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    Vivek Ramaswamy joined Chase Geiser on his One America podcast.

    Vivek Ramaswamy a patriot.

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    • All of these should have been closed while Trump was POTUS, but no he didn’t do anything with these orgs. Why has Trump never told truth abt vax being poison? Why does he say Pence is a good man? Why did Trump push the vax early on during scamdemic? How could he not know who Fauci was and his past? Why is most everyone he got appointed or elected turned on our country? Why did he not have Clintons investigated and locked up while he was POTUS? Instead, he said, “ Awww leave her alone, she lost!” When Ukraine indicted Biden & had a warrant out for him, why didn’t Trump send him on? Yes, i voted for Trump twice. Now, i wonder why i ever believed in him.

    • I dont know where the candidates appear from. This guy is 38 yo and hasnt done much of newsworthy interest or anything humanitarian that impresses me. But who am I? He was a CEO for mediocre companies and graduated from Yale as another scumbag lawyer. The same scumbag lawyers that create the chaos, confusion and obfuscation that is forced upon us from their writing of laws, regulations and contracts. The true source of evil even before the corrupt banksters.

      and this guy is promising what?

      “We Will Shut Down the Department of Education, FBI, IRS, ATF, NRC”

      LMFAO! This dude is like all the other dudes who get to this point becuz its all BULLSH!T. And many in america are so naive, unintelligent, easily swayed…and just plain stupid enough to believe this lying mthfckr! These phony elitists all lie and will stab you in the back every chance they get. These worthless elitists are applying for the CEO position at the UNITED STATES, Inc which DOES NOT have to abide by the constitution and you (thru invisible contracts) are the employee debt slave that will be held liable for all things rotten in this banana republic. You not only pay for the powers-that-be and all their silly games and toys, you are also responsible for all things that go bad.

      Not sure who I despise more on this prison planet; the worthless, gutless, evil politicians/lawyers, or the ignorant, willfully blind arrogant americans who are uninformed or could care less.

      Case closed

    • No thanks. Too young and not the experience we need. When I see Harvard or Yale I say RUN. Sticking with Trump.

    • Vivek Ramaswamy is a WEF tool. Stop giving him air time. He will say anything now to secure his position of power. Then he will implement the WEF playbook. Just like Trudeau et. al.

    • The Coming earthquakes will wreak havoc across the nation and cause much damage. It is my firm belief that there will be no 2024 elections. The people in the USA will be fighting for their lives.
      Fighting famine, economic collapse, water shortages, poor sanitation, weather warfare, no dependable power supply, severely crippled transportation system with debris and downed power lines, broken roads & bridges, medicine shortages, poisoned water, lice & other parasites and BIOLOGICAL WARFARE (Pandemic 2.0). The perfect storm for a country with millions of guns.

      There will be no 2024 elections.
      Mad Max Mayhem is.

      Earthquakes in
      Salt Lake City
      Ring of Fire/West Coast including San Andreas
      New Madrid

      USA & RUSSIA mastered causing earthquakes with frequencies in the 1980s. NATO caused Turkey Earthquake as a warning

    • Rubbish. Patriot? More like indian taking desperate measures to get control of a nation his people were never able to build. Why the indian threat is not talked about isn’t a great mystery. Their shills are in the republican party too. Gabbard is their princess. their crime and effect on natives in US and UK are not topics even on indie news sites. India is growing and they are a corrupt aggressive people with an intolerant culture. Look at the Soros Aussie boy Albo’s deal to let in countless indians – who already get lion’s share of new housing. How come an indian is always promising to be honest and righteous in white nations but their own nation is a chaotic mess?

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