latter of which can be accomplished without amending the US Constitution.

    The former of which is intended to eliminate the electoral college which would likely throw the non-coastal states into revolution against the densely populated states which would then be in a position to lord it over the others. They nearly already are doing it, so we don’t have to wonder if they would use that newly found power.

  • ROFLMAO…DONALD TRUMP BARNSTORM AGAINST HIS PEOPLE??? I only continued listening due to your write-up. Glad I did as he does call out some solid dot connections with real common sense. Up-ending the banksters and the MIC is one each giant hurdle…due to tRump’s packed with private interests cabinet and Steele’s assertion that tRump made his money honestly does fly in the face of credibility…AND his entire take is republican in nature as he impales the dims over and over…final judgment, shill doing the 90-10 see eye ayy trick…90% truth, 10% spin.

    • When Steele came to the media, I was both impressed and my skepticism kicked in fast. Where did this guy come from? Do we have the truth on him, do we know his past, or, like Obama, is he a “creation”? It appears to me that the PTB tend to bring out new people to deal with the fact we, the outsiders, are getting to know the depth and quality of corruption in the US and world. These new stars, si vous plait, are people who are the fixers, those who deal with varying hot spots in the world of the controllers. They are kept in the backgrounds acquiring educations, experiences, and notice how many came from the intelligence networks. Steele, as he was aptly described, has a mission to complete. We cannot fully obtain full confidence in somebody like Steele merely because he is too good to be true. This guy, while accomplished, gives me tinges of the woollies from time to time. I say “what if”? Is he blackmailed? Why would his former employers let him spill too many beans without taking him out? Snowden and Assange are considered CIA plants, Steele? Be careful around Steele, we can’t get to know him overly well and that necessitates extreme care.

  • Everything he says makes sense and is intelligent. But WHY is he pretending that Donald Trump wants to do good in the world, or is intelligent, or even sane????


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